Japan Server Shut Down

September 30, 2009

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Unfortunately for LOTRO players in Japan it seems that today marks their last day in Middle-Earth on a native server. I’m unsure on whether or not they could play on European or US servers, however, my guess is they could with an additional purchase and possibly some considerable lag. It seems that those who purchased the game may be eligible for a refund (I’m not proficient with Japanese, and Google Translate can only do so much), but it may be worth contacting Pureichiketto here for a refund.  Players can also contact support@lotro-japan.com for more information

I’m sad to see this happen, but unfortunately Eastern and Western MMO’s do not always translate well into different cultures.  Hopefully some of the players will make their way onto different servers and still enjoy the game!

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  1. venerab Says:

    I’m not good at English.
    The part of the Japanese player moves to an elendilmir server. Of course it is necessary to purchase MoM client, and start level 1. 80 people seem to move as far as I watch the user chat that Japanese gather for.


  2. Avatar of Goldenstar
    Goldenstar Says:

    Trust me, your English is much better than my Japanese :)

    It’s a shame players need to start over from level one but I’m glad to hear they are able to still play! Will they be refunded first and then purchase MoM?


  3. venerab Says:

    They will be refunded only the subscription fee that paid too much extra. But the subscription fee became completely free from August. Therefore there are not so many object person. And in Japan, Client is free. And no lifetime membership.


  4. Avatar of Merric
    Merric Says:

    Thank you so much for clearing that up, Venerab!


  5. James Says:

    I’m playing with a few of the old Japanese Server players…
    Glad they came on over to Elendilmir. Sorry to see the Japanese language servers go… but having lives here for over 15 years – I would have advised against it from the beginning. ~James



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