Codemasters F2P Update 10/15/10

October 15, 2010


We were all hoping for some good news – perhaps even a launch date – from Codemaster’s today because of last week’s update but I’m very sad to announce that it is really just more of the same.

Update 15/10/10
Dear players,
This week has flown by and despite the optimism last week we still aren’t in a position to give you any solid information. What we can say however is that plans are now coming together for a big splash launch, the details of which we should be able to reveal next week.
This week has been very positive behind the scenes and whilst we aren’t able to enter into any details about that, suffice to say that there is finally light at the end of the tunnel.
Again, we do regret and apologise for the extended delay and thank you for your continued patience.

I don’t even know what to say. If steps have been made in progress, why not share it? It doesn’t have to be specific since they haven’t even told us what the hold up is. Just stating that 75% of our problems have been resolved or however marketing people would spin that would at least be a metric for the players. A gauge to know  how much closer they are. Instead we really get almost the same message as last week.

I try to keep positive and trust things are moving on. Heck this release doesn’t even effect me personally as a U.S. player. However this week’s update really just annoyed me. I’m sorry European friends. I wish I had better news.

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20 Responses to “Codemasters F2P Update 10/15/10”

  1. Nordin Says:

    Hi and thanks for your post,

    the mood in the EU community (in general) couldn´t get worse.

    We are just hoping they get their things settled soon and we get F2P and Enedwaith and the new festival soon :-(

    For myself, i rolled a toon on landroval 3 weeks ago and it is quite fun but not the same as in the own kinship :-(

    Just hoping things get better and the “light at the end of the tunnel” isn´t a fast train :-)


  2. Glompf Says:

    My week flew by aswell, it happens to do that if i sit at my office desk, eat cake and read CStM all day :-) Maybe next week the cake is gone and I can start working.

    Too bad I am one of those unlucky b*stards that live in Europe. :-P


  3. Kushina Says:

    It sucks for the EU guys I feel sorry for them. It really does sound like legal stuff now though so it would not surprise me if its just legal stuff between codemasters and turbine.

    Just the way they seem to word there comments its all very political and very careful to not give anything away so sounds like stuff they CANT talk about due to a legal issue.

    Hope it all gets fixed soon cause it really does suck and it is really hurting the game.


  4. Ariholwen Says:

    They’re banning people that complain too much from the forum even now. I was banned to day for starting a thread stating that their website still advertised f2p “this autumn” and asking when autumn ended.

    The thread was locked as being a duplicate, and when I reposted it, I was banned.

    This tells me that they won’t be ready “this autumn”. The message posted today is exactly the same as last week’s no-news update.


  5. Stormwaltz Says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this ends with Turbine taking back the Euro rights like they did with DDO. I’d be surprised if their contract with Codemasters doesn’t include clauses for breach of contract or flagrant mismanagement.


  6. CopyPaste Says:

    I stopped playing LOTRO a week or so before the planned F2P launch, hoping to come back and try the new stuff after the new version launched. Logged in once or twice since then, just to remain eligible for the loyalty reward in Turbine points. I have talked some of my friend into joining LOTRO and playing with me in F2P, now they’re asking me when we’ll play and I can’t tell them. Instead, I go play something else. It’s a pity, LOTRO is a great game, F2P or no, but I just can’t bear to look at it any more. I have a feeling someone is making a fool out of me and other EU players and that feeling kills all the fun. And if the game isn’t fun, I don’t play it then.

    My subscription runs out in less then a month, I am seriously starting to think about not renewing it as it isn’t worth it. I don’t wish to support those rude (substitute ‘rude’ with you favorite curse) Codemasters in any way. Also, why should I pay when I don’t play?

    It just makes me feel sick. I was thinking about playing on a US server, but the experience isn’t the same. Not so much because of the lag, but because of the time difference – servers are empty for the most part when I would log in I guess. Anyway, sorry for the lengthy comment, got to went it out somewhere.


  7. Aeled Says:

    First announcement that makes wish for them not saying anything.

    On the other hand I’m worried that after a few weeks even if they got things sorted out it would actually be bad not to wait for Christmas :p


  8. Belamanth Says:

    The whole situation reminds me of a scene in the Hithhiker book “Restaurant at the end of the Universe”, chapter 12. I adapted that a little and posted it on the CM boards. IF you don’t want to cry, there is only laughter…

    Dnote: There has been a delay. The players are kept in temporary suspended animation for their comfort and convenience. Coffee and biscuits are served every ten years, after which passengers are returned to suspended animation for their comfort and convenience. F2P will take place when pie stores are complete. We apologise for the delay.

