Episode 60: Fall Festival 2010!

October 24, 2010

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Episode60This week is no great surprise what Goldenstar has been up to. The Fall Festival has released and she has been collecting up tokens, racing horses and mostly grumbling about Forochel and how her lack of faction there is ruining her festival runs. She was setting the goal to earn her Inn League horse by next week and she has already completed that goal!

Merric is tired of questing on his Warden and is doing skirmish dailies for experience. He’s almost level 39 and is having problems with Volume 1, Book 4, Chapter 9. Merric is also fishing just to get the 50-pound salmon.

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Hey guys. Your site is amazing. I am a casual player on the Windfola server with a lvl 61 champion named Abromir. He’s a dwarf. In 5 minutes on your site i learned so much about the game that i thought i knew so well. I have been looking for a place like this my whole time on lotro. I uses to be a big Guild Wars player and there were whole websites devoted to every aspect of the game. I never found that for lotro until now. I don’t know if u play in the Windfola server or have ever tried. There are many people there, but not a while lot. I have always longed for the guild wars like feel in lotro, with hundreds of people wanting to go out and work together. I was wondering if there was any server you recommended for this? I know that was a little long winded but i just wanted to express myself. Above all THANKS so much for what u are doing here. You gave me a whole new perspective about what this game could be and how nice people are on it. In my year of playing i havnt found that yet. Thanks a ton!


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10 Responses to “Episode 60: Fall Festival 2010!”

  1. Bryandt Says:

    Keep an eye on your Youtube subscription. About to upload something with you in mind, GS. *eg*


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      Thanks Bry! Now that I’ve got my Inn League horse I’ve sort have lost my drive to do it but I know I should. This is the second time (doing volume 1 being the first) that not having swift travel in this area has been a burden.


  2. Lunna the Burg Says:

    aw, the AA goat isnt ugly! It’s awesome!!! Haha, Merric you do need it, it ROCKS.

    I feel like I’m driving a tank when I ride it (as a hobbit). It seems HUGE, lol.


  3. Lunna the Burg Says:

    And yes, Goldenstar, you’ll have an easier time doing the AA quests as a burg. They are sinister, underhanded and use tricks to get their way – just like a burg :)

    I felt that the AA quests fell right in line with Lunna’s personality. It also fit that she would join a Dwarf association rather than a hobbit one as for RP purposes she’s married to a Dwarf (so her loyalties are with his kind) and she hangs out in seedy establishments with a rough crowd.

    Oh, and Merric, you killed Legolas!! Dang…that’s pretty bad.


  4. Lunna the Burg Says:

    Tasks sound like chores *blah*. They should have given it a less boring and tedious sounding name.


  5. Adam Says:

    I think you are on the money about the F2P delays Merric, and I reckon they will drop it on us asap as they reckon its stable.

    My ears pricked up when I heard my name, test, whaa, uh, I did? We joined in on the American servers to test out F2P, well Emma has, and has been posting a bit about it., maybe it was that! :D

    We are currently working the Ale Association quests with 2 of our dwarves, aside from feeling like a rotten ass doing it, their delivery quests are no more fun!



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