LOTRO Web Sites Down for Maintenance

September 8, 2010


Frelorn posted last night:

All LOTRO websites and web services (lotro.com, the forums, Lorebook, and My.LOTRO) will be offline on Wednesday, September 8th from 6:00AM – 12:00PM Eastern for a major update. The game servers will remain available during the web downtime. Please note that following the update, players must log into the community sites with their Turbine Game accounts instead of their former community logins, but their community names (displayed to other members) will remain unchanged.

I love web site updates. I am very curious to see what this major update will bring!

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12 Responses to “LOTRO Web Sites Down for Maintenance”

  1. Carlosjuero Says:

    Gah – I don’t like changing forum login to be the same as the game login :( – just one more tiny avenue for security problems.

    I know that people will likely start seeing ads on the forums and whatnot now – that is what happened over at DDO (though I have Ad Blocker so they don’t bother me).


  2. Hobbitmeister Says:

    Supposedly they are switching over the forum logins to be the same as account/game logins. Some people on the forums are/were concerned about this security risk. Discussion was just beggining on this change and of course the forums then went down for the upgrade.

    Before logging back into the forums when they come back, you might want to dump your cookies and just go look at what they’ve done first. I’m a bit worried about the overall security myself.
    I doubt I’ll be posting on my main account on the forums from here on out. Guess I’ll just use a Free account that has no characters on it for forum posting.


  3. Tanek Says:

    Hmm. And this literally 3 days after I’d been praising Turbine for the additional security of different forum/game logins on LotRO and DDO.


  4. Aeled Says:

    I’m curious if they really plan to do something with Lorebook.


  5. Carlosjuero Says:

    Well, Patience just tweeted something about us getting a “whole new community site” today.


  6. Greg Says:

    Is the site up yet? I’m not able to get in, but my work also blocks some sites, so I wondered if anyone could verify if the website is up or not.



  7. Talbot Banyan Says:

    The problem I currently have with the new log in is that it doesn’t seem to have my community id linked to my game login. I log in under my game name and my blog is empty, I have no friends, its all blank – as if I had never signed it before. I’m hoping its just a timing issue and it will sync up in a day or two.


  8. Cobrette of Elendilmir Says:

    The My.lotro.com blog community is devastated. Most of the customizations that users made have been lost. Most of the formatting in posts have been severely altered. The links to my.lotro.com posts and pictures have been severed due to new paths.

    Some new features have been added, but most are buggy or don’t work at all.

    For myself, I have been telling the stories of my characters for over 5 months in over 60+ posts. All of the hotlinks in my stories are now broken and the picture links are broken. Do I spend the time to fix them all? Or give up? I am leaning towards giving up. What’s to keep Turbine from doing this again?



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