Pineleaf’s Pictorial Primer to Skirmishing: Volume 1: Trouble in Tuckborough

August 23, 2010

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Welcome to Pineleaf’s Pictorial Primer to Skirmishing. In this series, we will look at each of the skirmishes you can run in The Lord of the Rings Online™. In this first volume, we will take a look at the skirmish that is set right in my own backyard: “Trouble in Tuckborough.”

Trouble in Tuckborough

In this series, we will look at each skirmish in turn, including its scenario, layout, mobs, bosses, and encounters. While I discuss the lieutenants you will be facing, I will leave a detailed analysis of them to a later volume.

I will not be discussing strategy much, as that can vary based on your class and playing style. Any recommendations I make will be from the point-of-view of a hobbit warden. During my skirmishing runs, I will be accompanied by my cousin, an archer named Flax.

pdf[2]This guide is available in PDF format for easy reading and printing for reference.

Pineleaf Needles

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21 Responses to “Pineleaf’s Pictorial Primer to Skirmishing: Volume 1: Trouble in Tuckborough”

  1. Kaelin Says:

    Fantastic guide! :D Please win a prize.


  2. Jaeren Says:

    Very well put together guide.


  3. Tippidoc Says:

    Double what you’re paying Pineleaf, because that guide is amazing. Excellent work!


  4. Thomas Says:

    I will check this out. This is the one skirmish that I can’t seem to do the right way. I die a lot, & sometimes the hobbit defenders don’t fight back.


  5. Dreadhed Says:

    “He summons the lieutenants one at a time when he reaches certain morale levels. Therefore, it is
    generally best to switch to the lieutenants whenever one appears so that you would not become

    Ahhhh! I did this with a fellow not too long ago, we made is smoothly to the boss fight then majorly flailed taking him down. I think this little tidbit of info will really help us.

    Great Great guide! Guess it will be a bit of a wait till I find out how to beat that Dragon encounter solo in DG.


  6. Dreadhed Says:

    I do have a question and maybe I just missed it. Do you get less SPs if a bounder or hobbit dies?


    • Pineleaf Needles Says:

      Yes, defeated hobbits reduce your skirmish mark score. The bottom of page 5 lists the skirmish mark awards for various objectives. The points for the defenders are earned based on the number of defenders that survive (with a maximum of 32 points if all survive). Therefore, each hobbit lost will cost you 5 or 6 points (the numbers are for a level 65 run).


  7. Isilwren Says:

    I’ve run this solo so many times, but didn’t realize all the different aspects of it – especially the encounters and where they are all located. I had found the Old Willow location, but not the others. Now I’m interested in going back and seeing if I can take these guys on.


  8. Harperella Says:

    Really top notch work there! I picked up some very good tips. Maybe I can complete this one on duo now!



  9. texborn Says:

    Outstanding job on the guide. The level of detail is greatly appreciated. Explanation of some of the mob mechanics was really interesting. I never fathomed it was that complex.


  10. Kemen Says:

    I’m impressed and can’t thank you enough for your Pictoral Primer! :)

    It’s wonderful!

    How long did it take you to write this up and compile everything?

    Three cheers for Pineleaf!

    Peace, Love, & Brew,
    ~Kemen (a.k.a. Sweetpeas of Landroval)


  11. Aufero Says:

    Fantastic guide!

    I tend to avoid this skirmish because I don’t understand the mechanics and the map very well – this will help a lot.



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