Codemasters Free-to-Play Date Announced

October 29, 2010


Today brings great news as our European friends finally know when LOTRO will be going Free-to-Play for them. The big day is Tuesday, November 2, 2010! That’s just 4 days away!


Visit Codemasters’ site to see the official announcement.

Update: The maintenance time for when the server will be down for the update has been posted. Downtime will begin at 1am GMT on November 2nd.

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7 Responses to “Codemasters Free-to-Play Date Announced”

  1. Leandor Says:

    Yeeeeeees ! *Does the happy dance and blows a kiss to Goldenstar for being such a good news bearer*


  2. Tanner Says:

    wohoo!! Finally I can add my MoM-box and make a RK :D This has been so slooow until this week! Can’t wait for tuesday!


  3. darkeye Says:

    Yay that’s perfect timing for me cause my sub is up on tuesday, hopefully I’ll get those 500 points and not a case of just missing out on them by a day.


  4. Caelas Says:

    Yes… They choose the early update fortunately so we can finally experience the sweets of f2p over here too… What im wondering about now how busy the EU servers will be with new players after such a lenghty delay…


  5. Hobbitmeister Says:

    Grats to all the EU players. The long irritating wait is almost over.


  6. Glompf Says:

    Free2wait is over! Let the Free2play begin!



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