Yule Festival 2009 Quest Guide

December 15, 2009

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Yule is here and 2009 brings a brand new set of events and games to enjoy. This guide is here to help you discover all the fun to be had and help you get your seasonal goodies!

The main bartering item for this event are Yule Festival Tokens. The quests to earn these tokens are repeatable so you can in fact earn enough tokens to get all the goodies the festival offers (granted you have enough time).

The quests are mostly broken up into four major regions in Middle Earth:

What is not included in this guide
The festivals of Middle Earth include certain quests that appear with each and every festival. This would include the dance quests and the Inn League quests. Please see our guide on these General Festival Quests for help with those events.

Glorious Beer-Fight

Step one to joining the beer fight is to know where to go. When in Thorin’s Hall, travel down to the underground tavern and look for a door on the back wall that is labeled “The Festival Arena”


dwarfclub The Mightest Blow is the name of the quest you are given by Gisli Strongclub who hands you a Dwarf Club of Unimaginable Power. You should put this club in your action bar so you can easily use it.

Your goal in this event is to bat 3 competitors with your club. It sends them flying up in the air but it does not hurt them so don’t feel bad. Giant glowing mugs will appear on the tables in the hall. Your job is to grab one of these mugs and run back to Gisli with it. If you get batted you’ll spill the beer and lose it. You can also lose by losing your bat when swatted which is random.

You must bat 3 opponents and get the beer to win.

When someone turns in the beer, they win and the game comes to an end. Games happen about every 5 minutes or so it isn’t a big deal if you miss out. Besides, I think it’s just super fun to fly through the air.

Housing Trophy It is important to note that you do not have to have the quest to get batted around. I wandered into the playing area and went flying from someone’s club! Wee!

This quest grants 700 Reputation with the Inn League as well as 3 Yule Festival Tokens and if it is your first time completing it you will also get a Glorious Beer-Mug Trophy for your home. You can repeat it at the very next game win or lose.

For added fun there are 2 deeds to complete with this event. The Mightiest Arm is granted for clubbing 200 opponents and gives you the title “Clubber”.  Why Your Head Hurts deed is earned by winning the game 25 times (thanks to Joe for info) and grants the title “Battered, Bruised and Contused”.

Horse Race

horse-race The festival race is no longer a race against your peers. It is now a solo race against the clock but it has a few twists in it to be sure. The rules are to run through each gate without falling off before time runs out. It’s sort of similar to the level 35 riding skill quest but it has it’s own challenges. The race can be entered at any of the following Race-Masters.

This quest is for level 35+. You do not need to own a horse already, the limit is just level based.


Running through the mud slows you down although I have to say that trying to run across the precarious planks is difficult when you’re feeling rushed! It’s worth it to not hit the mud as it will slow your mount down by 30%. Hitting the planks provides a speed boost. It may take some practice before you can win this one. I still haven’t succeeded, yet.

raceslowedLosing the race will prevent you from of attempting again for an hour. Winning will grant you a Yule Horse Race Token.

To get your Yule Mount take this token, 12 Yule Festival Tokens and 1 Document of Mount Ownership to Will Peartree at Hengstacer Farms in Bree-land. Barter the items for your new mount.

The Document of Mount Ownership is purchased from Will Peartree. If this is your first mount, this document will cost you 4 gold (same as buying a normal mount for the first time). If you already own a mount (starter mount doesn’t count) you will have a discount and will buy this document for 1.6 gold.

Will Peartree is a festival only vendor and will not be around once Yule ends! See our post on Festival Mount Changes for more information.

Breeland Quests

More Boar for Bree
Picking up boar meat Quest Giver: Sally Blackwort (24.7S, 51.5W)
Quest Level: 1+
Rewards: 2 Yule Festival Tokens
Repeat: Daily

The Festival Cook is asking you to find the missing dried boar meat that was stolen by the wolves. You must go to the “Snarling Hollow” (24.1S, 54.7W) west of the Festival Grounds and you will find the slabs of meat around there. It’s a small area and you only need to find five. It isn’t difficult.

The only part that may be a tad difficult is even though this is listed as a level 1 quest, the wolves in this area are level 18 and 19. If it appears dangerous for your level, be sure to bring a friend.

An Ailing Tradition of Ale
Ale-Cask Quest Giver: Wim Wheatsheaf (24.6S, 51.5W)
Quest Level: 1+
Rewards: 2 Yule Festival Tokens
Repeat: Daily

The cart delivering the festival ale was attacked by brigands and the Festival Brew-Master wants you to go and recover what is left of them. You will find an ale-cask by the lake just past Thornely’s Work Site at 27.0S, 54.1W. There were no brigands to be found. Just a broken cart and a cask. This can be easily accomplished by any level without any difficulties.

