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May 25, 2010


To follow up last week’s poll about in-game names I found a few Tolkien inspired name generators for you to play with!

HobbitGeneratorPlanet-Tolkien has a hobbit name generator. Its pretty basic only asking if you are looking for male or female and returns one option based on what you selected. So if you’re just plain stuck and looking for someone to pick a name for you. The only problem you may run into (especially with the flower named females) is your name probably will not be available in-game!

MiddleEarthNames Barrow-downs has a general Middle-Earth name generator where you enter your name and it gives you options for your name in Elven (male and female), Hobbit (male and female), dwarf, orc and Adûnaic. This is quite a bit more useful as it gives you more than one option and several options even when it comes to the elven names. I didn’t really prefer the elven name that it came out for my name though.

elvenrunes Probably the favorite site I found was ElvenRunes.com and their Name Generator. It allows you to pick a race and a gender and then randomly provides you with a result. You can keep on clicking until you find a name you think suits you or save names you want to keep to look at later.

There are extra options as well such as Rohirrim, Dunedain or Troll.

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  1. xhii Says:

    I roll a lot of elves and also use Sindarin for many of my LIs, so I’ve become a regular user of the excellent name generators at http://elffetish.com/names.html. Especially the Sindarin generator is very very nice.


    • RannaDylin Says:

      xhii, I love the flowchart on the site you linked! I had seen the name generator part of that site before, but not the handy flowchart for deciding if you need a Sindarin or a Quenya name…or if your request is beyond the scope of the lowly flowchart. :-)


  2. Fionnuala Says:

    The Middle-earth name generator appears to be absolute rubbish to me. Both the “Elvish” and “Adunaic” names it generated for me had an apparently random Elvish and Adunaic word combined with some made up crap tacked on.

    The Elven Runes generator also appears to take Elvish roots and adding rubbish to it to create something that sounds only vaguely Elvish.

    If you’re looking for an Elven name I recommend:


    It’s not as easy as these generators, but it will be authentic.


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      I’m sure there are plenty of name generators and I posted the ones I found. I don’t know elvish so I’m sorry I can’t tell that it’s rubbish. It was just supposed to be for fun anyway.


      • Fionnuala Says:

        Oh dear. I came off as an awful Lore Nazi, didn’t I? I just really dislike these sites that fool people with fake Elvish. Sorry for being way too harsh about it. :)


  3. Ivaneus Says:


    I was introduced to that generator back in my BFME2 days and nothing else I’ve ever seen has been nearly as good.


  4. Esclad of Snowbourn Says:

    Not completely linked to generators, but I have decided to give all my characters a surname. Some ideas I have are SparkleSpear for a warden , SwordSwinger for a champion , ShiningSword for a champion/captain , RuneReader for a RK , StoneSpeaker for a RK , LoreLearner for a LM , ShadowStalker for a burglar and finally RiddleRhymer for a burglar. Does anyone have any to add? I like the sort of names I have already said , so please make them two word and begin with the same letter.


    • Ivaneus Says:

      InductionInterdictor (for an LM)

      SlateScratcher (goes triple if this minnie uses bagpipes)

      WeaponWriter (RK)

      SupersonicScreamingSpear (Warden)

      BeatdownBrawler (Guardian)

      SwagSwiper (burg)


      TerrorTaxi (hunter)

      PowerPoser (Captain)

      AggroAntagonist (Hunter or Champ)

      SuperScyther (Champ)

      I’m out.


  5. Stormwaltz Says:

    The first male elf name I got from the Elven Runes generator was Leetdor.

    I did not make that up.


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