European Preview Event is Now Live

October 25, 2010


Today starts the Free-to-Play Preview for Codemasters and it is now live! Available in the latest post is a link to download the client and frequently asked questions.

During the European Preview Event we will be running a number of stress tests and events on the server in preparation for the launch of Free to Play. The more players we can get involved in this Preview Event, the sooner we can complete our testing and bring you Free to Play.

Log in and keep an eye open for World Broadcasts that will give you more information. There will also be a chance for you to win prizes for participating!

Here is a listing of stress test dates currently scheduled.

Tuesday 26th October
14:00 UK time (GMT+1) – Bree Town Layer Test
17:00 UK time (GMT+1) – Ettenmoors User Limit Test

Wednesday 27th October
14:00 UK time (GMT+1) – Ettenmoors User Limit Test
15:00 UK time (GMT+1) – Shop Concurrent Purchase Test
17:00 UK time (GMT+1) – Party Tree Layer Test
20:00 UK time (GMT+1) – Troll Invasion Event

You may also want to take a peek at this known issues thread concerning the preview event!

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7 Responses to “European Preview Event is Now Live”

  1. Jonathan A. Says:

    Any of our friends across the pond patched up and able to tell us if this has the November update for the US as well?


  2. Caelas Says:

    After a long download yesterday i was able to log in this morning… I have seen f2p on US server already but i like to see the Eyes & Guard Tavern to check out some capped classes!

    At least we are all convident now that f2p will finaly hit Europe :)


  3. Flakfizer Says:

    Why does everything Codemasters do turn into a farce?

    Took forever to download using Pando. 60 minute queue to login. Server down 5 minutes later. Been unable to login for hours since, getting ‘Error 5000′.


  4. Lisper Says:

    Nice, your position in the queue is 3050, estimated time to login is 146minutes. DO WE EVER GET ANYTHING WITHOUT HAVING TO WAIT CODEMASTERS!¬”!:$!”!” ARGWUUUUEWEQH!



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