Thorin’s Hall Quests

snowpile Snow for a White Yule
Quest GIver: Gloi (In Undeground Tavern)
Quest Level: 1+
Rewards: 2 Yule Festival Tokens
Repeat: Daily

This odd dwarf is planning on piling snow in a cart and bring it to Bree. He asks you help him gather snow. There’s snow everywhere but apparently he only wants ones I find in small piles.

Head out of Thorin’s gate and start looking around 15.5S, 104.0W and you’ll find snow piles you can gather. The monsters I saw around are level 5 or lower. Only the level 5 I spotted was aggressive.

ice Dwarf-Ice
Quest Giver: Imi (in Underground Tavern)
Quest Level: 1+
Rewards: 2 Yule Festival Tokens
Repeat Timer: 15 hours

This cook is looking to make some desert but needs some more ice and berries. Head out of Thorin’s Gate and to 14.4S, 103.9W. There is a frozen pond and waterfall. One of the pieces of the frozen waterfall is able to be gathered. The berries he is looking for is in the center of the pond on a little snow covered island. There were no monsters around this area making this a very quick and easy quest to complete.

Duillond Quests

firbranch Wreathed in Fir
Quest Giver: Anglalaith (24.6S, 93.0W)
Quest Level: 1+
Rewards: 2 Yule Festival Tokens
Repeat: Daily

This Festival Patron is putting together a evergreen wreath but has ran out of branches and asks that you collect some more for him. They aren’t far just a little west of Duillond and I ran into some Fir Branches. Start looking around 24.0S, 94.3W and you’ll see them glowing. There are some boars in the area at around level 9 but that’s pretty easy to dispatch or you could probably even avoid them if you fear they will attack you.

The Season of Merry-Making
mistletoe Quest Giver: Saervereth (24.6S, 93.1W)
Quest Level: 1+
Rewards: 2 Yule Festival Tokens
Repeat: Daily

This Festival Patron is in need of some mistletoe and asks you to go gather some for her. Head towards Thrasi’s Lodge and you’ll see some trees glowing on the side of the road. Look around 21.8S, 93.8W. The trees contain the mistletoe you are looking for.

This area of forest is a little more populated, primarily with bears around level 11 and 12.

Shire Quests

Ribbons and Bows
ribbonsbowsQuest Giver: Daisy Boffin (29.9S, 71.6W)
Quest Level: 1+
Rewards: 2 Yule Festival Tokens
Repeat: Daily

The Party Planner has underestimated the amount of ribbon needed for the festival and needs you to travel to Overhill to find the boxes of ribbon and gather red and blue berries so she can dye the ribbon.

Travel north on the road to Overhill and you will find the boxes along the road at around 28.9S, 70.6W. A little off the road in the wooded area you will find the red and blue flowers growing. The most fearsome thing I encountered in the wood was a level 10 boar and a level 11 bear so take note of that if you are doing this on a newer character.

apples Good Cheer and Warm Cider
Quest Giver: Samfast Longburrow (29.9S, 71.5W)
Quest Level: 1+
Rewards: 2 Yule Festival Tokens
Repeat: Daily

The festival Brew-Master is looking to make some cider but has ran out of apples from Appledore’s Orchard. This is very quick and easy. Head directly west of Samfast and you’ll be in Appledore’s orchard where there are apples on the ground for you to pick up. There are no monsters save a random shrew or two in the area so it’s easily and quickly completed by anyone.

Yuletide Woes Quest Chain
Quest Givers: Hal Hornblower, Bogo Chubb, Daddy Twofoot, Holly Hornblower, Postman Grubb, Opal Goodbody, Gaffer Gamgee, Shirriff Robin Smallburrow, Hereward Loamsdown
Quest Level: 1+
Rewards: Yule-Tree

yuletreeThere are many Hobbits in Hobbiton that can give you this quest (listed above). Lobelia Sackville-Baggins has been named the Yule-Planner for Hobbiton and you’re asked to inquire amongst the local Hobbits how this happened. You can inquire with some hobbits but you are pointed to talk to Ted Sandyman and search his mill. You will find and invitation at the mill which you are to take to Mayor Will Whitfoot in Michel Delving.

The mayor claims there is nothing he can do about this but to search for the Book of Festival-law for more options which is kept in the Great Smials library in Tuckburough and return it to him.

The book states Yule-Planner can be changed with a petition with 10 signatures and you are sent to Hobbiton to gather signatures. All of the original potential quest givers will agree to sign your petition. Ted Sandyman will refuse to sign. That is 9 signatures but go to Lobelia and Marigold Gamgee will arrive to sign the 10th signature.

Afterwards go speak with Gaffer Gamgee for your very own Yule-Tree to place in your home’s front yard. This quest is not repeatable and can only be done once per character. If you did this quest in past years, you will not be able to do it again.

Special thank you Elehandria for reminding me of this quest. Goldenstar had completed it and wouldn’t have remembered without his assistance!

Barter Items

The rewards available are fun and very festive. I am afraid I will have to collect them all! All are purchased using the Yule Festival Tokens you’ve been collecting.

