Kate Paiz and Adam Mersky on Ten Ton Hammer Live

January 5, 2011


TTHammerLIveYesterday, Ten Ton Hammer’s Live podcast released Episode 30, where they interviewed Kate Paiz and Adam Mersky of Turbine.  They discussed many aspects of the game from the change from subscription only to Free-to-Play to Isengard and beyond.  Some of the highlights include:

  • LOTRO has actually tripled its revenue since going Free-to-Play.
  • They have seen a “massive” influx of new players since the launch.
  • They want to have the Isengard expansion prove their dedication to improving the game.
  • Isengard will include the Tower of Orthanc as well as the surrounding veil.
  • Dunland is located South of Enedwaith.
  • The Gap of Rohan will be South of Dunland.
  • Story-wise the tension will be increasing as Saurman’s army increases and the Rangers come closer to reaching Aragorn.
  • Rohan is planned for a later expansion/zone (it was somewhat unclear).
  • It will be a paid expansion.
  • More of the Epic Storyline will be released in Q1.
  • They will be releasing an instance cluster with a new raid before Isengard’s release.
  • First Age Legendary Items will be included in the raid cluster.
  • A “revitalized” cosmetic system will be released this year.
  • They’re still testing cosmetic pets for all players.
  • Cosmetic Weapons is something they are looking into.

However, my favorite quote was by Kate:

We’re having conversations about how are we going to make the Helm’s Deep Battle’ and how is that going to work coming in the year after Isengard?

Does this mean that we will be eventually playing a part in Helm’s Deep?  If so, let me just say “Yippee!”

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28 Responses to “Kate Paiz and Adam Mersky on Ten Ton Hammer Live”

  1. Bryandt Says:



  2. Ian Says:

    Theres no way theyd mis out on a set piece battle like Helms Deep. Being pessimistic about it, its going to be a skirmish type deal with 6 uruks and a lot of rain


  3. Gallifreyen Says:

    “It will be a paid expansion.”

    To clarify, that is referring to Rohan right? or is it Isengard?

    Just curious…


  4. Larhanya Says:

    Ooo, cosmetic weapons! I already have one picked out for my warden! :-)

    Not so sure about cosmetic pets for all classes, though…


  5. Tony Says:

    nice info, although I’m hoping to hear about their radiance removal ideas and lengendary revamp stuff… Someday.


  6. Tadgo of Landroval Says:

    A lore-master as my cosmetic pet for my warden!


  7. Lulu Says:

    Gratz on trippling the revenue! They should have enough money to make a really solid expansion now.

    And YAY for cosmetic weapon! :D I love my LM but her weapon is so freaking ugly that I still cringe a little when I stare at it.


  8. sean Says:

    man, i know i’m getting paranoid, but…

    “More of the Epic Storyline will be released in Q1.
    They will be releasing an instance cluster with a new raid before Isengard’s release.”

    does this mean the plan for two raid clusters is now gone, and does it mean that the Q1 raid cluster release has been put back?

    i work on the principle these days that things Turbine don’t explicitly say will happen, won’t happen…

    i hope i’m wrong; i’m trying to motivate a raiding group to stay in-game and stay together, and it’s only the promise of a new, hopefully challenging, Q1 raid that’s having any effect.


  9. Ylem Says:

    That podcast makes me appreciate what CStM does all the more.


  10. Mithralmistress Says:

    Cosmetic weapons. I sooo want those.


    • Strunto Says:

      Yes! What’s the point of being able to equip a rolling pin if you can’t whack pesky skirmish lieutenants with it?


  11. Geldarion Says:

    I have two staffs in my vault for my LM, and that cosmetic weapons thing can’t come soon enough. My current staff looks like a grape popsicle…



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