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November 24, 2010

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Lore-masters are getting a lot of love with the November update. In addition to combat changes, they’re also getting pretty new cosmetics for their in-combat pets! This makes my lore-master nearly as happy as when she got her Inn League horse.

We’ve had cosmetic options for LM pets for a while now, but honestly, using them was a bit of a pain. In order to have a different looking lynx or bear or other companion, you had to equip an amulet that was generally lacking in stats compared to other necklaces of the same level. There was a work around for this in that you could equip the amulet long enough to summon your pet and then switch to your “real” necklace, but that meant more stuff to fill up your bags and extra button clicking when you needed to re-summon a wayward pet.

bear-tundra cub talismanSoon, however, we will have talismans! Talismans are items that, once used, will give you a skill that allows you to summon a pet with that appearance. You will still be able to summon a pet with the default appearance, and you can have more than one of these appearance changing skills in your skill journal. The great thing about this is that you won’t have to keep an extra item in your bag just to make your pet look different! Note: Any existing amulets you have will be converted to talismans when the update goes live. You will then be able to use them to gain the skill. However, if you are wearing an amulet for its stats, you will need to find a new necklace.

Talismans can be obtained in one of two ways. Jewelers can craft them, just as they could amulets, or you can purchase them from the store. Existing recipes for amulets will be converted to talisman recipes. New multi-output recipes will be available from the store, and found as loot. Certain talismans will only available through the store.


raven-default 2


raven-blood 2

Mottled-Wing Raven

raven-mottled 2


raven-frost 2

Storm-Raven (Store Only)

raven-storm 1

Alternate view

Weathered-Raven (Store Only)

raven-weathered 1

Alternate view

The new multi-output recipe will allow an Apprentice Jeweler to make their choice of Blood-Raven, Mottled-wing Raven or Frost-Raven Talisman. This recipe is single use.


bear-default 2

Black Bear

bear-black 2

Polar Bear

bear-polar 2

Wildpaw Bear

bear-wildpaw 2

Tundra Bear Cub

bear-tundra cub 2

Note: The Tundra Bear Cub Talisman recipe is not found in loot. You must purchase it from a vendor in Suri-Kyla after obtaining kindred reputation with the Lossoth of Forochel. The recipe is Bind on Acquire, but the talisman is not bound to the crafter. The Talisman can also be found in the LOTRO Store.

Blackpaw Bear (Store Only)

bear-blackpaw 2

Weathered Bear (Store Only)

bear-weathered 2

The new multi-output recipe will allow a Journeyman Jeweler to make their choice of Black Bear, Polar Bear, or Wildpaw-Bear Talisman. This recipe is single use.


lynx-default 2

Spotted Lynx

lynx-spotted 2

Onyx Lynx

lynx-onyx 2

Tundra Lynx

lynx-tundra 2

This is currently called the Frost Lynx.

Grey Lynx (Store Only)

lynx-grey 2

Mountain Lynx (Store Only)

lynx-mountain 2

The new multi-output recipe will allow an Expert Jeweler to make their choice of Spotted Lynx, Onyx Lynx or Tundra Lynx Talisman. This recipe is single use.


eagle-default 2

Ashen Eagle

eagle-ashen 2

Snowcrest Eagle

eagle-snowcrest 2

Ember Eagle

eagle-ember 2

Tundra Eagle (Store Only)

eagle-tundra 2

The new multi-output recipe will allow a Master Jeweler to make their choice of Ashen Eagle, Snowcrest Eagle or Ember Eagle Talisman. This recipe is single use.


sabercat-default 2

Dusky Sabercat

sabercat-dusky 2

Spotted Sabercat

sabercat-spotted 2

Grey Sabercat

sabercat-grey 2

Deep-wood Sabercat (Store Only)

sabercat-deep-wood 2

Striped Sabercat (Store Only)

sabercat-striped 2

Onyx Sabercat (Store Only)

sabercat-onyx 2

The new multi-output recipe will allow a Supreme Jeweler to make their choice of Dusky Sabercat, Spotted Sabercat or Grey Sabercat Talisman. This recipe is single use.


lurker-default 2


lurker-swamp guardian 2


lurker-mountain guardian 2

Tundra-Guardian (Store Only)

lurker-tundra guardian 2

The new multi-output recipe will allow a Supreme Jeweler to make their choice of Swamp-Guardian or Mountain Guardian Talisman. This recipe is single use.

If you’d like to know more about Lore-master pets, check out these links:

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37 Responses to “Lore-Master Pet Talismans Guide”

  1. Leandor Says:

    Thanks! Now i know i will have to buy seven amulets in the Store^^ Do you know the price?


    • Avatar of Ketani
      Ketani Says:

      The current price on Bullroarer for the store only pets is 350 points each. The ones that are craftable range in price up to 350 points. The one-shot multi-output recipes can be found in the store also, with prices from 20 points for the raven recipe, up to 200 points for the bog-lurker and sabercat recipes.


  2. Belamanth Says:

    Does the LM wanting to use the Tundra Bear cub also have to be kindred with the Lossoth?


  3. Isilwren Says:

    My LM is going to be SOOOOO happy! White-tiger saber, here we come! I like that tundra bear too. I have incentive now to finish kindred with Lossoth.


