A Map to The Flowers of the Old Forest

Shortly before closing down MMeOw, I put together my own map to the Flowers of the Old Forest deed. There are a few of these floating around, but I went ahead with it anyway. For those not familiar, this deed requires you to find several flowers scattered throughout the Old Forest. Doing quests in the Old Forest, you’ll likely run across a few of these. Finding the rest isn’t exactly a cup of tea, unfortunately, as many are in areas you really don’t have any need to visit.

The map below gives the locations and names of all of the flowers you need to find: Nedor­las, Braiglad, Lenhwest, Sil­loth, Mer­il­lif, Dorollin, Cord­o­foneth and Rhosthon. I didn’t bother with coor­di­nates, as I think this is easy enough. If you have trouble finding one, you can press “Delete” on your keyboard to select usable that is nearest item to your character.

Old Forest Flowers Map

I hope you find this useful!

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10 Responses to “A Map to The Flowers of the Old Forest”

  1. Sinmaldor Says:

    I have done this deed a few times, and still get lost trying to get to all the flowers. I think its better not to have the coordinates. When I try to use the numbers I find myself staring at a wall of trees while I think “gee, its just on the other side of that impassable barrier.” :)


  2. Elahndria Says:

    Wow thanks alot, I am just about to enter the old forrest on one of my alts this will help a bunch!


  3. Isiwren Says:

    I’ve had to do this quest on at least three alts. It is, by far, the worst deed quest ever. I loathe it every time I know it is coming up. I’d rather kill 360 crawlers than find those foresaken ent-wife flowers.


  4. Fawlker Says:

    There is a specific way to start this deed? ‘Cause i’ve found every flower, but none of it had showed a click option to me. I don’t understand why, and i don’t know what else to do! Help me, please.


  5. Fawlker Says:

    Hey guys, me again. I’ve found the answer: killing a tree (maybe not just a tree, but any monster) around the flower will activate it (giving you the “click” option) and then you can start this deed. At least that’s how it worked for me. I’ve started with Braiglad, and after that was truly easy, cuz i already knew where they were. Anyway, thanks for the post, and cya in-game!


  6. salavat Says:

    Thank you for that map,to do deed’s missions was very easy ! i wants to see every deeds are location on the map( but like that type is) Farewell..


  7. Storby Says:

    Thanks, great help :)



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