Episode 41: My Skillz R Orange

June 13, 2010

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weatherstock2010This week we talk about our trip to Weatherstock. Pictures Goldenstar took from the event are available from our online gallery. We really had a fantastic time and all the bands were wonderful! The most difficult part of the night was trying to pick which band I enjoyed the most!

Goldenstar is working on her hunter and Merric is leveling his minstrel. They talk a bit about their experience doing a 3-man skirmish at level 37. Merric is primarily using skirmishes to level his minstrel at this point while Goldenstar is spending her time in Evendim.

We also have a slew of Free to Play information from the dev tracker that you might be interested in!

Town Crier:

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Uori of Landroval:

Guess this would be more for goldenstar since she plays the Mini…So i decided to level my dwarf Mini, and im not sure on what stats i need when it comes to virtues. the next question i would ask is, are there different virtues for healing and different ones for doing dps? or are the same stats for healing & dps the same? thanks for the help :) back to deed grinding, feel free to hit me up in game if ya need a low level healer, he is level 35, and his name is Uori…

Stay tuned later this week for a special Minstrel Class Round Table discussion!

Fyurae of Brandywine:

Hey guys.

I really like your podcast. It’s a lot like what my ex and I wanted to do back when we played WoW.

I am a casual WoW player that turned casual LotRO player when I finished exploring Azeroth. My boyfriend, who started playing with me, and I just split up so I’m looking for a nice guild of people to play and chat with so I can still enjoy the game without feeling lonely. I’m playing on Brandywine, and I had thought about moving to Landroval but that’s not something I can afford right now. Also, my mom has started playing a bit on Brandywine and I’d feel bad if I left her.

The reason I’m asking your advice instead of going to the forums is that I like the approach you guys have to the game and it’s a lot like how I like to play MMO’s. Also, with your podcast and blog, I thought you might know what guilds on Brandywine have stuff to do other than raids, since I’d like to be able to do things with my mom on her little hobbits and I haven’t finished levelling myself.

I used to play on Landroval, but someone told me that Brandywine was more active, which I think was mistaken.

Great podcast, and thanks for any advice.


Galnetdor of Vilya:


I’m Galnetdor (Gal-Net-Door) from Vilya, Kin Burahobbits. (guess the source of that name..and no we’re not all Hobbits)

I have an achievement that might tickle your fancy. A bit ago, most of the kin was going on a turtle run, but I and a few others missed the cut off. So we thought to group for SH when we started to organize, to our surprise all of us who showed up where Captains. Three captains, no tank, no mini.

Now for those who don’t run with Captains that often, we are frequently the ‘tag along’ class. Many groups like us to show up early, give everyone our buffs, then frankly we fade to the background. At best were on standby the raise the healers or do some off tanking with oathbreakers but not really expected to ‘do’ much. No raid leader wants our heralds. Banners only please. With instruction to trait for heals not dps.So three captains for SH? We all laughed and joked about how fast we would wipe. We all had our oathies (Oathbreaker heralds) and so 6 of us entered SH expecting to die quickly…

Instead…we blew SH away. I’ve never done SH so fast. It was like the perfect combination for that instance. Nothing could stand against us more than a few minutes.

I’d now love to try some of the 12 man skirms with all captains…and soldiers and heralds. 36 bodies in a skirm…be fun.

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No Responses to “Episode 41: My Skillz R Orange”

  1. Drilorin Says:

    Haha, I think you’d be disappointed if I wrote you a gold guide. My best advice would be don’t spend money. I don’t really do anything special, I just kind of accrued wealth running two and a half characters to cap. Just auction big-ticket items and hides and vendor as much junk as you can.

    I just get my money from playing, really.


    • Drilorin Says:

      Oh, I also don’t craft. At all. I found early on that it would be more of a drain on resources than it was worth – I don’t really worry about armor or anything until cap. I don’t spend any money on alts at all.


  2. Bryandt Says:

    Thanks for the plug for the guide. :)

    I’ve also added video in a seperate blog post (http://my.lotro.com/hillard1959/2010/06/12/death-from-below-revisited/, though I plan on going back in and taking a better video of it this week.


  3. welby Says:

    Money , money,..Moooonnaayy!,..




  4. Adam Says:

    Another great podcast guys, nice to see some Cappy love- I love em too. We did a 2 man on level cappy run in the School and Library a while back and it was a breeze- All cappy teams are awesome!

    Nice to see its not just me with naming weirdness:
    If someone did something wrong it was ‘steve’ if I can’t remember someones name, or need to name inanimate objects they become ‘martin’


  5. Harperella Says:

    Merric may be hiding his real reason for calling everything Steve… Have you heard of Steve the Grasshopper? Patron Grasshopper to all Wardens?


  6. Avatar of veneration2
    veneration2 Says:

    I gave out 20g last week at a little Prancing Pony Music Event on Landroval. I still have around 74g and 3 10g items to sell.



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