Turbine Refunds TP for Thorin’s Hall Goat

December 20, 2010


The Thorin’s Hall Goat was added to the LOTRO Store last Friday and it was shortly discovered that there was an issue with the goat. As Ketani had discovered on Bullroarer before the November Update, this goat was erroneously marked as a “horse” meaning that it wasn’t usable in Moria.

While the reputation mount was corrected before it was added to the game, the store version still had this incorrect classification. People who purchased this mount were understandably upset that this mount didn’t work as a normal goat would.

As a result, Turbine is doing the right thing here and addressing this issue with the goat as well as refunding the Turbine Points to players who purchased it. Celestrata comments on the forums:

The Thorin’s Hall Goat mount will be fixed in an upcoming patch to the game, so don’t fear — it will be in working order soon.

Furthermore, to those of you have been affected by purchasing this mount, I have sent you all a PM regarding our plan to reimburse you for your troubles. In short, we will be automatically issuing you a refund for the Goat mount in Turbine points. You will get this refund automatically, and no further action is required from you. Plus, as the goat will be fixed in a later patch, you’ll still be able to use the goat in the depths of Moria in the future.

We’re very sorry for this inconvenience, and we hope that this is a suitable outcome for all of you who were affected.

Players are getting their TP refunded and get to keep the goat that they plan to fix soon. Good on you Turbine. The goat is no longer available to purchase in the store but I would guess it will return with the next patch that fixes its mount type.

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  1. Pingster Says:

    Aw, Turbine cares for you, fat chance to see things like this from Codies, unfortunately, much as we love them :P


  2. Eluros Aabye Says:

    Great news. Thanks for posting about it.

    Happy holidays, everyone!


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