Turbine Weekly Store Sale

November 18, 2010


The sale items below are for the Turbine store only. I will post sales to the Codemaster store when I find they are posted. This sale runs from Friday, November 19th – Tuesday, November 23rd 2010. Notice it is not a full week. I suspect some special sales are coming for the upcoming U.S. holiday.


All Virtues

20% off 595 298

Increase your character’s Charity, Compassion, Confidence, Determination, Discipline, Empathy, Fidelity, Fortitude, Honesty, Honour, Idealism, Innocence, Justice, Loyalty, Mercy, Patience, Tolerance, Valour, Wisdom and Zeal Virtue Ranks by 1! Each Virtue can be increased up to ten times!

Level Usable: 7+
Classes Usable: All
Store Location: Stats & Buffs > Virtues


All Stat Tomes

20% off 495 248

Permanently boost your character’s Agility, Fate, Might, Vitality and Will! Each tome gives a stat increase of 10, and can be applied up to five times!

Level Usable: All
Classes Usable: All
Store Location:Stats & Buffs > Stats

This is actually the monthly sale that was announced on Wednesday but a nice reminder that they are available! See our announcement on this for our recommendation and all the great comments from readers like you!


Shared Wardrobe Space

20% off 995 796

Get ten additional slots of storage for cosmetic items within the wardrobe!

Level Usable: All
Classes Usable: All
Store Location: Premium Items > Storage & Bags > Wardrobe

CSTM RECOMMENDATION: Praise Iluvatar! I have been needing some extra wardrobe space after the fall festival. If you are jumping in your seat excited like I am for this news then you probably don’t need me to tell you to go buy some. The rest of you probably forgot there was a wardrobe option. That’s ok, too.


Hope Buffs

20% off 95 76

Increase your character’s Hope! Do more damage, receive more healing, get more maximum morale and combat the negative effects of Dread. 5 and 10-stacks available!

Level Usable: 5+
Classes Usable: All
Store Location: Stats & Buffs > Buffs > Hope

CSTM RECOMMENDATION: There are certain situations where buying this may be handy. VIP players have the option to buy bonus hope with destiny points. All players can purchase hope tokens which are made by jewelers to help boost their hope. Most of the time they’re aren’t super necessary.


Tome Of Rouse Spirit: Dread

20% off 100+ 80+

Remove Dread from your character after a defeat! Single and 5-stacks available!

Level Usable: 10+
Classes Usable: All
Store Location: Healing & Recovery> Dread

CSTM RECOMMENDATION: I have never used this before. I suppose that this is only usable after a defeat otherwise it really wouldn’t be much different from the Hope Buffs. Perhaps some savvy player knows more than I but given the price difference; if you were going to buy one – get the hope buff. Hope will remove defeat dread as well.


Apprentice Crafting Tools

20% off 50 40

Cooking Supplies, Farming Tools, Forester’s Axes, Woodworking Tools, Jeweller’s Tools, Prospector’s Tools, Scholar’s Glasses, Smithing Hammers and Tailor’s Tools for your crafter!

Level Usable: All
Classes Usable: All
Store Location: Crafting > Crafting Tools

CSTM RECOMMENDATION: Skip it. I’m told that these are slightly better than purchased ones but the critical success ones that a metalsmith can make you is better. Yes 40 Turbine Points is cheap but these are seriously easy for a metalsmith friend to make you for a few basic materials.

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7 Responses to “Turbine Weekly Store Sale”

  1. Avatar of Pineleaf
    Pineleaf Says:

    I have a couple comments on Hope and Dread removal. The hope bonus is only +1 which is much less than what you get out of high-end hope tokens. +1 hope is useful against those pesky shades that cast an aura of dread.

    Those of us who have been around a long time probably have either the Glass of Aglaral or the Horn of Dwarrowdelf to get +1 hope. Jewelers can make an ample supply of hope tokens. If you are willing to give up headgear bonuses, there’s also the Sheriff’s cap you get for completing quests in the Shire.

    As for Dread removal, it removals all the dread from defeat. This is very useful if you are in a raid with a +4 dread imposed on you from defeat (for example, the Helegrod Giant Wing where you can actually get back into the boss fight after suffering defeat and don’t have the luxury of waiting for the Dread to expire). VIPs can get the same through destiny points.


  2. Strunto Says:

    Just for kicks and giggles… I’ve run into a few occasions where it’s been a very good idea to actually dispel the dread caused by defeat in addition to using a hope token…

    This is usually when you’re going against a boss who mean and scary. A lot of times, after a wipe, our healer will have to revive (receiving dread) and she comes back to rez the rest of the group. We pop a token, giving us all +5 hope and, if the healer hasn’t dispelled her dread from defeat, the hope negates the dread!

    Unfortunately, when we meet the boss, and we get the additional dread (let’s say it’s +3) suddenly, the healer has dread, because the cumulative dread from defeat and the boss are greater than the +5 hope granted by the token.

    Some people may not mind a little dread, but the way our group plays, even one character starting the fight with morale and damage (and I’m guessing healing) output handicaps is not a good thing.

    Needless to say, our healer doesn’t have many destiny points. Ha!

    Sorry to ramble, and I know most of you are probably aware of this… BUT, I thought I’d mention it, as the dispel dread tome does have a potentially very useful function.



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