Codemasters Community Therapy

September 14, 2010


In attempt to de-stress the European community, Codemasters is hosting a contest that will allow people to vent frustrations and possibly win a goodie bags.

The community liaison officers will be your target/punch bag/stress ball and welcome you to throw things at us. The choice of what you throw and how you throw it is yours but you have to be creative: describe it in a text, record a video, draw something or take a funny screenshot – there is no limit to your imagination! You can even bake a custard pie and we will administer the confectionary as requested. The ten most creative and/or funny submissions will receive a Codemasters Goodie Bag and we will feature them on our May Contain Gamers community blog.

You have until 23.59 on 26th September to submit your ideas.

See the full details of this contest over at Codemasters site.

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7 Responses to “Codemasters Community Therapy”

  1. HexDSL Says:

    This may be a mistake. I think they underestimate quite how angry some people are. Making lite of the situation could make them worse.


  2. The Pesky Dwarf Preservation Society of Gilrain Says:

    I am playing on the European servers and happy to wait for everything to be working properly before they launch. I can understand some of the anger on the forums but also can’t help thinking that the same people would be complaining about some of the issues that US gamers have had, if it had gone live on the tenth.

    I think it is quite entertaining that CM are poking fun at themselves here. And let’s face it, they are in a no win situation!


  3. Thomas Says:

    Sounds like its a bad time to be working in customer service for Codemasters.


  4. Bryandt Says:

    They’re hosing an event? Does that make them hosers?



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