Episode 39: Just Icing Please

May 30, 2010

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Flisk This week both of us attended the Wildlore Block Party even if we didn’t attend together. Goldenstar found a long lost hobbit relative who looked very similar to her! Hi Flisk!

Merric is working on getting his captain to 40 with the plan of doing the books. He is reconsidering his plan and going to Evendim and finishing the books later. He also went with Veneration to Sword Halls for a live broadcast on TheLotroNetwork.com.

toahammasGoldenstar was still working on finishing Volume I at the time of this recording but has since finished it! She helped her kinnie, Parslay,  take out a Rare Nemesis in Forochel and thought it’s name plate was pretty colored so she took a screenshot to share. This may be the first Rare Nemesis Goldenstar has ever seen! Earlier in the week she was having issues in Forochel that you can read about if you are interested.

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Hi Merric and Goldenstar,just wanted to tell you that I love hearing your podcast and am always looking forward to the next episode. I live in Germany, Bavaria in fact (yes that’s where the Oktoberfest is and no, we don’t always wear Lederhosen here) and play a burglar on the German server named Morthond.

Keep up the good work!



Hey you two, more great podcasts. Just a quick comment.

Creeps can use the tokens from the anniversary celebrations to turn in for goodies (i.e. potions) in their “base” (Gramsfoot) in the ‘moors.

Looking to hear more,



Hey, a quick note.

Many people on the forums think that the Mirkwood radiance armor has lower stats in trade-off with a higher amount of radiance. Many end-game gamers carry two sets of armor around in thier bags; a mixture of the Moria +10 rad gear or DN +20 rad gear and some of the +25 rad gear, and their set of +30 rad armor for the really nasty stuff.

Also, a lot of people think that the reason why the Mirkwood radiance armor is not teal is because they think that Mirkwood was not a “real,” full expansion, and that we will “get the other half” later this year or early next year.

P.S. Loved the interview with the Tolkien Professor!

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  1. Adelo Says:

    Thank you Merric! We do not wear cowboy hats or ride horses!


  2. Avatar of veneration2
    veneration2 Says:

    Haha, sorry to pull you out of the block party.
    I’m going to be editing the video and putting it online here in the next few hours.

    Very fun run btw, you did great!


  3. Aeled Says:

    Shard-droppers from Ered Luin to Moria have been given a raise and they are now a Rare “something” (Elite Master, Signature etc., there’s even a Rare Normal :D), monsters in Lórien and Mirkwood remain unaffected. While I don’t like the coloring it makes them easier to recognize.

    P.S. There’s no reason not to have just the frosting, adding a cake only spoils it :p


  4. Korbinn Veraci Says:

    Veraci = … :) good tries though! ;-)


  5. Hadionlasmoth Says:

    Howdy! Hadionlasmoth from the Firefoot server here.

    You mentioned in the podcast that you didn’t know who TT Games was, and I thought I would comment [cause I have a few of their games.]

    TT stands for Traveller’s Tales, and they have made several of the Legos video games.

    The Wikipedia knowledge site of all things knowledgeable has a brief entry about the company and their titles: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TT_Games


  6. SoldieroFortune Says:

    Just so you know, TT (Traveler’s Tales) is the company behind the Lego games (Lego Star Wars I and II, Lego Batman, and Lego Indiana Jones I and II and I’m not sure what else.)


  7. OrchidaFirefoot Says:

    Every time you guys discuss player-hosted events you get my altis twitching! I’m going to have to take the time to make a character on all the different servers just to experience them all!


    • Drilorin Says:

      I’m the same way =D

      I’m planning to remake Drilorin on every server and get him out of the starting instance just to attend all this stuff.


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