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December 20, 2010

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If you’re thinking about getting a fancy new look for that special evening, start by paying a visit to your local barber shop! Here is a complete guide to help you choose your new look and maybe incite you to try on one of those nice haircuts!

Barbers are locate in the Inn of every major city: Thorin’s Hall, Michel Delving, and Bree. Click on the images in the guides below for a larger view of the styles.

So tell me, when was your last haircut?

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11 Responses to “Barber Shop Guide”

  1. Strunto Says:

    Thanks for this reminder!

    It seems that every other woman character I pass these days has hair option number 21… the same as my minstrel has. So definitely time for a change!


  2. Geldarion Says:

    Hmmm… On my main, probably character creation. I’ll have to visit the barber!

    Also, don’t forget that the barber is useful in role-play. My champ, after exiting Moria, received a scar. It was a rough area lol.


  3. Halibrand Says:

    Now this is a wonderful guide! It’s not as easy to contrast and compare when you’re sitting in the chair, in that dim lighting. Thanks, Kiarane!


  4. Harperella Says:

    Errata: The first image in 14 and 15 are reversed…

    I tend to set my character’s look up during character creation and not touch it again. I want my characters to be visually recognizable, not just because they happen to have a name plastered over their head. This leads to a less costuming with each character, but I’m now pushing 25 characters on four accounts for my whole family, so there’s plenty of outfits being done! This hair guide will come in quite handy.



  5. Belegedan Says:

    Thanks for the hard work, Kiarane!


  6. Isilwren Says:

    Besides the barbers in M.Delving, Bree and Thorin’s Hall there is also a barber located in Rivendell located within the Homely House’s great fire room.

    This was fun to look at. Not having any male toons myself, I liked seeing what was out there them. Now I’m even more tempted to make a dwarf.


  7. Pointy Says:

    Nice guide. :) Some nice styles there that I’ve never seen through not making that racial choice. :)

    I think a fairer-haired character might have worked a little better though, the detail on the backs of the female haircuts is a little hard to see because of the dark hair.


  8. Avatar of Ranna Dylin
    Ranna Dylin Says:

    Some day, I hope the barbers in Rohan will share with us heroic types their skills in styling the beautiful hair of the Rohirrim ladies…Some of those NPC hairstyles would make such great additions to the hairstyles you can choose from at the barbers!

    And Rohan cosmetic dresses. I want those too! :-)



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