The Dunedain Radio

January 10, 2011


DunedainRadioStarting in February, Tolkien lovers will have an online 24/7 radio service to tune into for Tolkien inspired music and talk show programs!

The Dunedain podcast you may already be familiar with are going to a fulltime radio format! They have already done the work of getting the licensing they need to play Tolkien inspired music.

They have also announced that a new show called “The Bird and Baby” featuring hosts Maerech from the Dunedain, Candace from the Green Dragon Inn and John from the Lonely Mountain Band. The show is aiming for an “Inklings” feel covering a broad range of Tolkien topics and interviewing guests. The first of their guests have already been announced!

I know I’m personally very excited for this as it sounds like it really would be wonderful to tune in while playing LOTRO and just immerse myself in Middle-earth discussion and music! This is exciting news for all Tolkien fans!

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3 Responses to “The Dunedain Radio”

  1. Tadgo of Landroval Says:

    They could fill 3-4 days a week if the through the palantir guys just talked live.


  2. mr toad Says:

    This sounds so cool, can’t wait to listen!


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