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November 2, 2010

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The Inn League (IL) is a festival reputation started by the Hobbits of the Shire to celebrate their love of a good strong drink. The only time you can earn reputation with this group is during one of the four seasonal festivals. For more information on in-game seasonal festivals see our General Festival Quest Guide that includes links to the specific season guides.

The Inn League’s rival is the Ale Association (AA) although you’ll find the Hobbits of the Inn League are much less interested in the goings on of AA. Most quests that grant you IL rep will also give negative AA rep, although it is possible to get to kindred with both.

The quests for this reputation are centered around alcohol and having your character drink alcohol so if you are a parent of a young and impressionable LOTRO player, you may want to think about whether or not you allow your kids to participate. It really is all quite harmless but as a parent, I understand having to be sensitive to issues like this and wanted to mention it.

Become a Member

The Inn League has been around for years but if this is your first romp with these folks, you’ll first need to complete the starter quest to become a member. This quest is found at the Shire Party Tree and given by Ailward Chubb. It is basically a pub crawl that will take you through several taverns throughout the Shire.

You have seven stops total (including the start at the Party Tree) and at each stop must drink 6 mugs within a time limit. Each stop starts a timer making it a race that gets more and more difficult as you go. It becomes more difficult do to your character getting drunk and their vision really blurring. I thought it was very fun though!

The stops must be done a specific order. After drinking your required 6 drinks at one stop the Inn League member will direct you to the next stop on the list.


  1. Inn League Initiation – Party Tree started by Ailward Chubb (29.93S, 71.63W)
  2. Inn League Initiation – Plow and Stars: speak to Bluebell Grubb seated inside the pub (27.64S, 68.08W) in Brockenborings
  3. Inn League Initiation – Golden Perch: speak to Ernulf Brandybuck standing near the bar inside the pub (31.98S, 63.79W) in Stock
  4. Inn League Initiation – Floating Log: speak to Daylily Bolger seated inside the pub (31.66S, 68.04W) in Frogmorton
  5. Inn League Initiation – Green Dragon: speak to Fulk Proudfoot inside the pub (31.80S, 69.64W) in Bywater.
  6. Inn League Initiation – Ivy Bush: speak to the nearly passed out Moonlight Sandheaver inside the pub (31.35S, 71.13W) in Hobbiton
  7. Inn League Initiation – Bird and Baby: speak with Ioco Underhill lying on the floor in the back room of the Bird and Baby (34.31S, 75.25W) in Michel Delving.

I have done this quest on several characters and while having a mount does make this a bit less stressful, I have been able to complete this using only a slow mount, using the Shire stable masters and on foot as well.

There are stable points for all stops except Frogmorton and Bywater. You’ll have to hoof it yourself for those two (you could take a ride to Hobbition from Stock and hop off the pony when you near Frogmorton).

The quest is available to all levels so you can do this quest right away. The first time you complete this quest you will gain 10,000 reputation and the Inn League Member title. This will open up the other repeatable reputation quests for you!

Gaining Reputation

There are 16 total daily repeatable quests available for gathering reputation with the Inn League. A possible total of +15,600 reputation is able to be earned each day! And this is not including the specific festival quests like the Spring Festival Hedge Maze or Fall Festival Haunted Burrow quests!

Note that most of these quests also grant you negative reputation with the rival group the Ale Association. It is possible to get kindred with both factions if you are interested in doing so.

Inn League Initiation

Inn League Initiation (Pub Crawl)
NPC: Ailward Chubb
Reward:  +1200 IL Faction
Repeatable: Yes
The exact same pub crawl quest turns into a daily repeatable after completing it for your membership (details on this quest above).

