Episode 67: Yule Is Here!

December 19, 2010

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SnowBeastThis episode we talk primarily about the Yule Festival that released this week. There is a lot of discussion on this event and we share our thoughts on the addition of Winter-home.

Outside of the Yule Festival Merric is working on his Captain who is now level 43. He has taken him to Misty Mountains to quest.

Town Crier:

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Raise Your Glass



I just thought id let you guys know that grouchy trees in winterhome count as trolls.

I used this to get my 100 kills for dwarf endurance class

deed in about 10 minutes as they are only lvl 10 creatures. this would be a grateful tip for any dwarf or players with a troll killing deed (as trolls are usually much stronger)

Hope you can spread the word :)


Character: Reidartyr

Server: Landroval

Kin: House of Telperion

Hey guys, congratz on the excelent podcast and blog, lots of useful infos on both of them! I’m not a great fan of podcasts but I’ve been listening to past ones in order to improve my English, as the bad quality of ingame voice chat can make things really harder sometimes for non-native speakers.

Well I’ve seen you talking a lot about mounts and rep in the last few podcasts and just wanted to share my thoughts. I recently got the World Renowned title (something that made me promise I’d never grind rep on any character in any game again) and would start buying all the horses just for the sake of collecting them. I already have all the non-meta non-pvmp non-festival ones that there were in game before the november update, so I’d like to have them all! I started summing up all the gold I’d need to buy these ones and didn’t finish it as I noticed it would cost almost all my gold.

I thought about that and the Steed of Night and got to a conclusion, I wonder if I’m alone on it or if there are someone else who agrees with me. All these mounts are nothing more than sinks, be it a gold sink or a TP sink. Especially the Steed of Night. I didn’t buy it, because I think it is just a horse with neons – and I prefere my Algraig horse, it may be slower that the meta-deeds that I have but it doesn’t have that stupid banner in it. Seriously Turbine, get rid of it or give us an option to take it off!

Ahem, continuing, I think it was also cleverly done, as the red and black, dark vibe of it, is really popular. And a lot of past VIPs or lifetimers bought it just because they had all those spare TP. What I mean is that, altought I think more horses are nice, they are so damn expensive (come on, almost 6G?) that the only reason I can think of them is draining some gold and TP from the economy

before Isengard arrives. Am I seeing things there or it does make sense?

Anyways, I just hope that once we get to Rohan, our horses (and ponys, for all you shorties :)) become something like our skirmish soldiers and not our LIs. In fact I just hope that this ‘LI overhaul’ makes them use the same system of our soldiers, where we can customize the things the way we want.


Merric & Goldenstar:

I stumbled across your Podcast while doing a search in

iTunes a few weeks ago. I downloaded one of your old shows and listened to it while driving to work, on my lunch break, and then finally finishing it on my way home. I really enjoyed it and now I’m hooked. I’m a little behind on the shows as I still have to listen to your Champion Roundtable and last week’s show. I’m really looking forward to your Guardian roundtable tomorrow, as my main TechD is a tank and I’d like to hear how others play that class. I’ve been a member with LOTRO since Nov ’07 and even started a Kin shortly afterwards in fact our Kin just celebrated our 3rd birthday on 12/10/10.

You will probably see an influx of listeners as I’ve been telling everyone in the kin about the show. Keep up the great work and

thanks for all your time and effort you put towards it, I for one greatly appreciate it.

Thanks again,


Leader of “the Last Light of Hope”



Several of us of the Evenstar kinship of Vilya really LOVE your class roundtables, and decided to do some of our own for our own kinship.

We had such a blast doing our own podcast, we’d like to share our work with you. It was a roundtable we did with 4 kinship members discussing the legendary item system in very great detail (it ended up being about 2.5 hours long without us realizing it!!!!). Half of the podcast is explaining the LI system for newbies, and the other half talks in more extensive detail of the system, including tips and tricks and thoughtful discussion of the system (we tried not to gripe).

I admit the podcast has been available for our own kinship for several weeks, and I was hesitant to send out the link as I did not

want to be “one of those people” pushing a podcast on other

podcasters, but I thought you might enjoy listening, and decided to not be so shy about it after all. We had such a good time, we’re going to try again with a “Fellowship/Grouping Tactics” podcast this week.

