Ask Elb: Eagle Pet Worth it for Solo?

July 24, 2010

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Chris Asks:

Is the Lore-Master Eagle pet useful enough for a soloer that I should grind through those horrible, horrible level 50 class quests?

I’ve been using the Lynx since I got it. The sabretooth was disappointing – its cone attacks seemed better suited for raids and other mass combat situations.

The very plain and simple answer is : Yes.

Here’s why:

The Loremaster’s Eagle pet has several very useful and unique tools that are not only useful solo (as it pertains to the above question) but also in groups.

The visible advantages of the eagle pet include:

LoriandeagleNobility: An aura based around the Eagle which grants the Loremaster and his fellowship an additional 60 in combat power regeneration.

Higher level: The eagle pet summons in at only one level below the level of your Loremaster as opposed to the two level difference you get with other pets (the only exception being the bear pet IF you have the “Hardy Bear” trait slotted). Higher level means your pet’s attacks will miss less and be subject to less mitigation. On the defensive side, it means your pet will have an easier time avoiding hits as well as being able to mitigate damage a tad better.

Fan the Flames: This skill allows you to send an enemy fleeing in fear for 15 seconds. The skill requires that the target first has the “Burning Embers” bleed on it. Fan the Flames first removes the bleed before applying the fear (this way this combination doesn’t break itself as fears are subject to a break chance upon damage [it’s less on overtime skills but still applicable]). In a tough spot a Loremaster cannot have too much crowd control so having this extra CC skill available once a minute can be valuable.

Beak Rend: This skill hits 3 targets for what I would consider moderate damage for pets. Sweeter still is that the eagle gets healed an equal amount for the damage dealt with this skill. This skill adds even more survivability for the pet itself which is very important especially in solo as a dead pet can, in lots of scenarios lead to a dead Loremaster (which brings me to the final visible advantage….).

Sacrifice: This skill allows the Eagle to sacrifice itself to revive the Loremaster. There are a few caveats to this however:

  1. The Loremaster needs to be within 40m of the Eagle.
  2. The Eagle must be actively in combat (this means fighting something and not parked somewhere in passive mode) at the time the Loremaster dies.
  3. Upon receiving the Eagle’s Sacrifice rez, you receive a buff that blocks you from receiving another Eagle rez for the next 10 minutes.

This rez is by no means something that’s going to get you back in the fight right away in a solo scenario since you revive with 50% morale and 25% power (never mind the fact that everything will have reset). It will, however, save you a trip to the rez circle and the requisite run back to where you were questing. In group scenarios the eagle could put you back on your feet in a time of great need.

Advantages that you can’t read on a tooltip

There are two advantages to the Eagle that you can only find out (aside from reading it somewhere like here or the loremaster forums) from using the pet and seeing for yourself.

1. The Eagle pet has a “hidden” interrupt skill that it will automatically use if the mob starts an induction while the skill is off cooldown (cooldown is estimated at somewhere between 10 and 15 seconds) or if the skill comes off cooldown while the mob is inducting. Extremely useful in solo as well as groups. This is a great way to cut back on mobs that can shield up or heal themselves doing so without necessarily having to actively watch the target yourself (especially useful when you have more than one such mob and are already keeping something else on lockdown).flanked!

2. (This is hard to absolutely confirm, however my own perceptions tell me it’s true) The eagle flanks a lot more than most other pets (except perhaps the bog-lurker [which requires slotting deep into the “Keeper of Animals” trait-line.) More flanks can mean lots more heals for yourself by responding with either “Sign of Battle: Wizardry” or “Sign of Battle: Wizard’s Fire” or it can mean more damage via “Staff Strike”. More Flanks, More Fun.

Closing Thoughts

The grind for the items to complete the Loremaster’s level 50 (accessible at level 45) class quests is undoubtedly a pain… However, it is worth the effort. You get a pet with more bells and whistles than a 5-alarm fire and it’s something that you’ll be able to continue to find uses for down the road. You can perhaps convince yourself you don’t need it or want it right now, but at some point you’ll change your mind… So let this make your mind up to just get it now, get it over with and enjoy all that the Eagle can give to your experience.