Covert Reparations

Covert Reparation
NPC: Ailward Chubb
Reward:  +900 IL Rep, -500 AA Rep, 1 Badge of Taste
Repeatable: No
This quest is just to introduce you to the 4 other repeatable quests available for the Inn League. It is not repeatable. Quest asks you to figure out why the Inn League has lost some members recently. This means running around and helping the dwarves that are mocked in the “An Irritating Initiation” quest for the Ale Association. The quests are named with numbers 1-4 but they can be done in any order.This introduction quest is not repeatable. After completing this quest simply return to all the dwarves to pick up the quest. If Ailward does not have this quest for you, go do the “An Irritating Initation” quest for the Ale Association to open it up.
Covert Reparation I: Get candy for Oli Laufar
NPC: Laufar (In Underground Tavern)
Reward:  +900 IL Rep, -500 AA Rep, 1 Badge of Taste
Repeatable: Yes
Laufar is helping you cheer Oli back up and sends you to find some Sugared Honeysuckle. You need to run around Thorin’s Hall searching for the candy.

  • Lothinn – in Underground Tavern (he’s a healer)
  • Gamall – in The Maker’s Hall (he’s a cook)
  • Heikki Goldwatcher – in the Main hall on the (on the platform above the Minstrel Trainer)
  • Dwalin – on the throne

Return to Laufar with the candy collected from Dwalin.

Covert Reparation II: Do tricks for Kópur Kopur
NPC: Karli
Reward:  +900 IL Rep, -500 AA Rep, 1 Badge of Taste
Repeatable: Yes
Cheer up Kopur by performing some tricks for him. Keep speaking to Karli for hints as to the tricks he wants you to try. Below is the tricks you need to do.

  • /handstand
  • /poke
  • /sorry
  • /flirt
Covert Reparation III: Make a card for Grímar GoldDust
NPC: Isolfur
Reward:  +900 IL Rep, -500 AA Rep, 1 Badge of Taste
Repeatable: Yes
Isolfur has the idea that you make it up to Grimar by making him a nice hand-made card. You are to collect:

  • Shavings of Gold-dust from an ore-deposit – Gold deposits are found outside of Gondamon (19.3S, 96.6W)
  • Sap from a pine tree – There is a Dripping Pine outside of Gondamon (19.9S, 96.0W)
  • scrap paper – not far from Isolfur on a table (20.4S 96.8W)

After collecting all the items return to a craft table near Isolfur and Grimar and use it to craft the card.

Covert Reparation IV: Pick flowers for Herluf Flowers
NPC: Jafet
Reward:  +900 IL Rep, -500 AA Rep, 1 Badge of Taste
Repeatable: Yes
Jafet is certain some wildflowers for Herluf will cheer him up. The flowers are north of Needlehole past the second bridge near the road (27.4S, 77.1W). Pick up 5 flowers and return to Jafet to turn in.

Inn League Delivery

The Inn League Delivery quests are a set of 11 quests asking you to deliver a specific beverage to specific members that are scattered across Middle-earth. With patch 3.1.1 you can now easily get all these quests from an Inn League Tavern Keep in the festival locations. Each of these quests grants +900 Inn League Rep, -500 Ale Association Rep and 1 Badge of Taste.

You only need to get the quest from the Inn League Tavern Keep the first run through. Afterwards you can run straight to the delivery target with their ale to hand it in. This makes this pretty easy to deliver even if a lot of travel.

Buy the Ale First

Before you head off though, you should prep by buying all the delivered ales ahead of time. That way you don’t have to spend some of your hour time limit travelling to collect these items. You can actually buy these in stacks so you can just carry them with you and do the quest every day without first going to buy all these ales.

