LOTRO Plugin Review 07: TonicBars

October 22, 2010

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In this episode we take a look at TonicBars by NuclearTonic. This plugin allows you to create multiple action bars that have a variety of customizations including size, visibility in combat only, visibility only when ctrl, shift, and/or alt is pressed, opacity, and even if it extends out additional quickslots.  Although it’s a little buggy with how the extensions are implemented, once they are set up it’s a great plugin that allows for quite a bit of customization.  This is one of the plugins that I’ll be keeping up on most of my characters.

There is one drawback that some people will really dislike and that for some reason the bars I have set up do not disappear when I hide the interface when I hit the F12 key.  I’m not sure if this is a flaw with Lua or something that can be changed in the plugin itself.  Either way, I hope that this is something that is resolved because this is definitely a dealbreaker for some individuals.  Of course you could just unload and reload your plugins, but that seems like an unnecessary inconvenience.

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12 Responses to “LOTRO Plugin Review 07: TonicBars”

  1. Saelyth Says:

    the bugs only happens if you put items on that quickslots and you use the items, so you have “no item” but it’s still in the quickslot.

    and then cause a lot of bugs, replacing another quickslots, errormessages etc etc.

    But if you use TonicBars just for Skills = No Bugs :)


  2. NuclearTonic Says:

    Thanks for the kudos! Glad to see you enjoy the plugin. A LOT of time has been devoted to creating it.

    I just found this article, and wanted to post updates. I have included the F12 removal of the bars. This went into the v1.4 version as it was a long standing request that finally found it’s way in.

    As to other bugs, feel free to email me at: TonicBars@google.com include what you have seen. All bugs that have been reported I think have been addressed.

    Either way, glad you are enjoying the plugin!


  3. Dreadhed Says:

    I have to say this is now one of my favorites. It is great for all my LM Pets, all my mounts, all my travel options. I have not had any issues with bugginess, but I took the advice to make sure I don’t put consumables in them.


  4. Betzebub Says:

    Great plugin! Thanks.
    Is there a plan to translate the plugin in other languages like german?


  5. DemiGoth Says:

    “There is one drawback that some people will really dislike and that for some reason the bars I have set up do not disappear when I hide the interface when I hit the F12 key.”

    I’m not sure if you missed out a feature or was added later…
    On the general settings there is an option to change fade options. You can set this to 0 and flag the “Remove the opacy when mouse over”. This only leaves the small,faint grail icon on the screen in the upper left corner when you press F12.


  6. Freanor of Evernight Says:

    Does anyone know if NuclearTonic still plays? There is one thing i have been unable to make, a bar with skills of my own choosing. For instance, i created a 1×1 bar with Strength of Morale and configured it to trigger when my morale drops below 15%. While i didn’t log off, it worked like a charm. But after logging off and on again, the skill on the bar is not there. The bar itself is but not the skill. So everytime i need to place it there. This happens both for triggered and visible bars. Is there a way i can work around this without having to place the skill on the bar every time?


  7. Tony Says:

    I gave up on this it doesnt work the way the video shows. I was hoping to have a few quickslot buttons that when i moused over them the extension bars appeared with all the options. Just like the video, but after 3 hours of wasted time i gave up, no way would it work the way the video suggests it would work.



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