Episode 9: I’ve Got Fervour Fever!

October 25, 2009

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A Casual Stroll to Mordor PodcastIn this episode of CStM we talk about our guided tour through Moria plus the Tham Mirdain dungeons. We also talk a bit about the Minstrel Mash player event we attended. Goldenstar’s burglar is still 39 and Merric’s champion alt is up to 18! Goldenstar finally has purchased a home! She’s officially poor but she has a big empty house to play with.

Our main topic this week is “End Game”. We discuss all the different types of end games people play in game and the different end games we’ve enjoyed in other games. Not all end game content is raiding!

Town Crier:

Player News:

  • Spooky Scary Stakeout on Arkenstone. Prancing Pony, Oct 30 9-10pm (or dusk, in game)
    Bring your favorite scary story to tell around the campfire during this graveyard stakeout!
  • Not a Dev Diary about reputation changes

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3 Responses to “Episode 9: I’ve Got Fervour Fever!”

  1. Adam (Elgalandir in game) Says:

    Hey guys this episode is only 2 minuites long and cuts out, did it die at some point?

    Sorry to be a pain, as a new discoverer of your great site I been going back through your ‘casts like a big nerd and just hit this one then it went dead )-:



    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      Hey Adam,

      I’m not sure what may have happened but I streamed it off this page until it was past 3 minutes just to make sure it didn’t cut out and downloaded the file directly from the site which is 81.5MB and still going so I don’t think it is cutting off. It is possible that maybe our host had a hiccup while you were trying to use it and it cut it off for you. I think the file is ok though.

      Please do try again and let me know if it keeps happening and how you’re trying to listen so I can investigate further.



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