LOTRO, Eyefinity, and You

March 28, 2010


For those of you who are unfamiliar with Eyefinity, it is a new feature from ATI on their newest generation of video cards.  While I will not go into the specifics, which you can read here, it is essentially an advanced version of an extended desktop over multiple monitors, but usable in applications.  My system specs as to provide a point of reference:

  • CPU: AMD Phenom II 955 @ 3.6 gHz
  • Motherboard: ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO
  • Memory: G Skill DDR3 1600 (8 GB)
  • Hard Drive: Seagate 640 GB
  • Video Card: HIS 5850 @ 900/core, 1225/memory (Running ASUS bios)
  • PSU: PC Power and Cooling 750 W
  • Monitors:  3 Samsung 2243
  • Case: Antec Skeleton (Included because it is very unique and keeps everything VERY cool)

In my case, over three 1680 x 1050 LCDs effectively giving me a resolution of 5040 x 1050 in landscape, and 3150 x 1680 in portrait. Setup was fairly simple, though the process differs depending which 5000 series cards you have. I am using a HIS 5850 over clocked to 900/core and 1225/mem. (stock is 700/core, 1000/mem)

Settings are set to the highest available with antroscopic filtering and anti-aliasing set to max in DX10. Frames per second vary, dropping into the mid 30′s in some outdoor areas, to upper 60′s to mid 90′s in instances and skirmishes. I would not recommend anything below a 5850 unless you are using two 5750′s or two 5770′s in Crossfire.

If there are any technical questions as far as the setup, cables, adapters, monitors, etc. are concerned feel free to email me here or post a comment.

So without any further delays, lets get into some pictures.

Playing on a screen, in landscape, this big takes some time to get used to. I don’t think I am quite there yet, but I am getting close. Upon login, the opening loading screen as well as all other loading screens, were stretched way out of proportion, as well as the character selection screen. The character model was correct, but the character selection box was so warped it was nearly unreadable. It looks just fine in portrait.

The first thing I noticed after loading my character in-game was complete, was how out of place all my UI components were. I started to rearrange them to where I would think they would best fit. I think I got most of them in a fairly good spot. The only draw back was the main UI bar. It is stuck on the left monitor and is unable to be moved. Oh how I wish this bar could be. Luckily for me most every thing on there is a skill or potions with a key binding, so it is not too inconvenient. I did finally manage to get it placed in the correct spot; the only drawback was that I had to give up on the custom UI skin I have come to love.

As I began to travel I did notice the massive amounts of detail on the surrounding landscapes and areas I was missing. I was traveling through Imlad Balchorth in Angmar. I proceeded to Gath Forthir and happened to catch Barad Gularan off in the distance on my right monitor, something that I would have missed at 1680 x 1050 resolution. The sun was rising over the tower creating a sun flare. It was breath-taking.

Here are a few more pics of my travels both in landscape and portrait.

I am still undecided on a permanent setup (portrait or landscape), but I think I am leaning more towards portrait. Seeing LOTRO this way makes it seem like an entirely new game. And if you thought there were already oodles of jaw dropping moments, you ain’t seen nothing yet!!!

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21 Responses to “LOTRO, Eyefinity, and You”

  1. Joe Says:

    Holy cow, that’s cool. Those portrait shots are definitely jaw-dropping. It’s a shame it has to stretch the edges so much, but man that image is awesome. Any way we could get these pictures blown up to really get an eye for it?


  2. Avatar of Azz
    Azz Says:

    I can upload a few full res screenies as well.


  3. Avatar of Azz
    Azz Says:

    I will do another post of just some screenies for a better comparison, and some general eye-candy. :D


  4. Yseangwen (Firefoot) Says:

    So which layout did you prefer more, the monitors in their natural horizontal setup or the vertical?


    • Avatar of Azz
      Azz Says:

      I ended up, at least for now, with the landscape setup. I took less of a FPS hit. The bezels in portrait are a bit distracting.


  5. Docholiday Says:

    that’s pretty slick, I’m quite envious.

    For the quick-slot bar issue, there are several UI layouts that offer different locations and since they’re all just text files you could diff them to see what controls where the UI bar is and make the correct changes.


  6. Avatar of Merric
    Merric Says:

    Man, Azz….. Now I’m going to harvest some of my body parts to get this setup.


  7. Blue Kae/Brynulf Says:

    I could swing the card, but if my wife saw three monitors sitting on my desk she’d kill me. I’m going to save my wife rep for a trip to PAX next year and settle for 1920×1280. Very envious though.


    • Avatar of Azz
      Azz Says:

      Yeah, I luckily had enough junk laying around that I sold to fund the whole thing. I did get the usual eye-roll when she saw it tho. :D


  8. Jaxom92 Says:

    Found a review on Guru3D about a 6 monitor set up with Eyefinity:



  9. elly Says:

    looking for help with setup. have 3 monitors running as one long desktop but can’t figure out how to get it working with lotro.


  10. Alistair Says:


    I just got back into LOTRO and forgot you can use eyefinity etc anyways i tried 5760x1080p for my three 22″ dell monitors but it was stretched so i had to use 6056x1080p so that it wasn’t stretched and made the characters all fat :)



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