This article is part of the “Ask Elborigorn” series, where I encourage CSTM readers to send questions to me at: . I then will answer the question either with an entire article or as part of a multi-question weekly article.

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17 Responses to “Ask Elb: Eagle Pet Worth it for Solo?”

  1. Shadio Says:

    This is great info, I have an upstart LM and now I know something very valuable. :)


  2. Ranyar Says:

    Great article. Getting the Eagle was well worth the grind IMO. Flanks are definitely more than the cats. Until you get all 3 Legendary Trait slots using the Eagle can be a pain but when you have 3 slots it’s not so bad.

    + the Eagle are big. End of.

    Treat the pets like mounts, sometimes it’s nice to have options and a change :)


  3. sidarin Says:

    this what a great article, maybe I will one day again level my lore master and use this pet.


  4. n0name28 (Ranni) Says:

    I have never liked the eagle. The rezzes don’t happen often for me (only twice ever, and both on suicide missions) and he can’t stand up to the bear. Just my opinion, but my bear gives me more benefit (can tank or pull aggro off me) and flanks more than the other pets.

    I <3 my bear.


  5. Scott Says:

    While I’m pretty much totally in love with my bog-lurker (it flanks the most of any pet by far) the eagle is a close second. When I originally got it, everyone laughed and said I’d slot it once just to see what it looked like then never use it again. But it’s worthwhile for the interrupt and the flanks are nearly as often as the bog-lurker.

    My bear on the other hand, I’ve probably seen it flank less than 5 times. Ever. Very rarely use it except for in Filikul one of us LM’s will use a bear for the armour debuff against the turtle.


  6. Celeodor Says:

    Ever since I got the eagle pet, there have only been a few instances where I have unequiped the trait. When soloing, I prefer to have the eagle treated even over ents. Why? Cause I love the flanks. Plain and simple. Love em. The healing that can be gained from those alone makes the world of difference to me. Not to mention the Rez is great for pve and pvmp. Many times I have ran suicidally past a bunch of mobs to be resized on the other side. And in pvmp, it’s great to pop back up and kill the one who killed you.


  7. LD Says:

    I’m grinding out marks to buy the slime right now, so I’m glad to find out it’s not pointless. Though… I think I’ll probably keep Noble Savage slotted until I get the third Legandary slot at 60. And then the Eagle will be coming out for the Bog Lurker as soon as I grind the rep for it.


  8. Urailas Says:

    That’s a great summary of why the Eagle is such a great pet to have! Back in SoA I rarely swapped the Eagle for Ents. My only wish now is that the ICPR buff could get some love, +60 is really not that much now when most LM’s have ICPR over 1K.

    The flanks versus the bog lurker is kind of a wash from my experience. The Eagle is fairly consistent with it’s flanks (I believe it’s approx. every 30 secs, but it’s been a while) while the bog seems to be sporadic (e.g., get three in on fight and none in the next) but they seem to average out to similar flank rates. I love taking the Eagle into SG, you can never have enough interrupters in there!


  9. Rindan Says:

    I have seen the eagle in action before & it seems like a good pet.


  10. Isilwren Says:

    I’d love to see a post in how to better use LM pets for the lower lvls. My LM is lvl 36. Generally I use only my Lynx because the other two pets seem to die almost as soon as I break them out, whereas my Lynx is a champ no matter what battle we get into so long as I keep stuns going to control mobs.

    I’d like to use my Raven and Bear more, but as I have not learned to use them effectively yet I’d love to read on how to do that.

    Can’t wait to try the Eagle out when I get there. . . if I get there. LMs seem to take a long time to lvl up.


  11. Bulegar Says:

    Hang in there Isilwren, every class takes a long time to level when you’re in the mid-30s. Regarding LM pets, I was always a huge fan of the Raven (until I got my Eagle). I loved the Raven when I was soloing for two reasons: (1) frequent flanks (2) fire damage debuff. I’m sure Elb will consider writing a much more detailed post, but here’s how I used my Raven. Please note this describes a one mob fight. Battles requiring CC can be done much the same way after you lockdown the extra mobs immediately prior to or following the initial pull.