Here is your shopping list:

  • Moor-boar Beer from Barliman Butterbur in the Prancing Pony; 40c each
  • Stars of Old Cider from Barliman Butterbur in the Prancing Pony; 80c each
  • Beakbreaker Ale from Lizbeth Honeymeade in the Comb and Wattle Inn; 40c each
  • Bombur’s Beard Lager from Rúnulf in the Underground Tavern in Thorin’s Hall; 80c each
  • Limael’s Vintage from Brethilwen at the Vineyard in Ered Luin; 40c each
  • Blagrove’s Brown from Carlo Blagrove in The Bird and Baby; 40c each
  • Thistlebelly Brew from Hereward Loamsdown in The Ivy Bush; 40c each
  • Brandy Wine from Gunderic Grubb in The Golden Perch; 40c each
  • Swill from Anlaf the Forlorn in the Forsaken Inn; 40c each
  • Forsaken Ale from Anlaf the Forlorn in the Forsaken Inn; 40c each (ALE not CIDER)
  • Dorwinion White from Sogadan in the Hall of Fire, Rivendell; 40c each (WHITE not RED)

Total cost for one of each type = 4 silver 80 copper. Total cost for a stack (50) of each = 240 silver.

The Quests

  • All But the Cider
  • One Drink Too Many
  • Never Far From Home
  • Quite a Pickle
  • A Bit of the Brown
  • A Reminder of Rivendell
  • A Member in Need
  • A Simple Wine
  • A Drink of the Worst Character
  • Atli’s Favourite
  • A Dark Day

If you have all the swift travel options available to you, you can follow Arnhelm_of_Rohan’s Guide to IL delivery quests without a hunter.

Other Quests:

Some festivals have special quests with Inn League quests that are available only during that festival.


There are 4 deeds available from The Inn League.

  • Inn League Member You earn this after completing the initial pub crawl event.
  • Senior Inn League Member If you complete 5 of the reputation quests you will earn this deed, 1,200 additional reputation and the title Senior Inn League Member.
  • Inn League Notable If you complete all 11 of the reputation quests and you will earn this deed, 1,200 additional reputation and the title Inn League Notable. This title will replace your Senior Inn League Member title.
  • Inn League Challenge There are 23 beers, ales and wines throughout Eriador to earn this deed and the title Inn League Sage of Fine Spirits. See this post on LOTRO Wiki for details on the 23 beers needed for this title.
  • Inn League Delivery: Complete 11 delivery quests for the title “Do-Gooder”


Once Friendly with The Inn League, you will have access to a special room in the Bird and Baby where you can pick up some decorations for your home using Badge of Taste.

Inn League Taxidermist: Alric Banks

  • Black Bear with League Hat (1 Undamaged Black-Bear Corpse, 4 Badges of Taste)
  • Brown Bear with Pie and Mug (1 Undamaged Brown-Bear Corpse, 4 Badges of Taste)
  • Frost-Antler Head with Pipe (1 Undamaged Frost-Antler Head, 4 Badges of Taste)
  • White Wolf with Mug (1 Undamaged White-Wolf Corpse, 4 Badges of Taste)

Pictures of these furniture items can be found in Kiarane’s General Festival Decoration Guide.

Inn League Trader: FragoSandheaver.

  • Ancient Tome (5 Badges of Taste) – Once used you earn the /dance_jig emote
  • 3 Summer Festival Tokens (1 Badge of Taste)
  • 3 Spring Leaves (1 Badge of Taste).
  • 3 Yule Festival Tokens (1 Badge of Taste)
  • 3 Fall Festival Tokens (1 Badge of Taste)

Inn League Barmaid: Ivy Tunnelly (Kindred Vendor)

  • Inn League Tunic and Pants – 5 Badges of Taste
  • Plain Short-Sleeved Tunic and Pants – 5 Badges of Taste
  • Inn League Decorative Keg – 5 Badges of Taste
  • Inn League Lamp – 5 Badges of Taste
  • Harvestmath Race Token – 10 Badges of Taste
  • Springfest Race Token – 10 Badges of Taste
  • Summerfest Race Token – 10 Badges of Taste
  • Yule Horse Race Token – 10 Badges of Taste
  • Inn League Mount – 20 Badges of Taste & 1 Document of Mount Ownership
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    No no no…! Where’s the Ale Association Guide? Nobody cares about the little league for girls club, everybody wants the hair on the knuckles and toes club for Men and Dwarves.


