Thorin’s Hall Goat Coming to LOTRO Store

December 13, 2010


This Friday, December 17th, the Thorin’s Hall Reputation Goat will be added to the LOTRO Store. Ketani shared with us pictures and information about this goat before the November Update. The only update since then is that this mount is usable in Moria (in beta it was classified a horse not a goat).

This goat is available in game for those with kindred standing with Thorin’s Hall. It costs 5g 532s 42c. The only difference between the reputation and store-bought goat is that the in-game version has 250 morale. If you purchase this goat from the store it will look exactly the same but only have 150 morale. Both versions of the mount are 162% speed (62% faster than walking).

This store goat will cost you 1,295 Turbine Points. This is the same price for the Mathom Society rep mount that was added to the store two weeks ago.

Level Usable: 5+
Classes Usable: All
Store Location: Travel > Mounts > Regional Mounts

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12 Responses to “Thorin’s Hall Goat Coming to LOTRO Store”

  1. Tony Says:

    I was under the impression they removed rep mounts from the store during the beta of F2P because seemingly no one liked that idea at all. I don’t really like these coming back just because it kind of defeats the purpose of reputation rewards to me.


  2. Thomas Says:

    That is the first mount I might actually buy, but I will resist since I am not too far away from getting the rep goat in Moria. Getting rep for Thorin’s hall is not really that hard if you know where to farm.


  3. Ajay Says:

    There’s really only one true place to farm TH rep, Sarnur in Ered Luin. It is a level 45+ area (mob levels start around there, recommend being level 50+). A few trips to Sarnur at 50+ or with friends, will get you to Kindred rather easily.

    I do see why the LOTRO store version may be more appealing to those that are a little lazy or don’t have the in-game currency to buy it.


  4. shipwreck Says:

    I guess I need to have a sit and think this stuff through.

    I’m disappointed that rep horses are ostensibly available through the store now, even though Turbine said they would not be (I get the difference in hit points but that seems immaterial). On the one hand, people have the option of buying a mount that would take a good bit of time and energy in game unless you’re loaded and can buy rep items from the AH or skirmish camps, which seems okay. On the other hand people have worked hard to achieve their level of reputation with these factions and the mounts still should serve as a status symbol.

    i.e., “Dude, where did you get that horse?!”
    “Well I had to get kindred with the Mathom Society then spend 5g on it.”


    “Dude, where did you that get that horse?!”
    “I bought it on the store.”

    It just seems like corporate double-speak, then again it is just a digital mount in an online game. Oh well.


  5. Tony Says:

    Is it clear in-store at all that these are different from the rep ones? I’m not sure that most people would think to compare that to the one the Reps sell in-game.


  6. Runfastr Says:

    Maybe they should change the skin up a little for it. A little visual difference would distinguish the mounts a little more.

    …. Actually, I think that if the Rep mount was a little more war-torn, it would be cool. That way if you had the more grizzled version it would be clear that you fought tons of mobs to get it, while those who opted for turbine points get a shinier but less battle-ready goat. Just sayin’


  7. Dreadhed Says:

    I agree with Runfastr, why can’t they satisfy all and just make the store bought one look a little different. Change the color a wee bit and IMHO problem solved.

    Don’t tell me it is hard to make a color change. Just say Steed of Night. There has to be a buzillion color and tack combinations for horseys and goats that Turbine does not need to step on the toes of those who think the rep mounts should be special.

    I know, I know, but it is super easy money to just add rep mounts to the store. No need to have a developer work on it, as that would take away from ort next limited time offer for the steed of darkness, or the crepuscular goat of twilight.

    Mounts = Turbine cash cow. We might as well start getting used to it.


  8. Aranglor Says:

    That HP boost that rep mounts get means nothing for me… We actually got to see what a player had achieved by looking at their mounts…

    Now everyone gets one… its just so silly


  9. madmickel Says:

    stupid decision. Now the rep steeds aren’t anything special anymore and stand for nothing. I mean why should a farm hours to gain maximum rep, if i could by the stupid goat for a few bucks ? When I see somebody with it it’s the same situation – has he/she farmed or bought ? Totaly unnecessary -.-



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