    First off, I am a melee LM, especially when I solo. Typically I might start a pull at range by using the Raven’s fire damage debuff (use SOP: Command before the fight starts), but then I would take aggro. For the rest of the battle the Raven acts as a fire & forget DoT (except to reapply fire debuff). Often I would get aggro by using Test of Will or Light of the Rising Dawn. While the mob was stunned I would hit it w/ Sign of Battle: Wizardry, Gust of Wind, and then Burning Embers. By this time the mob should be in your face. The battle now boils down to just a few skills, but using them tactically is important. Primarily the skills I used at this point were Fire-lore (or Wind-lore if Fire-lore is still on CD), Improved Staff Strike, Burning Embers, Sign of Battle: Wizardry, and Light of the Rising Dawn/Test of Will (whichever I didn’t use at the start). My keys to deciding which to use were: (1) Keep the mob debuffed (2) Always have ISS or SoB:W ready to use when you get a flank (depending on whether you need morale or want more dps) (3) Use the other skill from part 2 as needed (for SoB:W) or whenever it is off cd (for ISS) (4) Stun mob as much as possible (5) Keep the dps coming.

    I hope that my quick look at how I used the Raven is more helpful than it is confusing. I might also recommend the blog Staff Strike @ for a more detailed look at the LM.


  12. LD Says:

    I used the Raven up until the Lynx got it’s two AoE swipe skills. After that, even though I still loved the Raven, I found the burst damage from the Lynx was far more useful unless I was fighting a single tough monster. Now that I’m in Moria I’m taking more damage and need to be able to reliably heal myself, so I’ve gone back to the Raven. It doesn’t hurt that I have a Legendary staff with the Staff Strike cooldown legacy on it either :D


  13. Harperella Says:

    Count me as an Eagle lover here. I do a lot of duoing with a Warden. The Eagle is just perfect for this combination. ICMR + fear + rezz +flanks is just great. The Eagle rarely goes down in Duo Skimishes (usually due to nast AoE DoTs!) so I’m guaranteed a second chance free of aggro if things get really bad.

    I tend to provide most of the DPS between the two of us, so having the extra flanks really helps with that. Also, the eagle doesn’t need to swim and is just beautiful!



  14. Dreadhed Says:

    First off, good post Elb! Definately good info.

    For me alot depends on the type of play you do and the way you play your class. I primarily play the lynx, and keep my improved sticky gourd slotted. I love that skill, mass aoe and dot combined. I am usually slotted full dps, so my stuns are almost nonexistent, when I am soloing.

    The eagle is pretty sweet for group play, if you go down it can rez you so the cpt or min does not have to use one of their rezzes on ya. Provides a power gen boost, not much but does not hurt. And it definately flanks more than the lynx, I can’t compare to the lurker because I never slot enough of those traits. So the Eagle is great for improve non dps skill imho. Its fan the flames can be helpful.

    I feel I get the best dps from the lynx, with that stealth attack critting for close to 2k sometimes.

    As far as getting through the quests, there not too bad, and all of the items can be purchased at the AH. If you can’t get a CD/URU run going. In my case in the time it takes to find a run (weeks), I can farm almost all the gold I need to buy those items. Good luck, I firmly believe LMs are one of the best classes in the game.


  15. Mithralmistress Says:

    I didn’t find the grind too bad to get the eagle – about 10 skirmishes got me the points to buy the rarer items from the Curiosities vendor. I slotted it once and then went back to the lynx, but this post makes me itching to try again.

    Thanks for the info. Great post.


  16. HoraceP Says:

    I leveled almost exclusively, with the eagle from 45 to 65. Don’t discount the eagle’s ability to interrupt, especially in Moria. IMO aside from flanking it is the most useful ability on any pet. Not having to worry about or bother with mobs healing themselves makes soloing and duoing a breeze. Flanking-wise, the eagle is very consistent, and you can expect at least 1 flank per mob. If you get a flank early in a fight (for staff strike) you can reasonably expect one more flank near the end of the fight (for healing).



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