Episode 55a: New Player Roundtable

Here is the New Player Roundtable, recorded September 10, 2010 with special guests Azz, Elborigorn, Kiarane, Pineleaf, Punggo and Orchida!

Similar to our past roundtable discussions, this is a lengthy episode. The idea for this cast is to be informative and helpful for the new player. The guy who just decided to pick up LOTRO and give it a try because it’s free. We imagine it may also be helpful to the returning LOTRO player who has been away for a while.

Topics discussed include:


LOTRO Links List

Also as promised at the end of the cast, here is the list of useful LOTRO sites to help you find information!


Official Sites:



Video Casts 




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6 Responses to “Episode 55a: New Player Roundtable”

  1. Develyn Says:

    Nice list o’ references there. I really need to get off my behind and finish getting my blog together. I’m just way too lazy. lol!


  2. Bryandt Says:

    There is no longer a level restriction on cosmetics. I never had a level 20 character on my Premium account and Finirthon was able to equip cosmetics as soon as he could lay hands on some.

    Today, I also helped a friend get equipped. He’s never played the game before and was able to equip the cosmetics I bought him at level 7.


    • LOTRO_Fanatik Says:

      I agree. I’ve been using the Outfit tabs to slot the initial character gear for my new alts on the new servers as early as level 2. I actually find the beginning gear look for most classes, much more appealing than the subsequent quest gear I am rewarded with in the low levels.


  3. blkopzkilla Says:

    yo thnkz Cstm, i just stared playing and ma friend told me 2 chek out this podcast for newbs. ive been playing w0w sinze lunch but tis game iz prety god. i hope kiarane iz on more of you p casts. cum to the moors sumetime on landroval and ill pwn u wit my warg BlkOpzwarg.



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