Episode 69a: Guardian Roundtable

The Guardian Roundtable was recorded on December 17, 2010. This episode is with special guest Guardians:

  • Drilorin of Through the Palantir
  • Ivaneus of Through the Palantir
  • Bulegar
  • Merric

Similar to our past roundtable discussions, this is a lengthy episode but it is full of Guardian information. We discuss soloing, grouping, skirmishes, skills, traiting, legendary items and much more!

There’s plenty of information here on what a Guardian in Lord of the Rings does. There’s great tips for new and experienced players alike!

Links to information referenced in the show:

Unfortunately the only format this is available in is audio. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause some of you who would prefer to read.

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10 Responses to “Episode 69a: Guardian Roundtable”

  1. Jharak Says:

    Awesome. Been looking forward to this one for a while!


  2. Geldarion Says:

    As a hunter, I like the minstrel to stand in the back with me, so I can pull mobs off of them. My job as the hunter seems to be to switch to Strength stance and rescue the healer. Then I can run up and let the guard pound on them.

    Plus the tank and spank method is my favorite, so the guard being on the other side of the target from everyone else is my favorite way to tank on my warden.

    Also, I know it’s mostly joking about hunter, but I just want you to know that SOME of us do actually try not to pull aggro. :D I trait specifically for low aggro, with Graceful Draw for the -20% threat. I rarely pull aggro, except when I’m saving the healer. ;)


  3. Aeled Says:

    3 hours, woot! Unfortunately my cell phone will probably run out of power half way through :/


  4. Geldarion Says:

    OMG I started laughing so hard I cried at 2:53:19! The IT Crowd rocks! And it was hilarious to hear that referenced!


  5. LuckyTiger Says:

    All these great podcasts and I forget my headphones, two days in a row! Oh, well. I am looking forward to tomorrow when I’ll have enough material to last the whole work day!

    Thank you for all your hard work.


  6. Davoin of Elendilmir Says:

    I listened to your last couple of episodes back to back and am now listening to the guardian round table. I have to laugh, because in the normal episodes you keep saying that the podcast is so long because of the guys from Through the Palantir. After listening to it I think that Meeric talks for more than 60% of the podcast – lol!

    Still listening – awesome stuff though. Haven’t heard a good explanation how how to grab aggro yet. Given that Merric said he was having trouble I thought that would be great. Hopefully it comes later.

    Just felt the need to share my lols at Merric ’cause he is talking too much.

    Cruel I know, but hopefully Goldenstar will laugh :)


  7. Helena Says:

    Wonderfull series of podcasts, Merric. Just listened the caps one and would like to thank you all for the tips.

    Guards sound interesting and I would def.try to alt one.

    Helena ((Cathdien of Landroval (the noob cap. From the Forges run ))


  8. Fruinjuice Says:

    Just started the podcast and it’s great! I have a ‘main-alt’ who is a Guardian, so looking forward to hearing the extra tips.

    As a side note – I am glad I discovered I like listening to podcasts in double-time….really helps on this one :D


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