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Gorandir Every time I see a Lore-master and his pet I turn a little green with envy at their fortune to be able to call cuddly animals to their side. I have a Lore-master back on Gladden that has been sorely neglected since I moved to Landroval and I must admit the draw to roll a new one just to play with the pets is very tempting thought to me.

Sure there a lot more neat things Lore-masters are able to do other than just summon a pet but their summoning of a pet is very unique. I also feel it fits my personal play-style a bit better than the Captain and his pet as I do not enjoy melee combat. I’m not trying to belittle Lore-master’s other talents in any way but this post is purely devoted to their furry companions and how to “catch them all”!

Note: This is not a guide on when to use certain pets and their abilities. It’s much more simpler and fluffy than that and simply listing all the pet options the Lore-master has available to them.

Combat Pets

Your basic combat pets are granted to you as you level and trained as a skill. No special hunting or grinding required for these pets. Just keep leveling!

Raven Obtained at level 4 with skill Raven-lore
Bear Obtained at level 14 with skill Friend of Bears
Lynx Obtained at level 30 with skill Lynx-speech
Sabertooth Obtained at level 56 with skill Friend of Feline Hunters

Legendary Combat Pets
These pets are acquired through the legendary deed system.

Eagle Complete the level 45 quest arc The Wisest Way to earn the trait Eagle-friend.
Boglurker The trait Nature-Friend is granted from the Lore-master Book of Nature.

Pet Cosmetics

Not only do Lore-masters get a slew of fun furry friends, they also have options to sort of dress them up with a new cosmetic skin. These cosmetics are only available for the combat pets. There are no cosmetics for the sabertooth or the boglurker combat pets at this time.

The new skins are applied to your pet via Amulets which are crafted by Jewelers. You must wear the amulet and then summon the pet. After the pet is out you can switch to whatever necklace you really want to wear for your character stats. Of course you would need to repeat this process anytime your pet gets lost or is defeated.

There are several levels of amulets available to wear but the look of your summoned pet is not different or enhanced at all by using a higher level amulet. Your choice of choosing a higher level amulet is if you want to use it for the stats bonuses it offers.

  • Raven Options: blood-raven, mottled-wing or a frost-raven.
  • Bear Options: wild-paw, black, polar or tundra bear.
  • Lynx Options: Spotted, Onyx or Frost lynx
  • Eagle Options: Ashen, Snowcrest or Ember Eagle.

There is a great community guide by FissionChips on the Lorebook about Combat Pets and their appearances (with pictures!) that I recommend you look at if you’re interested in any of these options.

Non Combat Pets

These pets will not fight at your side. They’re like an addition to the cosmetic system to have this little critter follow you about to show off and cuddle. You should start with the Hare as the same quest that grants you the pet bunny also gives you the trait to use non-combat pets.

Lore-master Cat Non-Combat Pet Cat

Tome of the Cat is a random world drop that can drop in any zone that is considered to be level 45+.

Lore-master Dog Non-Combat Pet Dog

Tome of the Dog is a random world drop that can drop in any zone that is considered to be level 45+.

Lore-master Fox Non-Combat Pet Fox

Tome of the Fox is a random world drop that can drop in any zone that is considered to be level 45+.

Lore-master Frog Non-Combat Pet Frog

Tome of the Frog is a random world drop that can drop in any zone that is considered to be level 45+.

I actually personally saw this drop off a boss in Barad Gularan this week!

Lore-master Hare Non-Combat Pet Hare

This is a class quest reward obtained through completing quest chain called “A Friend of the Wild” obtained your Lore-master trainer. It is listed as a level 29 quest. You must have completed Volume 1, Book II for this quest to be available. Also there are reports of being able to get it directly from Radagast and not needing to first visit the Lore-master trainer.

You receive a Tome of the Hare to learn your new summoning spell.

This quest is also the quest chain that will grant the trait Friend of the Wild which allows you to have non-combat pets.

Lore-master Snake Non-Combat Snake

Tome of the Snake is a random world drop that can drop in any zone that is considered to be level 45+.

Lore-master Sparrow Non-Combat Pet Sparrow

Tome of the Sparrow is a reputation item you can purchase once kindred with the Elves of Rivendell. It is bind on acquire so something you must earn yourself.

Lore-master Squirrel Non-Combat Pet Squirrel

Tome of the Squirrel is a random world drop that can drop in any zone that is considered to be level 45+.

Lore-master Turtle Non-Combat Pet Turtle

Tome of the Turtle is a reputation item you can purchase once Ally with The Mathom Society. It is bind on acquire so can’t have someone get it for you.

Special thank you to Gorandir of the Council of Secret Fire for allowing me to take pictures of his pets!

