Episode 62: B.O. Breath

November 7, 2010

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Episode62This week we talk about the Updated Patch Notes, the new Rune-Keeper Developer Diary, Europe’s entry into Free-to-Play, different LOTRO contests and more!

Goldenstar is still without a Skeleton Pony but it doesn’t matter much as she’s shifted gears and has been mostly playing with the Yule Festival on Bullroarer.

Merric is now kindred with the Miners in Moria and Galahdrim, and also completed Legend of the Deeps.

Together they rand Haudh Valandil (Tombs) instance on our dungeon Thursday night. This week’s cover art is taken inside the dungeon while we wait for Bry to pick up his westerness weapons Taisan was nice enough to make us on the fly.

Town Crier:

Here’s links to all the stuff we talked about this week! Holy lot of of links, batman!

Player News:

Raise Your Glass:


I don’t know whether you guys have mentioned this before on your podcast, but I’ve just found a resource for LOTRO that I really love. It’s a Google Maps style map for LOTRO that has an in-built search feature, and it has made my life so much easier after returning from a very long break. Here’s the link, and I hope you guys like it as much as I do. http://www.arda-online.com/map/

- Stefman

Zymira Puresong, Pie-Eating Champion

Hello Merric and Goldenstar,

I am listening to your postcast about Merric and his pumpkin seeds….SO FUNNY!! I love your postcasts and I was wondering what server you guys were on? Would you ever play on Elendilmir? I have a level 50 hobbit minstrel named Zymira Puresong, Fanwyn Brandymead (in game wife to my boyfriend’s 65 hobbit Guardian Dorbo Brandymead), a level 64 elf hunter, a 24 elf rune keeper Adaiale. All my girls are part of the kinship called Sanctuary. Some of my kinship members love your podcast as well!

Dorbo (my boyfriend’s max level guard) used to work with Sapience and others at Turbine and on our beloved Lotro and has listened to some of your postcasts as well when I do not have my headset plugged in.

I love you guys!!

Love to Baby Hobbit!

~Zymira Puresong, Pie-Eating Champion

Pinchpenny of Windfola

Hey guys, been playing Lotro for a couple months. I came to the game from a series of other MMOs that concluded my 5 years of play in WoW. Upon coming to Lotro, I found a wonderfuly fun and informative podcast to listen to, A Casual Stroll to Mordor. I love the show, and thank you so very much for broadcasting it. Great job on the Childs Play Fundraiser. Currently I am leveling a Hobbit Burgler and having a blast, way more fun then my RK or Captain of level 40. Hope you all stay safe and keep up the great work.

Pinchpenny of Windfola. :)

Weatherwax of Eldar:

Hey guys

Am sure you’re aware by now that F2P is now alive and kicking in the EU. Plus, Lotro has secured some coverage on one of the UK’s most popular websites – digital spy

As well as an interview with a codies chap, they’re also giving away lotro points. You can find out how to enter and more information here:


Thought you guys might like to know to help get the

message out there

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15 Responses to “Episode 62: B.O. Breath”

  1. Strunto Says:

    “Would you like to take a surrrrvey?”

    I love that you quoted Animaniacs!

    I’m bound and determined to get the Eglain mount. I’ve been gathering gold ore like a fool to make ruby rings. If I think about the amount of time/in-game money that is actually going into this rep grind/mount purchase, I will likely break into tears.

    Great show, as always!


  2. Dreadhed Says:

    Forget the Boney Poney. It looks cool, but not as cool as the Algraig… I just have to toot my own horn, finally got kindred with Algraig and got the Drunk emote and the Algraig horsey! :) :)

    Galahdrihm horse and the Malledrihm are nice lookin, for gold stars, there are really only 2 that I know of. Black badges, and death from below. Takes only 10 days… for twenty stars. Just run em every so often when bored if you just run death from below u usually get enough black badges for the other quest.


    • Avatar of Merric
      Merric Says:

      Im just about done trying on the poney. I may move my non-crafting characters back, but I moved them all out of the burrow to do other stuff.


  3. Hobbitmeister Says:

    LOL @ Merric…..”Babillion gold”!

    I actually managed to get the Skelly Poney on my lowbie Burg (*cowers) don’t hit me Goldenstar) but I’m with you on that new Yule pony that’s coming, I really like the look of it.

    Regarding the EU-F2P servers….anyone found a way to sign up a EU account? I tried clicking the “Play Now” button from the EU forums (which seem to work better than the Turbine forums BTW), it redirects to the Turbine site. I’m in the U.S. so just wondering if there was a trick to keep it from redirecting back to the Turbine signup page?


  4. Adam Says:

    Hallelujah, no more stupid noisy skirmish horns!

    I was hoping eventually as they kept designing and adding festival events, that there would be an awesome event in each of the four starter locations for every festival, but like you say maybe they are moving the Beer Hall, to another festival. That would be cool though, each festival has a choice of four or more cool events!

    Spring- Shrew stomp- this is also sorta competative
    Summer- Maze- S&R quests, Fishing
    Autumn- Burrow- S&R quests
    Winter- Snowball fight- PVP competative

    Is fishing at any other festival, I forget? Maybe beers are heading to summer or autumn as you suggest, heres hoping I love that game!


  5. Droxine Says:

    Great podcast, babillions of good bits, and now I know not to cook with Cumin.

    Anyone know what the deal is with 11/11?

    Thanks as always for a fun listen …


  6. Harperella Says:

    When you hit episode 65, will you be at cap? :) Time to start working on endgame and legendary podcasts!



  7. stefman Says:

    Thank you guys for answering my RK viabuililitey question i asked because all i see asking for pugs is for mini’s.

    and also thanks for reading out my email that was nice :-)



  8. Solariela Says:

    I don’t find that it is necessarily true that hackers only want to sell your stuff for money. The recent rash of hacks on my server have been far more harsh. Some people have lost everything, including all of their LIs being deconned, which you get no money from doing. Other people have all of their characters deleted by someone who didn’t even log them in to sell their stuff first. These are random hacks, not people being hacked by someone who’s mad at them. It’s just been since F2P launched that I’ve heard of hacks as awful as these. Change your passwords, people, it’s getting bad. :(


  9. Anumilars Says:

    There is a third repeatable quest for Gold Stars, you may have missed a quest hub. Check the (german) link: http://www.hdro-der-widerstand.de/aufgabenliste_mirkwood/Aufgaben/65%20Die%20Verstaerkung%20zurueckschlagen/questindex.html

    There are also some epilogue quests in the Epic book, which can be done solo / small group.


  10. Pingster Says:

    They’re called Turbine points for us as well :p


  11. Avatar of dtchris
    dtchris Says:

    that music almost drowned your voices out on this one but still good podcast



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