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    The Inn League horse is one of my favorite mounts in the game. :D


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    There is no stable-master in Budgeford. You can just take a horse from Brockenborings directly to Stock.


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    What about some pics of cosmetic itens? i dind’t found it…
    I will buy some and work on it but i can’t do it with everything… I know you rich guys have it :p
    Btw, thanks for the guild. It’s very good.


  5. Rosilynne Says:

    The quest to start the Covert Reparation, where you talk to Ailward Chubb, I can’t seem to figure out how to get it. I’ve done everything for the Inn League except these quests and it’s not offered to me. Am I missing something before it? :(


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    Ooooh! That sucks, lol. Thanks a bunch!


  9. Mateusaran Says:

    Did the prices go up on some of these drinks or do the prices go down once you become an Inn League Member? I was at the Prancing Pony and was going to buy a stack of both of the delivery quest drinks from there so I can start in tomorrow right away. The prices were 1s 60c for Moor-Boar and 3s 20c for Stars of Old Cider.


  10. Lord Bear Says:

    Maybe I missed something but I’m seeing where you tell us the locations of the various Inn League NPCs that allow us to START one of the eleven Inn League Delivery quests. If I recall correctly, they are not Inn League Members, but have another designation…?


  11. Vexian Says:

    Just a suggestion, but for the Inn League daily quests (Covert Reparation 1-4) you should put the location of the NPCs next to their name so that people can find them more easily.


  12. Gunorin Says:

    Note that the The Green Challenge maze event also gives +700 daily faction (with no AA hit) for the Inn League.

    Also note that if you’re working on both IL and AA rep, you don’t seem to be able to do the Reparation quests while you are working on “An Irritating Initiation”. I tried a couple different routes and was unable to get the questgivers outside of Thorin’s to activate while I had “An Irritating Initiation” active. Would have been nice to only make 1 trip through Ered Luin.


  13. Ducain Says:

    Decided to go right through and do everything associated with the Inn League and Ale Association this Spring Festival after having never gone near them before. Managed to get kindred with both today and collect both mounts but I notice now that I didn’t get either Senior Inn League Member or Inn League Notable titles. The deeds are not in my log, completed or otherwise, strange considering I did every delivery quest every day for the past 10 or so days. Any thoughts?


  14. Ariadneth Says:

    I didn’t know it is possible to be kindred with both factions: I assumed loosing one of them was unavoidable but now I see it isn’t. I’m not in a hurry but would love to get the tips to start taking my AA reputation up (I’m an outsider and going lower) since I have been questing only of the Inn League and I am almost kindred. Should I wait to be kindred, get the goodies I want and then start the AA quests? Will the rep drop down after you get the kindred status?


  15. Flatfoot Says:

    Since this Spring Festival 2012 I have noticed that you have to be on or above the Delivery quests levels to get them.
    So no more running a lvl 20 or above easy delivery quest like the one north of Esteldin and Brokenborings.

    This severely nerfs grinding reputation and I recommend ignoring Inn League quests completely. Only concentrating on Ale Assoc. because of the 200Hp goat that comes quite handy in Moria.


    • Mireilian@Winfola Says:

      Just noticed something…

      Accepted three delivery quests from the Inn League Tavern Keep in the Horse-fields, Bree-land and failed the last one by seconds. I was able to simply click on the delivery NPC and accept the quest from them immediately and hand it in…

      Also, I’m noticing that the prices for the drinks are a lot more for me to purchase than are shown above. Typically 1sp 60cp and as much as 3 sp 20 cp for the Stars of Old Cider…


  16. Nusnogard Says:

    Ick. All of those lorebook links busted.

    I was looking for information for the “Inn League Sage of Fine Spirits” / drink 23 beers and couldn’t find it here any more. So for anyone else that needs it: http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Inn_League_Challenge



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