Episode 10: Crappin’ Dwarf Hole

November 1, 2009

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albumart-300x300[1]We made it to double digits with the podcast! Go us!

In episode 10 we talk about our first trip inside Carn Dûm with the friendly folks from Council of the Secret Fire.  What I (Goldenstar) learned from the instance is that Champions need a lot of healing. Our trip was not successful in getting the Minstrel Quest item I was looking for but those guys are so helpful they went into the dungeon later without me, collected the item I needed and mailed it to me! I was able to complete my quest and earn another Minstrel Legendary Trait! We had a great time and thank them kindly for including us.

Both of us are now level 55 and well on our way to 56. Perhaps we can make it to 60 before Siege of Mirkwood launches!

Merric has bought a house a small dwarven house. His address is 1 Crappin Dwarf Hole or something. He’s very happy with his little haystack to sleep in and the bucket for his clothing. I wouldn’t visit if I was you. Merric has also finished the first leg of his Project Altoholism getting all his alts to level 20. We talk about it briefly with promises of a post with more detail this week.

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From Angus on Snowbourn:

This is just a wee note to thank you both for your great podcasts.

I’m a mature level 44 Minstrel from Scotland playing on the Snowbourn server in Europe. For the past month I’ve been without a Lotro able computer.No Lotro for a month it’s been hell.

In desparation  I turned to the forums and the world of podcasts to get my fix.

Charles Thomson, Lady Sinaea and the team at Lotro reporter have all, in different ways, provided informative and entertaining succour to those of us who are Lotro deficient.

My new super computer is due this week and I cant wait to jump back into Middle Earth.

I also cant wait for your next podcast.

You provide all of the above plus the rapport you have with each other is wonderful (your patter’s brilliant) The only thing worse than being unable to play Lotro would not being to take the weekly stroll with you two.

Keep up the good work
Wonderful show.
Many thanks
Awrabest and lang may yer lum reek.

Wee Angus

ps big shout out to The Blades of Arnor the best most relaxed and easy going Kinship on Snowbourn

From Workenbald on Brandywine:

Just returned to LOTRO during the recent Welcome Back weekend and was wondering if you guys (as the casual play guru’s) knew of a way a person could find a list of casual kins available to join.


Workenbald (Brandywine Server)

Our recommendation is to try the Lorebook Kinship Listing. Check the subcategory listing to try to find a type that would fit you. Also try Looking for Kinship web site at http://lfkin.net


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4 Responses to “Episode 10: Crappin’ Dwarf Hole”

  1. Zhaan Says:

    Great podcast!

    For the folk on Brandywine looking for a casual guild, I highly recommend the guild I’m in, Shades of Twilight.

    Xhaan, Brandywine
    Xaan, twitter


  2. docholiday Says:

    Another good podcast! It was fun to hear your run through CD – I haven’t been in there in a long while, but one of my favorite times in game was pugging 8.5 back when you had to clear the whole dungeon to get to Mordirith. We actually did it in 2 nights, taking advantage of the raid locks in place such that we didn’t have to clear the instance again.
    I didn’t finish that minstrel quest until just a little bit ago, certainly Fellowship heart is one of the best minstrel skills available!


  3. Avatar of Merric
    Merric Says:

    Thanks you two, we appreciate it!


  4. Phebe Says:

    Another very enjoyable podcast! Merric sounded so bummed about having to read the books, I felt bad for him (even though I voted for him to read them, heh). And poor Goldenstar being rooted by that nasty Helchgam. That stunk. Overall, CD was a good time, and I’m glad you guys got your class quest items eventually. Yay for Azz! It was nice to meet you in game, too. You guys are awesome!


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