Episode 65: Level Cap

November 28, 2010

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This week we talk about the November Update, Codemaster delay,  the latest dev diary on Ered Luin, interviews with Turbine staff, the latest store sales and more!

Goldenstar didn’t play a whole lot this week as Baby Hobbit forgot how to sleep this week. She did manage to get her Runekeeper to level 38.

Merric ran the school, GB Maze and Thadur and thinking about starting a second dungeon night. He finished all the non-repeatable quests and the epic book in Enedwaith. Finally he is working on his hunter to get him to level 40 with the rest of his alts.

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Dear Merric and Goldenstar,

lingo guide: (in case you didn’t know ;) )
creep: monster player
freep: free person (aka. normal characters)

Ok, first things first. Listening to “They’re taking the hobbits to Isengard” at 2x the normal speed was pretty funny :P.

I just wanted to say that I am happy about the runekeeper updates coming in a week. As an avid creep, runekeepers are the bane of the creep’s life. With the ability to one shot most creeps with a crit from epic conclusion (7k+ hits), lightning has been needing a nerf. Also, their healing has been needing a nerf as well. I was in a group of 6 who attacked a lone runekeeper and he was able to keep himself completely healed, by himself, with 6, 6!, creeps pounding on him. We had to call in the creep raid to kill him, showing that runekeepers, who are traited for healing, can be extremely OP.

Ok, off of my little rant about runekeepers. Concerning Isengard, specifically the changes to monster play, these changes to skills have been long overdue. At low ranks (ranks 1-6ish), most creep classes do not have many skills at all, allowing for easy kills for the freeps. Concerning the change to make monster play availiable to everyone and the new pvmp zone, I’m kinda hesitant about this. Seeing as there is not much info out concerning these, my judgement is still in reserve, but what I hope they do if they open monster play to everyone, is to make the new zone a VIP only area because, atm, with only the VIP’s in the moors (about 24 freeps and 24 creeps on at the same time will cause TERRIBLE lag), we have enough lag issues without the tons of free and premium players. Nothing against them, I just think that as things stand now, the servers will not be able to handle any more people in the moors. Having the new zone be VIP only will give the VIP’s that little extra bonus that they should have for paying the monthly subscription while allowing the free and premium players to try pvmp, while (hopefully) reducing strain on the servers.

Love the show, keep up the good work.

Vox Immortalis and The Council of the Secret Fire
Elendilmir and Landroval



Just sending a mail to say how great your podcast is.

I’m male, 23 years old, still studying, living in Belgium and have been playing Lotro on Eldar since december 2007.

My main’s a champ, but i have a lot of alts i’m working at atm (7 of the 9 classes, wrd en rk aren’t that fun imo) I’ve recently came across your site (i think there was a link on the lotro europe forum, but dunno for sure) and i’ve started listening to all your podcasts (i’m at episode 19 atm).

It’s great, very relaxed and i love the concept of a married couple playing lotro. (my girlfriend hates everything to do with Tolkien and fantasy in general, which is kinda sad)

I really look forward to your next episodes.

With kind regards,

Carl AKA Nathandiel (65champ)

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11 Responses to “Episode 65: Level Cap”

  1. Bleth Says:

    I absolutely agree with your stance on Turbine’s item/character recovery policy and how anyone can have a lapse in security. No one is completely safe unless they just never browse the internet. Even the official World of Warcraft forums lost some players their accounts about a year ago because one of the Google flash ads that ran on their site had a keylogger embedded in it that installed itself on your computer as soon as you loaded the page/ad. This particular Flash vulnerability has long since been patched, but it’s just one example of ways anyone can be a victim no matter how secure they think they are.


    • Sanodar Says:

      Along the security lines, I wanted to comment on the WoW password system. As of August of this year, they were not case-sensitive. I realized that when I forgot that I had the Caps Lock key enabled after changing my password, yet I was still able to log in.


  2. Droxine Says:

    Ditto on the policy; and on another note, I hope your boss at your annoying and boring job doesn’t listen to your podcast! You two are the bomb-digity.


  3. Adam Says:

    Great show guys as per usual. We always get delays with stuff over here from America so ho hum, thats life I guess, working on my rep now though for the new horses.

    So as a heads up, there is currently a bug with kindred with Thorins halls deed, myself and several other players… all who handed first age relics in at the blue stone garrisson for their kindred ding, I’m not sure if this is relevant. You complete the deed, you get kindred, but you don’t get your 20 turbine points, this has been noted both in the EU and US servers.

    P.S they are still refered to as Turbine points in the EU game interface, so go ahead and call them that!


  4. Isilwren Says:

    Just out of curiosity – what happened to the Champion Roundtable? I’ve been waiting and waiting! :)


  5. Sargoreth Says:

    7/10s of a penny per point, not a seventh of a penny. a seventh of a penny is .00144 dollars/ TP


  6. C4G Says:

    I dunno what rock you’all are living under ( or far off Hobbit House), but the authenticators still exist for World of Warcraft. They have even come out with new designs in celebration of the latest expansion. It’s never a pain in the butt for a little extra account security, unless you really don’t give a rat’s tail.


    • C4G Says:

      I should also mention that I too am puzzled by Turbines lack of empathy when it comes to accounts being hacked. That’s a real shame considering how much money & time is spent in the game. I change my login informations often to avoid becoming complacent & opening my account up to being hacked…sometimes to a fault & forgetting what I changed it too. DOH!! LOTRO is an awesome MMO & I often find myself pondering which game I should log into since I play both WoW & Lotro. I like it so much that I now Sub to Lotro in hopes of supporting future epic-ness.


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      I am not sure what you are referring to. We know WoW has authenticators. Our WoW accounts both had one while we were there. I think Merric said something about removing his authenticator when we quit WoW. He was hacked and the hacker paid to reactivate his account so he put his authenticator back on it.

      They don’t exist for LOTRO. Perhaps that is where the confusion came in? We’d very much like to see something like this added to LOTRO!


    • Avatar of Merric
      Merric Says:

      I think you misheard. I stated that I used the authenticator app and attached it to my account, and then I deleted it making it even a bigger pain to get access to my Blizzard account. We’ve had authenticators since Day 1 when they were just physical tokens, then when they were iOS applications.


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