Episode 63: Tired of Buttons

November 14, 2010

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episode63This week we talk about the latest news from Bullroarer, the two new Dev Diaries and more.

Goldenstar has gotten a skeleton pony on her hunter and has made it to kindred with her burglar. In her spare time she has been working on her Runekeeper again  who is now level 37!

Merric has gotten two skeleton horses the stinker. He’s working on Enedwaith and factions found in that zone.

We ran two instances of Great Barrows together with our dungeon running team. Merric ran the Maze again later on with our kin.

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Zymera Puresong of Elendilmir:

Hey Goldenstar and Merric,

Listening to your podcast from Sunday. You can also get gold stars from Hall of Swords, its a three man instance, you can do it within an hour and its fun!

Just a tip!



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9 Responses to “Episode 63: Tired of Buttons”

  1. Doyce Says:

    OMG, the screen shot caught Finn wearing a halberd!

    *hangs head in shame*


  2. Pinchpenny Says:

    Ok, two questions popped in my head while listening to the podcast. #1 Why is it you can have cosmetic items in all your armor slots, but not the weapon or shield slot? EQ2 had this, and people like GS who wanted a neat shield with a gold star on it, but loved the stats on a upgrade that looked like a pop top, could have both.
    #2 actualy, there is not second question, I just liked the way “a couple of questions” sounded earlier and am too tired and lazy to edit myself. Have a great day. :)


    • Avatar of Merric
      Merric Says:

      1. From what I’ve understood this is quite a feat for them due to the way weapons are displayed in the game and they’re not sure this will ever be able to be accomplished.

      2. You too!


  3. Adam Says:

    I can think of a specific instance where I would have used the store for a recipe. I wamted to craft a loose elven explorers set for an outfit for my Rune-keeper, but I never found the trousers recipe on the AH, asking people, and trying to farm it. It took me months and I eventually paid 500 silver on the AH for the pants uncritted, just for the cosmetic.

    If the recipe was 200-300 TP maximum, I’d have probably bought it for cosmetic if a few days AH scanning proved fruitless, but generally the store is a bit overpriced.


  4. Avatar of dtchris
    dtchris Says:

    um the file for this podcast seems to be missing for some reason


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