Episode 68: Slap-happy Christmas

December 26, 2010

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SantaCSTMThis episode we talk about the new Lotteries, store specials and the new horse contest.

Goldenstar is still busy with the Yule Festival working on getting more of the pretty outfits. She is also is having issues getting the Feast-Beast title and complains a bit. Her Runekeeper finally finished that epic book quest in the troll caves.

Merric has sorta been working on Yule Fest as well but not really dedicated to it. He has been working on his Captain who is now level 46.

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i was very, very, very sorry to miss the live version of the Guardian podcast – i was hoping to catch it live but will have to settle for memorex! it was on too early for me on the west coast to catch.

I recently started a hobbit Warden on Landroval based on your recommendations (named “Driftslikemist” who picked up the Undying title this weekend) – maybe i will see you guys there. “AEO tanking, the Hobbit takes a flop – oops, you guys didn’t appreciate that? what do you mean its not April 1′st everyday in Eriador?” – lol. Actually have not grouped with anyone on the toon since PUGs and Undying usually don’t mix well at all.

Landroval is amazingly different than Firefoot – the amount of people on is incredible. Occasionally on Firefoot you will get dynamic layering in Bree or 21st hall – but it seems like I run into it everywhere. As long as server lag keeps up with the playe rload, I think this is a good thing! Fun atmosphere :-)

keep up the good work and have a safe and fun holiday season!


Hey guys!

First off, I’d like to congratulate you on the podcast, since I think it’s fun and has a lot of info. The blog itself is really chuck-full of interesting things and I try to read some of the articles from time to time to enhance my LOTRO experience.

I write because I yesterday took the time to read your podcast on the Yule Festival and I had some thoughts on it and some of the issues I have experienced. First off, the most obvious one, the poor-rich “storyline”. I really don’t care if it is “dickensish” or “tolkienish”, since I really think it doesn’t fit any of those labels.

What I have problems with is the inconsistency of the “storyline”. I just feel it is not sufficently worked out and somehow I can’t feel bad for chasing the homeless away or good if I give them Frostbluff coins, specially since I am after the Festival Steed (o wait, I just stopped writing and won it XD). I think that Turbine should have given it a bit of thought to make it more dynamic. I’ll get the nice dress anyhoo, no matter if my title will be Miser.

Second, I was throughoutly disappointed by the theatre instance. When I read the developer’s diary, I thought it would be full of surprises and some changes in the story depending on the emote… to be honest, I was already tired and bored by the story after the 5th time I had to read it. It had such potential and I honestly think they left it very much undone and promised a lot. Anyways, I wanted to ask you if they are going to sell the actor titles, since I have been yesterday over 4 hours at the theatre waiting to be the Gandalf to get the Villian title -the only one I am missing-, instead, got to be 3 times Bilbo and twice Partygoer… which I had already done.

Lastly, I write because I had a thought on the giving away of the Lone Lands since long, and I just wanted to share a thought on it: I wasn’t angry when they released it, although I had bought it two weeks before the big update. But then there was a thought on how Turbine would be continuing with that sort of things and I was thinking, for the sake of getting players to stay in game, to open every half a year (or more) one questpack for the F2P, so they would stay. Considering that they would do an expansion every year or so (with more than three new areas, I hope, you correct me if I’m wrong), It would leave very much content for the VIP members, while keeping free players interested in LOTRO. But they sould’nt just open any questpack. My thought was on opening gradually up to towards the Lone Mountains (in honor of The Hobbit, but also thinking that the free version is the Mirkwood expansion) and afterwards the way of the Fellowship… I don’t know, but that would sound reasonable to me. Besides, the VIP would get much more content than us the F2P, plus they have all these “side-zones” for them alone. And for the main zones, well, if you are a VIP or a Premium who just bought it, then you have been questing on the area long before F2P ever will. Besides, since Turbine has to make money, it will still give them a lot to sell and manatin the servers. Just a thought that maybe could be expanded by Turbine

See ya then guys, keep up the good work, your hopefully soon VIP member (depends on job), Steffen aka level 30 Guardian Nimreidhreth of Windfola server.


Hey Merric and Goldenstar,

Since the last update went live over here in Europe a couple days ago i read alot on the forums about a problem im also experiencing. After the update and when im trying to login i get the message: “Connection Failed: Can’t bind to local socket. Is an other client running?”

After reading the forums and google-ing the problem i was given several possible causes to the problem and even more sollutions. I found out it probably had to do with my F-secure Safety Suite (Virus Scanner/Firewall) which is actually provided by my ISP.

I looked up the firewall settings for the Lotro related applications/services and allowed them access. That didnt work at first. Then i disabled the F-secures firewall which did the trick but now i was unprotected and how much i like playing Lotro, I dont play around unprotected! :)

Next i tried to enable the windows firewall and i found out i was still able to connect. This made me realise the problem was caused by the firewall from F-secure and not just by having a firewall. I was always told preferrably to use all protection services by 1 manufacturer so i wanted to look further. Then i found another tip to just remove the Lotroclient.exe entry in the firewall settings of F-secure and after that add it again manually. Yes, that finally seemed to do the trick.

I also tried it on my desktop computer after that which was experiencing the same problem and that also worked. :)

I dont know if you get more questions about this particular problem but if you do maybe you can suggest them to do the same and i hope it works as well as it did for me.

With kind regards,

The Shadows


Hi guys it’s Ialva, 42 Minstrel from Brandywine again, Merry Christmas everyone!

Recently I introduced CSTM to my Loremaster partner in crime and he has since been hooked on it. He is now promoting CSTM to everyone in the kin and I think he is listening to all episodes available now! : D I am also asking the hunters in kin to listen to hunter’s roundtable so I dun need to heal them so much lol Keep up the good work! Can’t wait for the Guardian Roundtable! We could always use more good tanks : D

Just got my Lay of the Hammerhand and was so happy with it I asked my LM friend to power me up so I can tank a Rare named but the Named stunned me the moment I get to it. In fury I pluck my chords in its face and killed it coz popping a kid’s bubble is a serious crime.

Thanks guy and happy holidays!


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4 Responses to “Episode 68: Slap-happy Christmas”

  1. Hungry Book Says:

    “I am the Great Cornholio! I need TP for my bunghole!”
    Thanks Goldenstar, for finally making my brain vomit up this gem
    from Bevis and Butthead. Now, I’m going to be sniggering and
    hollering for TP for my bu… Thorin’s Gate Mount… Great


  2. Pudgins Says:

    I feel your pain on the Feast Beast title. My Hobbit’s name is Pudgins Proudbelly so she HAS to get the title (it’s the law!). I must have done it 30 times before I got the title this morning. The snowball fight needs a much faster refresh because too many people bail before it starts.


  3. sidarin Says:

    great show


  4. eckalax Says:

    You should feed Goldenstar before the show because i can hear her heavily breathing into the mic all show.


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