You can download the podcast here:


Thank you for your time and keep up the awesome work!


Hi guys. I started with LOTRO a little more than a month ago and i’m totally loving it. And thanks to you i now have the possibility to enjoy LOTRO even here at work where i started to listen to all of your podcasts. I am trying to keep up and I’m now at Episode 31 after two weeks of listening.

I wanted to ask what exactly the Title theme you guys still use is from and what they are singing. I’m from Germany but i think it is hard to understand for native speakers too what this choir is singing about. BTW i like the song.

And another question – why is the US server i play on never mentioned in any CSTM episode or other websites. or is it a new that just was created? I think after i made my VIP subscription in the upcoming January I’m gonna create new character on another server. But which one?

Kind regards from Berlin.

Jan from Dwarrowdelf

(Hunter Level 30 – Fountain Road 1 – Carwood – Breeland


Psallo of Imladris

I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful guides and insightful tips. You add immeasurably to the enjoyment of playing LOTRO and are truly a glimmering gem in the community. I’ve learned so much from your roundtable discussions, even for classes I don’t play, and can’t wait to listen to the guardian RT. I wish your family all the best this Christmas,

Psallo of Imladris

Phoenix Reborn


Hello guys this is Cohas from the Landorval Server, i wanted to know how you guys handle have a baby and fining time to game.

My wife and i have been married now for 10 years and are expecting or first born, I am thinking about just hanging up gaming for a little while until things slow down with the baby. My wife does not play games at all, but she does not want me to just give up gaming. I just wanted to know how you guys do it



Four Horseman of the Apocalypse

P.S great show BTW


Hi there CSTM Ialva (I dunno how to pronounce it) of Brandywine. 36 Hobbit Minstrel here. Love the minstrel roundtable!

Was in a HUGE kin but now switched to a cosy small one with around 30 people, and accidently became the only healer lol So bascially everynight I am touring around GBs and GAs to heal like a Médecins Sans Frontières. Good drill to the skills and good way to know kinmates tho!

Recently a 40 guardian, a 38 LM, a 35 Hunter and I decided to get crazy and run to Moria from Lonelands, We didn’t really have a purpose but those pipeweed got us going lol. Anyways We ran through Trollshaws and Eregion and we actually kill everything on our way. Favourite Part was us versus four 44 trolls and 4 other rooting mobs and we survived full team! Gotta love killing multiple red names.

Attached was the failed attempt of RUN, FORREST, RUN! We ended up fighting like Doesnt seem ad based eitherbrave Rohan Riders and we emerged alive : D

And btw I got my Hobbit Play Dead which is uber awesome ; D

Thx guys(and girls, and babies) for the all the fun podcasts and useful info!


Thank you very much to Darren F and Ulfa from Firefoot for their donations to CSTM this week! We really appreciate the support!

Thank you to Doesnt seem ad based either for their podcast review on iTunes!

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  1. Branick Says:

    Excellent episode as usual. It was a nice surprise to find out Merric listens to LOTRO Academy too. :)


  2. Tech-D Says:

    Still listening to the show, I’ll be finishing it during my ride to work. Great job considering you were both exhausted due to the late night.


  3. Nethila Says:

    What… is in the feed? That is NOT what’s been distributed in the RSS Feed.

    Its a Legendary item roundtable…?


  4. Dreadhed Says:

    The only mount I have purchased was the goat for my newest
    altoholism Rune-Keeper. Lotro with a newborn. Hard to do groups…
    I have a 3 year old, and would play after her bedtime or during her
    naptime. Now we have a month old and I play less, and I find some
    playtime early evening when I take baby shift. I let the wife sleep
    and I take baby duties to about midnight. So far… we have been
    blessed with a sleepy baby. I think the Mediciens sans frontieries,
    is Doctors without Borders, but my translation skills are


  5. ialva Says:

    Hi guys Ialva (who cannot be named, like Voldemort : P) here! Thanks for reading my email at the end. Recently a kin mate decided to pronounce it as ‘alpha’ and I think oh why not : )

    There are actually swans in LOTR : D Dol Amroth, a city along the coast of Gondor, has a host of knights called the Swan Knight of Dol Amroth : D So yes I want to be a Swan Rider on Lake Evendim : )

    And yes Dreadhed thanks for the translation, yes that is Doctors without Borders ; D


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