This coupled with playing with the always awesome Gorandir and Eldahnya from my kinship makes me want to roll a lore-master pretty badly. I may have a new character shortly!

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No Responses to “Guide to Lore-master Pets”

  1. Kurgan Nazzir Says:

    Kurgan is still trying to get her fox (and maybe turtle, I forget), she has all of the other non-combat pets. I like summoning my dog when I’m in town and I don’t need a combat pet; people usually pat him on the head or cheer at him. Of course, I generally don’t do it in areas that tend to be laggy because that just exacerbates it. Don’t forget, you can name these pets too; I went the silly route with my snake and named it SeverusSnake. When I originally got the hare, it was named Breakfast.


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      hehehe cute

      You know I was thinking about this and sure I can see a Lore-master only hare, turtle, sparrow, etc. But a dog? I am pretty sure I can get a dog to follow Goldenstar. Especially since she always has food in her pockets. I think it’d be acceptable for me to have a pet dog. :(


      • Relleth Says:

        I agree Goldenstar! Except I want a cat. There’s even a crazy cat lady in Bree in the Scholar’s Stair that has over ten cats; I’m sure she could give me one. :)


  2. Elahndria Says:

    Are Loremasters the only class who can use the non-combat pets!?


  3. Tony Says:

    Yes, unfortunately. The LOTRO team has given reasons for this, mostly related to pathing and other annoyances. It makes me sad because I think this is something other classes really lack… I’d love if LM’s could train others to have these pets, similar to Minstrels and instruments.

    I wrote a less exciting post on this topic a while back too, although I still like the image I made:


  4. RannaDylin Says:

    Nothing belittling to Lore-masters in a post about our pets…We love our pets! :-) I love seeing the non-combat pets wandering around at Ales & Tales, too…this week there was a bunny on stage, and then a hobbit with the rabbit mask on went to sit with it. Too cute!

    I must agree with Tony, I wish LMs could train others in pet ownership like Minstrels can mentor song.

    Also, I had no idea you could summon the pet with the cosmetic amulet on then *switch* the amulet for real jewelry…so glad you mentioned that! I wish they would just make those amulets go in the ranged slot, though, since LMs have no use for that slot and it would save the trouble of carrying around amulets to switch to whenever you have to resummon the pet.

    On the “Friend of the Wild” quest for the Hare – I believe Linett did in fact pick that quest up from Radagast, not the class trainer; but that could always have changed since she was that level…


  5. Adam Says:

    You should make another deffo

    Mal/Malle -Gold and Golden
    Gil – Star
    Gal- Shine/shines/ also in the context of radiant light
    Wen/wyn – Woman/maiden

    I’m sure you can make ourself a name out of those!

    Great post and Great pictures, I have many of the tomes ready but no where near high enough to use them- Turtle FTW!


  6. Isilwren Says:

    Estellwyn IS the cat-lady of Bree. Now I just need to get her the wandering kitty. Isilwren picked up the Tome of Feline Critter (okay, I know that isn’t the real name but you know what I’m talking about) during a fellowship quest. I was so excited I mailed it off to Estell as soon as I could.
    The traits, Friend of Wild Beasts has to be equiped before the Tome works, however. This also means I need to start working on lvling her again. Isilwren is begrudgingly hating Moria so maybe this is a good time to get Estellwyn up and running again.


  7. AsFarAsLarry Says:

    I hate to resurrect this, but I just started playing my Lore-master again and had a question.

    You talk about pets dropping in level areas, and I must admit I’ve ‘never’ seen a pet tome drop when playing my Hunter (mostly solo; occasionally grouping for fellowship quests to complete chains or the old epic lines).

    Do you have to be a lore-master or have one in your group to see one of these drop? Or are they just extremely rare and/or I’ve been ‘really’ unlucky with the RNG?



    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      The one’s I’ve personally seen drop are from bosses in dungeons so most likely not solo-able. Like I stated when I wrote this post I actually saw the tome of the frog drop in Barad Gularan.

      However, they are listed as world drops meaning it CAN drop anywhere that level+ but it only has a small chance to. According to the forums, the squirrel tome is pretty darn rare to find.

      You do not need to be a lore-master to obtain the drops. I read an account of one person who got a drop and offered it to a LM friend. It’s been so long I really do not recall if the frog I saw was BoA or anything like that but it doesn’t seem so as there’s mention of the rare squirrel selling on the AH.

      In beta the animal tomes were available to purchase in Store. I am not certain if that made it into the live LOTRO Store though.

      It appears mostly that you are at the mercy of the RNG here and that they are pretty rare items. There is an epic-ly long Non-combat thread on the forums you can try searching through if there any tips to be found.



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