Episode 57: The Night the Internet Exploded

October 3, 2010

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albumartWe have a special interview with the lovely ladies of mmorsel, Tawariel and Lunnatuna. We discuss their amazing guides and online tools. They can be found at their site http://lotro.mmorsel.com, on twitter as @mmorsel and on google buzz!

This week we did Volume 2.5.5 quest with Elborigorn, Trevors and Roewien. We didn’t have much friendly to say about our experience and had Elb not been there to help us through it we may have not even tried.

We completed Ost Elendil instance challenge mode this week with Azz,Kiarane, Bryandt and Geiri! We were pretty excited to have done this!

Merric also attempted spider wing of Helegrod this week. This didn’t go as well. Most of his time has been spent doing Moria deeds.

This week’s recording was full of issues of Merric’s PC exploding, audio feed not broadcasting, and the recording not capturing the audio. I had to tell the 2.5.5 story like 4 times in a row. Super fun!

Town Crier:

Player News:

Raise Your Glass:


Your site is just fantastic! I have recently gotten into LoTRO since it became F2P [could never afford it when it had sub] and I just fell in love with it like I always new and your site has helped me so much! I am so glad that you all have spent so much time on it!

Thank you again!

- Frat



A few shows back we were blessed with the “shurky” song that you love so much that you hear every Thanksgiving. Well ever since you’ve shared with us I can’t keep it out of my mind, not due to the song itself but since it drew my attention to all of the signs of a person from our area whose running for state office by the name of Shirkie. Every weekend I drive to pick up my daughter in Lansing I pass countless signs with this person’s name on it and thought you may enjoy the humor with me. (Can’t wait to be ride of his signs and that song that goes ever on in my head every time I see one lol)


Belegedan of Landroval:


Thank you for writing about the lua plugins. I’m a technically-challenged player; I only survived on WoW due to the Curse plugin manager! Your posts on the mods have been ESSENTIAL for me. I now use the plugin manager you wrote about, as well as the Emo and Warder Lite plugins. Prior to your written post about where to store the plugins, I was putting them in the Lotro plugins folder under ProgramFiles, and had no idea why they wouldn’t load. Now I know they go in the plugins folder under Documents and Settings, and they work great!

Thanks so much!

Belegedan of Landroval


Hey there Merric,

Been pushing my sword and board guard through Moria and trying to work on my LI’s. I was curious what legacies you really like, must have or hate for tanking. Right now I have chosen, skills threat up, Guardian’s ward duration and shield damage. Hoping for some better ones in the future. Great podcast guys, keep it up.


Hello Merric and Goldenstar!

I would like to mention some of the things i achieved in the wonderfull world of Lotro during the last week. I am a player on Laurelin, the EU official RP server, member of The Shadows kin (home of The Shades Band, quite famous here on the server i might add) and waiting anxiously for f2p.

I am lvling my new alt Justi who reached lvl31 last week, a Dwarf Guardian and quite enjoying this class. Justi got his access to Artisan Jewelcrafting by completing the The Call of Precious Things, Part IV with a little help from a Captain kinnie. Also he started his first Skirmishes and I found out i forgot how much fun they are!

Good luck with the site, the podcast (which i enjoy very much!) and ofcourse the Fellowship Walk.

Greetings from Europe,

Member of the Shadows

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  1. Gantoris Says:

    where did you guys find information on the Ost Elendil challenge mode at? I’ve looked around a bit and have found mostly old information.


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