LOTRO Plugin Review 08: Emo

December 22, 2010

LOTRO Plugins, Videos

In this episode we take a look at Emo by Frellco. This plugin allows you to create multiple groups of emotes for fast access. It also has the ability for you to create custom emotes and it is also “future proof” in that it allows you to add new emotes added by Turbine with a simple command. Even though I’m not a roleplayer, I really like this plugin because it can allow for access to your favorite emotes and moods with little hassle.  It will be a definite must for me during events and will keep me from doing some of the same emotes over and over again as well as taking out some of the guesswork out of what emotes are actually available to me.

I have to say I’m really pleased with how this plugin has shaped up.  In the past if you wanted to add a new emote such as /boo, /snowwizard, or /warmhands you had to manually edit the lua files, but now there’s a custom command within the plugin that eliminates that hassle.  One thing to note is that the group bars is saved per account.  Meaning that if you have separate accounts you will either need to set up the plugin in each account or copy over the file settings for the plugins in some fashion. (Which is beyond the scope of this article.)

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3 Responses to “LOTRO Plugin Review 08: Emo”

  1. Glompf Says:

    Interresting! I will check this one out! Might be good to help my friends with the emote-deeds


  2. Legofil Says:

    cool now I can spam slap random people way faster!


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