Gift Boxes

Bree-Land Gift Box 6 tokens Only available from Bree-land Quartermaster.
Hobbit Gift Box 6 tokens Only available from Shire Quartermaster. I purchased one of these and received a cosmetic robe “Short Fancy Robe”
Elf Gift Box 6 tokens Only available from Duillond Quartermaster.
Dwarf Gift Box 6 tokens Only available from Thorin’s Gate Quartermaster
‘Gift’ Boxes 1 token Full of only coal. These are “fail” packages.


Frosty Beverages 3 tokens for 5 drinks When consumed you will have a shot of snow around your character.
Snow-Jars 3 tokens for 5 jars This causes a snow storm to rain in your general area and people will actually faint or be forced prone on the ground due to the snow.
Grim Crystals 3 tokens for 5 crystals This summons a very brief swirl of snow cloud which a frost grim will rise from and then disappear. People in the area are forced to cower at the sight.
Piles of Fluffy Snow 3 tokens for 5 piles Puts a snow tornado around a person and causes them to dust themselves off.


Snow-Dusted Traveling Robe 10 tokens snow-dusted set
Snow-Dusted Travelling Gloves 10 tokens
Snow-Dusted Travelling Hat 10 tokens
Snow-Dusted Travelling Boots 10 tokens
Snow-Dusted Travelling Shoulders 10 tokens
Bearskin Winter Cloak 10 tokens bearskincloak
Cloak of Winter Nights 10 tokens cloakofwinternights
Fancy Snow-Cloak 10 tokens fancysnowcloak
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42 Responses to “Yule Festival 2009 Quest Guide”

  1. harperella Says:

    How do you get these things up so quick? The festival is just going live today!


  2. Docholiday Says:

    Nice pics, I really like the new outfits this festival! And the new horse looks just a bit nicer then the old one. Beer fight is a lot of fun, video upcoming ;)

  3. Phebe Says:

    Excellent guide as always, Goldenstar! Have fun festing! :-)

  4. Elahndria Says:

    And dont forget to visit Gaffer Gamgee just south of the party tree in the shire for your Yule Tree! Its a one time only quest, But it only comes during the Yule Fest.

  5. Pjotr Says:

    Great guide Goldenstar (GGG?), as always.

    It’s a pretty outfit you are wearing by the way.

  6. Belamanth Says:

    Wasn’t there some quest for farmers from a festival where you had to come back the next festival?

  7. Victor Stillwater Says:

    About the horse race: Can you only do the horserace if you have the riding skill/ are level 35+? I noticed that it was a gray ring for me, and I wanted to confirm if that was the case.

  8. Longasc Says:

    Very well done guide! :)

    Let me add a note regarding the BREE horse race: If you fall from the 2nd pair of planks and don’t make a perfect jump in any way, take the lower LEFT doors, otherwise it won’t count and you will lose the race.

    In fact if you made the first jump, just race through the mud and take the left doors, you will still finish in time.

  9. Fionnuala Says:

    Woohoo! Looks like another excellent festival. I can wait to get into it.

  10. Joe Says:

    “Why Your Head Hurts deed is earned when you are batted around by the club 300 times and grants the title “Battered, Bruised and Contused”.”

    That isnt correct. Rather the deed is completed by winning The Mightiest Blow 25 times. Sounds like it was changed coming from Bullroarer.

  11. Elahndria Says:

    You must have already done it then, i did it last night, make an alt and try again…


    The quest is easy, just has you run all over the shire to talk to people.

  12. Avatar of Azz
    Azz Says:

    The Yule Tree quest chain is started from the hobbit lady with the pies at the festival grounds. you then get sent to Michel Delving, then Tuckbourgh, them back to Hobbiton.

  13. Heiko Says:

    I’ve never done much festival things, but I’ll definitely get some of those cloaks! They look great!

  14. Avatar of Merric
    Merric Says:

    The cloaks are fantastic! Although be aware that there seem to be some issues with using dyes on them. They’re a bit buggy.

  15. Pjotr Says:

    Is it possible that the Glorious Beer-Fight awards not two, but three Yule Festival Tokens? I seem to remember this from doing the quest once more yesterday, but will check again today.

    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      You will get 3 tokens with the holiday quest when first logging in. You get a letter in the mail that begins a quest and takes you to talk to beer fight dwarf man. That quest grants 3 tokens. I believe winning the fight only grants two but please do double check my work! I want the guide to be accurate. :)

  16. Frandoc Says:

    I have won the festival horse race for all my characters by using the lower gates. As long as you don’t flub your jumps over the walls, you will win most of the time.


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    I have to say, this is the first time I've been really excited about a festival! http://bit.ly/6yVJlB

  2. Merric & Goldenstar - December 15, 2009

    I have to say, this is the first time I've been really excited about a festival! http://bit.ly/6yVJlB

  3. Merric & Goldenstar - December 15, 2009

    I have to say, this is the first time I've been really excited about a festival! http://bit.ly/6yVJlB

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