Codemaster’s Preview Event Complete

October 28, 2010


The preview event for Codemasters Free-to-Play has concluded! The news today is that the sign up and client download for Nimloth, the preview server, will be closed today.

Those who are already signed up and playing on Nimloth can continue to do so until the launch of Free-to-Play. The store will not be available any longer while they clear and prep it for live but you are still able to see all the other changes Free-to-Play will bring!

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4 Responses to “Codemaster’s Preview Event Complete”

  1. Caelas Says:

    Best guesses for f2p live launch are next thursday or a surprise early launch at tuesday… Can’t wait to see the Haunted Cellar, Enedwaith and hopefully the nice changes in the november patch :)


  2. Hobbitmeister Says:

    You’re going to have a blast in the Haunted Cellar. It’s easily the best event they’ve added to Festivals since Festivals started.


  3. sean Says:

    and finally, it launches!

    Tuesday November 2nd

    so i’ve got 3 days left to get Tolloch on my champ before I’ll never have to set foot in Sammath Gul again!



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