    Lotro-EU-player: Delay? Have you seen the worlds inside this game? It’s a wasteland. A desert. Civilisation’s been and gone. It’s over. There is no F2P Lotro on the way from Turbine.

    Dnote: The statistical likelihood is that other games will launch. There will one day be F2P. Until then, there will be a short delay. Please return to your seats.

    Inspired by Douglas Adams, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, Chapter 12.


  9. Pjotr Says:

    *stabs himself in his (european) eye with a rusty knife*


  10. Tanner Says:

    Well, I’ve given up waiting now, now I just have to decide on what Turbine server to play at… Too bad I can’t get money back for the MoM box I bought to use after the switch… A well, that’s what I get for impulse-shopping!


  11. LD Says:

    I stopped caring.


  12. Corleth Says:

    I’ll continue to bide my time and wait. I’m easy enough going, and am still enjoying the current EU content.

    However, I think that the EU LOTRO community is being eroded, and the big question for me is, will it recover when F2P eventually does happen? Or maybe the current/surviving player base will just be inconsequential after F2P goes live, what with all the new comers?


  13. Wah Anduinas Says:

    some perspective from the german communities: it seems that more and more people are beginning to downright leave the game. most players won´t make the move to the us servers because of language and playing time issues, but especially because they would lose chars, LTA, kinship…everything.

    if there would be a possibility to transfer your chars to the us i bet there would be an exodus of epic proportions.

    sadly i have to say that more and more players have had it with CM. it´s not so much the delay but the catastrophical information policy. i love the game but i can´t bring myself to log on the servers lately. it´s a disgrace and i´m afraid lotro europe won´t fully recover from this disaster.


  14. Lisper Says:

    Honestly, i think im done. I was hyped about LOTRO F2P in the months leading up to launch, and not having new content or significant patches for so long… now so much time has past since it was out in the US im just really not hyped for it any more. About the only thing that interests me now would be some huge expansion like helms deep etc – code-masters have really killed this game for me. Such a shame.


  15. Olxter Says:

    thanks that tiny-tiny delay, i have seen, that there are lots of other games, what are not MMOs. MoH just game out, and at the moment, i have sunken into watery Venice, in Assassin’s Creed 2. I just have to be sure, there are any new Codemasters games on my desk. ;) they cant have time any new games right now… do they?


  16. Wilifro (Snowbourn) Says:

    I’d thought of playing on a US server – I’ve actually got some toons there. Rolled ‘em so I could look around Landroval etc for the RP events, which always sounded awesome (which they are! I’ve even seen Goldenstar – way more exiting even than seeing Galadriel! ).

    But I’m going to let those toons fade. Because, the way I see it –
    1) I’m too low level in the US to do what I want to do next (Enedwaith etc), and if I’m going to put in the time to get to high level Ivl again, I might as well put that time into some other game. (There are other options, apparently.)

    2) Although Not Pleased At All (epic understatement!) with the customer service experience we have had here in the EU, it seems to me that this problem is just as much Turbine’s problem as Codemasters’. More, in fact. They contracted with CM after all. So they ‘own’ the problem, am I wrong? And why should I reward anyone involved (Turbine as well as CM) for this?

    Parting thought:

    Hi there to Warner Brother’s!! (new owners of Turbine)!
    A big Hello also l to Reliance Big Entertainment!! (new owners’ of CM)! – are you watching this mess?



    • Avatar of Merric
      Merric Says:

      I agree that this definitely is probably an issue with Turbine as well. If it was just a technical issue, I would think that Codemasters would have explained matters a bit more. The fact that there is such a lockdown on what is going on seems to indicate there is an issue over money or some other contractual agreement here. Just my opinion.


  17. Pointy Says:

    I still can’t work out why there wasn’t a single version of the game that allowed you to choose which server you wanted to play on. So many of my online friends play, but because I’m EU I can’t play with them unless I get the US version. People are smart, we know that if we’re in Europe and want to play on a sever the other side of the world that there might be lag. *facepalms*



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