Steed of Night Remaining in the Store

January 14, 2011


altThe announcement that the Steed of Night was leaving the LOTRO Store started some grumblings among players who had taken the original announcement of the Steed of Night as a permanent addition to the store.

QuarterMasterm had posted that using the word “permanently” in the announcement was a poor choice of words and apologized for confusion. It was apparent that the Steed of Night was still slated for departure on January 16th.

Today QuarterMasterm as announced that because of the confusion the wording may have caused they will keep the Steed of Night in the store for now with plans to change it’s offering in the future.

We’ve reviewed our previous Steed of Night announcement and agree that the use of the word “permanent” was an incorrect choice. In recognition of the confusion this term caused, we’re keeping the Steed of Night in the LOTRO Store for now. While the Steed will now remain available in the store for some time, the truth of the matter is that nothing in the store is truly permanent, and that includes this mount. As the game progresses we will always reserve the right to adjust store offerings. Going forward, the Steed will be treated as a regular item and as such may be subject to future changes.

Giddy up!

So fear not you lovers of the Steed of Night. It is still available and not leaving this Sunday, for now anyway!

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22 Responses to “Steed of Night Remaining in the Store”

  1. Rauil Says:

    that’s cool, I almost wanted them to remove it from the store though, seeing as I already had it for my main, it would have been neat to have something that you couldnt get anymore,oh well, I guess it’s better for everyone who hasnt gotten one.


    • Avatar of Merric
      Merric Says:

      I kind of did too. I was pretty sure they were just going to make a new one and cycle them (and others) through. But oh well, it really doesn’t hurt Turbine.


  2. Strunto Says:

    An object lesson in why its rarely a good idea to speak in absolutes. Haha’


  3. Crell Says:

    If this is a horse you’re interested in, you may still wish to plan for its purchase in the near future. “Going forward, the Steed will be treated as a regular item and as such may be subject to future changes.”. I wouldn’t be surprised if it disappeared within a month or so.


  4. Isilwren Says:

    I really like this horse. I got it for my Champion who has a bit of a dark thing going as is. That horse goes really well with the Tawarwaith robe dyed black.
    I was glad they put it back in the store after not being able to purchase it on the one day offer. I’m of the opinion that if they said it was to be a permanent store addition they should stick with it (doesn’t anyone approve text before it gets printed?). There seems to be a trend where Turbine says one thing but does the opposite.


  5. Dev Says:

    LOL! Nope, this doesn’t sound fishy or anything like back-tracking at all. Way to go LotRO. How’s that slippery slope doing? hahahaha!


  6. grimbran Says:

    It is a sweet horse. The only mount I’ve been tempted to get from the store, as it is the only one i would picture myself seriously going out of the way to earn in-game, were it possible. I might just have to get this after all on my main.(Burg) The more I see it, the more I seem to want it, lol.


  7. Rekkyr Says:

    I’m still torn on this, and the roller coaster ride of availability actually makes me want it less.

    Granted it’s a good looking horse but aside from aesthetics the only thing that sets it apart from other mounts is the slight increase in it’s speed.


  8. Ashandarei Says:

    When they announced they were removing this from the store I didn’t believe it for one minute. First they announce one day only, then it’s “permanent”, then it’s being removed, then it’s not being removed. I don’t believe anything they say about the store any more in general.


    • Clairewyn Says:

      Amen to that! I was feeling that “look what I got” moment when I rushed out to buy the limited new Steed of the night… The old saying about Don’t cry wolf too many times and not need help because ppl will soon quit coming to help comes to mind here.
      Limited time maybe has a different scale in middle earth! haha.. love the game, not fond of the store :-)


  9. Avatar of Ketani
    Ketani Says:

    LOL, I went out of my way to grind deeds for the points to get this horse this week. Then I found a $10 Target gift card and used it to buy a $10 points card. Bought my Steed of Night today, only to suddenly realize I needn’t have rushed. Oh well, at least I’m sitting pretty on my new horse. :D


  10. Krysiel Says:

    I believe this is the kind of vacillation that hurts Turbine’s credibility in the long run.
    They’ve got me hooked; I’m not going anywhere, but how does this look to new players just coming in, when Turbine keeps making it look like the right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing?


    • grimbran Says:

      I agree completely. I’m *totally* hooked and not leaving, but this waffling back and forth on things can’t look good to new players.


  11. Finda Says:

    I believe all these “special” horse offers: steed of night, skeleton horse, new Forochel ‘store only’ horse, are tests to see how easy it is to persuade players to buy points for cash.
    Hence the announcement that it was leaving the store… how many players reached for the credit card and bought points?
    Don’t misunderstand me, I love the game,I have insane playtime, but as I bought a lifetime subscription, nothing could persuade me to buy points for cosmetic items. All my accumulated points went on upgrading vaults and shared storage.
    There are many who are horse-mad, as I have 42 horses, I suppose I am one of them, but still – I’m not paying for a virtual horse.
    Although… I’d consider a stable outside my house worth paying for :D


  12. Nandini Says:

    Turbine had already accomplished its goal by creating four days of panic buying before this announcement was amended. Therefore, it was no big deal for Turbine to leave the item in the LOTRO Store a little while longer.

    Turbine had its cake (by appearing to be responsive to customers holding the company accountable to its advertising terms), and ate it, too (by getting many of those same customers to spend $20 though fear, uncertainty, and doubt).


  13. Ryssadis Says:

    Great! Now I want Turbine’s next announcement to be that it’s on sale! :D


  14. Dreadhed Says:

    Ha ha! I think I called it! First they said, it was a one day only offer, then they brought it back. Then they said it was going away, then they changed their minds. too funny.


  15. Jeradann Says:

    I love rep mounts… I work hard for rep mounts… Am I the only one who thinks its crazy that you can just pay for what others work hard for?? It is a great looking horse. I even want to buy it, but I won’t due to this fact. Also, before everyone gets upset… I’m not hating if you did buy it.


  16. Stephen Says:

    I went completely nutso-bonkers and bought it for all 6 of my toons. :(



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