  4. Larry Says:

    What are the mechanics involved with having multiple looks for pets, will we need to devote quickslots for each one, or is there some sort of pull down list to choose between them?


  5. Stormwaltz Says:

    The Weathered Crow looks… unhealthy. o_O


  6. Melneth Says:

    Did they change the requirements for polar bear cub? It used to be kindred to make it and kindred to wear it?


  7. Veneration Says:

    Is it sad I’ll most likely start playing my LM again thanks to these changes?


  8. Aranglor Says:

    Wow this is great :D
    I just started my first real char in the F2P as a loremaster on the new EU server and this is going to be awesome to try

    Im also loving the other LM updates


  9. Dev Says:

    Can I just ask whatever happened to “nothing will be offered in the store that isn’t also available somehow in the game” stuff they shoveled at us back when they were prepping f2p?? Am I the only person irritated that you have to BUY content in order to obtain some of it now? store only osmetic outfits were bad enough, but now it’s pets, and then what? store only mounts, better pots store only, leading to… store only armour. slippery slope people! And for the people saying, “well you bought it with your sub before” well, lets add up how much the store animals cost in dollars for that many points. For those of us with many deeds completed already and who still pay monthly fees, the points allotted each month don’t balance with the point cost for many items. Just my opinion. /rantoff


    • Dividion Says:

      Sadly, since it seems you can earn TPs in-game, everything in the store “can be obtained through gameplay”. They have to make money somehow, so I can’t really blame them, but it would be nice to have these drop in-game.


  10. Kurgan Nazzir Says:

    I’m not happy about ‘store-only’ items, I think there should be some way to get them in-game as well; maybe skirmish marks. I understand Turbine is a business and they are here to make money, but I can still be ticked at some of their choices. It will be a very tough fight in my head, which will lead to a horrible headache and probably me quitting playing (at least for a while) because I love my pets and love a few (mainly the sabre cat skins) of the options that are going to be ‘store-only’ but I don’t know that I can justify using my points on them. Maybe once I know what future ‘expansions’ will cost me I’ll be willing to spend points instead of hoarding them out of fear that I won’t be able to get an ‘expansion’.

    I don’t know, I’m kind of freaking out because of so many changes coming so fast that my head is spinning. At least there’s no split pea soup….yet.


  11. Belamanth Says:

    I don’t think Turbine said that everything in the store would also be available ingame. What they DID say was that they would never make anything store-only that you would NEED in game, only nice-to-haves. Aka no “pay-to-win”.

    As long as they hold true to that, I don’t think having some cosmetic outfits (and pet appearances are cosmetic, too) store-only is a bad thing. I’m not sure if stat-tomes with the reported VERY low drop rate fit in here, but I’m willing to watch how this develops in the future.

    I will probably spend points on some these items, because as a lifer I have my monthly 500 points anyway. I know I could hoard them and hopefully pay the next big expansion with them. On the other hand, by the old model I would have had to pay € anyway to buy it, so I guess I will just buy the points to buy the expansion when the time arrives.


  12. Khaz Says:

    It’s not a case of “then what” – we are well down the slippery slope already – far past cosmetic only unique to store.
    We have Potions on a seperate CD ( a significant advantage) and more vault storage ( necessary for crafting to any serious degree). And the drop rate for stat tomes and it’s tiered nature isnt far off needing store purchases ( as the CM server meltdown attests when they put em at 50% off).

    While we have had no new raids or challenging end-game content we have yet to see if they will balance it assuming HotPot use, though the -90% power on the lieutenant is a mechanic to give a massive shove towards the store, even if a few of the very best have completed hard-mode without them


  13. Urailas Says:

    I’m glad to see Turbine get back to the “month of” updates that they did back in SoA. The polish and new skills they have added for loremasters is very exciting – I look forward to logging next week. I was actually thinking about the store only appearances for the raven and eagle since they are my most used pets but at 350 points each, forget it!!


  14. Dev Says:

    Actually, yes they did. There was a HUGE thread early on in beta forums about it where more than one dev said anything offered in the store would also be available in game, and you would always have the option to EITHER earn it in game or buy it. I remember this because it was a big point of contention with many players.


  15. Fellrotten of Landy Says:

    This is an outrage

    11/29 are store-only. That’s 37%

    There are 42 mounts. I have 39. The ‘Night’ mount made it 43 total available mounts.

    This is getting ridiculous Turbine.



    • blake Says:

      “This is getting ridiculous Turbine.


      Please lets not start crying over the fact you can buy these items from the store..its a F2P they have to make SOME kind of income. Dont like it ? dont buy from the store stop trying to spoil it for others mmmkay


  16. nellomoth Says:

    what about spirit pet ?


    • Avatar of Ketani
      Ketani Says:

      This guide was written well before RoI, which is when the spirit pet was introduced. The talismans for those pets weren’t available until the Great River update. I should get around to getting pictures of those talismans, but I don’t have a LM high enough level to do so at the moment.


  17. Iris Joris Says:

    Just to let you know, I got the recipe for the tundra bear cub as a world drop. Don’t even have the Forochel quest pack or anything. I was pretty happy with it! ;)


  18. Scotti Says:

    This guide is pretty out-dated. Any possibility of a revamp, like Trollshaws? LOL


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      I don’t have a loremaster to be even slightly knowledgeable of updates. If you know someone willing to make a guide for us we’d be happy to share the information!



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