Episode 66: Shummon Shirmish Shoulder

December 12, 2010

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albumartWe have returned from vacation and boy do we have a TON of news to cover! We go over the new Yule Festival Dev Diaries, contests available, all the new store sales, current issues being reported an more!  This episode ended up being an hour and a half due to all the news.

Merric’s hunter hit level 40 this week. He completed Vol 1 Book 4 and skirmished probably the last 5 levels. He also got his guardian kindred with the grey company.

Goldenstar also got her Runekeeper to 40 and on her Minstrel completed all of Volume 3.

This week after the Sambrog encounter one of the barghast bugged and didn’t despawn. Goldenstar decided to make him her pet and called him Wolfieface. Everyone was trying to figure out how to get out of combat with Wolfieface while I was teaching him to roll and howl and playing with my dog.


We were also interviewed by The Dunedain podcast so look to their podcast if you’re interested in hearing us talk about ourselves and the goings on with CSTM!

Town Crier:

Player News

Town Crier:

Qyne the Guard:

So, I have finally reached kindred with the Jewellers guild and bought the reforged level 65 second age recipes for the Rune-keepers stones and the Champion’s rune. I had been devoting a ton of my time toward reaching this point. Finally being able to craft the top of the line end game weapons/ class items was a huge thing for me. And then I hit a wall. I play on the silverlode so some of the specifics are gonna be for my server only. To create a reforged 65 second ager you need : a symbol of celebrimmbor which averages 22g, 5 Legendary Fragments averaging 2 gold a piece, 2 mithril infused gold ingots ( the flakes average 600 sil each) and 4 khaz gold ingots and 2 polished dawn rose ( the cost of which is negligible). When you add the figures up it cost roughly 33-34 g to make one Legendary item. I made one rune-keepers stone and felt great having reached the end of the long road it taken to get to this point. I have it identified and it has 2 tier 6 legacies and 1 tier5. Pretty good I thought. I run over to auction house ready to sell this baby for a killing. I search out the item to see what its going for and my jaw fell open when I saw that people were selling some for 10g. What the ? I was confused. Maybe it was a fluke. The guard weapons were always 40-70 g on average. So I searched out legendaries across all classes and it was everywhere. Many classes had 65 second agers going for 10 g . I asked in advice and people said they had bad legacies on them. I was floored. What are people doing? You need to sell the item for at least the cost of what it cost to make it. If you don’t your destroying the economy on the server. I’ve tried selling my stone at several different prices and I am continually undercut by people selling for 10g, 15g. I understand the concept of undercutting but you are losing so much gold, how do people reconcile this? where do you guys stand on this? whats landroval like? Sorry for the length of this:)


hello guys,

i recently quit WoW due to money problems (got pay cut and college roomate got fired) and i had no problem quitting, after all, it was getting boring. so i continued my studies and found my self with a bunch of time on my hands so i began looking for f2p games similar to wow. bam, i stumble upon lotro. so i downloaded it earlier today and havent played yet, just watching vids and reading a little and doing normal business. so my questions for you are…

1) as a noob, what is a good starter class that is generally easy to play? and which race?

2)which would be better for a beginner:

Hunter, Champion or Burglar.

that is all, thanks

Merry Christmas,


A special thank you to Psallo,Imladris Server of the Phoenix Reborn Kinship for his donation!

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12 Responses to “Episode 66: Shummon Shirmish Shoulder”

  1. Geldarion Says:

    I just listened to this episode (also working through your old podcasts, on 40 now!). Thanks for reading my PA, and you pronounced my name correctly the second time :). Sorry I forgot to include a pronunciation guide lol. It’s like Geld-air-eeon. But good job :) And as for the school, lol Merric was right, I need to stay in, as I am working on my Masters next semester, and Ph.D after that, so not done yet!

    Thanks for the great podcast, y’all are hilarious. And I love Baby Hobbit sounds, as I am looking forward to starting a family with my wife after I complete school :)


  2. toro Says:

    D…net sorry where was the podcast guest appearance?


    • toro Says:

      also im not sure if turbine made a mistake on their ad or if the they increased the price for shared storage to 1295TP
      price guide on the weekly Ad does not match current Turbine store prices. thanks great podcast.. great to have guys back.


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      Podcast guest appearance has only been recorded. it isn’t posted yet.

      The price for shared storage goes up with each tier you buy. That is why the sale price has the + after it. That’s the price it starts at and goes up from there.


  3. Bryandt Says:

    I wasn’t trying to hit Wolfieface. I was petting him. WITH MY AXE!


  4. toro Says:

    i agree with the comment about mmorpg. Im not trying to be funny here but I have no doubts they pride themselves on being the most convoluted front page ever.


  5. CryptoCrypt Says:

    Regarding Moria/Mirkwood:
    For Moria they still have the full expansion in the LOTRO Store in addition to the quest pack.
    Mirkwood is only available as a quest pack, though.


  6. Olxter Says:

    When I rolled my burglar, asked from my kin, what race is better for that. Man or hobbit. I got hint: which race you have seen more in TV crime shows? So i rolled my hobbit, Tillervonks, and he never get apprehended :P


  7. Crell Says:

    Real quick: Purchasing the bag slots and gold cap unlock them for ALL your current and future characters.

    Obtaining them via VIP->Premium only applies things to characters logged into during the VIP period.

    Trait slots are unlocked for characters that you log into during the VIP period, whether or not you reach the level they unlock at.

    Riding is not given away unless you get to 20 and complete the requisite quest during the period.


  8. Xanthi Says:

    Regarding the Steed of Night, while I agree part of it is only a skin, the other part is the best available horse in the game. That till now was only available to those taking the time to do an extra bit of rep grinding (i.e. 168% speed is only available on a few steeds in game).

    So clearly the reward for that grinding used to be a unique steed skin and also an increase in the mount’s utility (health/speed), in line with other top end pieces where you gain a small advantage. With this steed being on the store, the reward is now merely a unique skin (though even that is now gone, eh, with rep mounts on the store in “lesser” versions with the same skin and lesser health/speed). Now you can buy the very best of something on the store with no need to do anything in game.

    So why not put radiance armor, top crafting level items, etc all up on the store? There is no difference, merely it appearing minor because its only the beginning of the slippery slope. I think they should seriously consider nerfing the horse down to 150 morale and a slower speed setting and refunding 500-1000 turbine points to everyone who bought one. It’s a cool skin, I would have snapped it up for say 995 points and wouldn’t have cared about its stats so much.

    I have no problem with unique store items, I do have the same problem of reducing the value of something a paying customer had spent a lot of personal time accomplishing, i.e. the whole reason they pulled the rep mounts in the first place in beta. Now they are placing the rep mounts on the store in crippled versions, but otherwise identical. I don’t think that’s enough, I think store versions should also have some cosmetic difference to distinguish them, say a red “S” on their foreheads…



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