Bullroarer: Changes to Milestones

February 16, 2011


Map_HomeEveryone is familiar with their Map Home.  It is probably the most single important item that you have in the game.  It allows every player to travel back to the milestone that they are currently bound to (as long as it’s not on cool-down). However, in Update 2, Echoes of the Dead, this system has been changed dramatically.

When you log into Bullroarer for the first time on a character and right-click on your map it will become a skill named “Return Home” which will operate much like your “Map Home” did previously.


However, the changes do not end there.  Once you go to a milestone, you will notice that you no longer just get a message stating that you have changed your “Home” location.  Instead a “Select a Milestone” menu pops up asking you which Milestone Skill you would like to bind to your current location.


Once you choose a skill and accept the change, the associated skill will be bound to that milestone; and the skill is renamed to reflect the location.  e.g. as seen below  “(Unbound) Destination” will be renamed “Return to Echad Dúnann” once it is bound to the milestone there.  Also note that “Return Home” will also be renamed once that skill is bound once again.


Currently on Bullroarer there are five additional Milestone skills (Milestone Skill II – VI) that can be purchased within the store.  Each one of these skills is currently set at 295 Turbine Points (TP) for an accumulated total cost of 1475 TP.  Unlike VIrtues they do not seem to need to be purchased in succession; you can even purchase them all at once if you choose to do so.  Also, these skills appear to be per-character and not per-account. But take into account that this is Beta and all of this, including the price, is prone to change.

For any Hunters who were hoping they were no longer going to be getting any random tells for rides, unfortunately these skills currently share the same cool-down of one hour.  But, if players don’t want to wait an hour you can purchase a new passive trait for 495 TP within the store named “Well Traveled” which will reduce the cool-down of all the Milestone/”Map Home” skills by 30 minutes.  And just as with the milestone skills, I would assume that this is per-character purchase and not per-account.

For anyone who might be wondering if reputation or racial earned travel skills will be affected by this trait, both my “Return to Enedwaith” (faction) and my “Return to Bree” (racial) skills still had their hour cool-down after purchasing this item.


I personally have two different takes on this system.

For one, I think that the overhaul of milestones is great.  I like the idea of having the ability to bind myself in several locations and then having the option of being able to teleport there.  Although a number of reputation ports can be purchased throughout the world, I like the flexibility that this offers.

On the other hand, I have to balk at the price for something that appears to be per-character and not per-account.  This is a very heavy investment for anyone who has multiple characters.  I even would consider the “Well Traveled” skill expensive for something that I would want for each one of my characters.  So for now, while I may purchase the “Well Traveled” skill for my Guardian and maybe even an additional milestone skill, at these prices I would rather stick with my current system of travel.  It may take longer in some cases, but it sure is lighter on my wallet.

Reminder that Bullroarer is beta and is subject to change!

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44 Responses to “Bullroarer: Changes to Milestones”

  1. Crell Says:

    I’d like to see the well-travelled trait awarded by the ‘well-traveled’ deed on a per character basis. Or the store one being account-wide. Plenty of people would still probably pick it up before reaching Moria.

    Milestones need to be cheaper before I’d think about picking up more than Milestone 2 for any of my characters, but I can see the draw when you’re traveling between MM/Forchel/Angmar without swift travel; (you can grind TP to buy these. you can’t grind and buy permanent swift travel.)


    • Avatar of Merric
      Merric Says:

      I agree; this is super expensive in my opinion. The “well traveled” trait is something I would consider for all my characters, but that would be 4,445 points. Tack on another 495 for each new class if they ever release them.


  2. Arbitrary Says:

    Looks like a total ripoff to me, pricewise. They really haven’t managed to get us Lifers to spend our accumulated points, I guess!


  3. Jim Says:

    My reaction went from excitement to sadness in the time it took to read a couple of paragraphs.

    It seems Turbine is leaving no stone unturned in their desire to milk add’l $ from lifers and subs alike.

    I long to return to updates that were free. -sigh-


  4. Carlosjuero Says:

    I wish they would have just left it at turning Map Home into a skill. I understand they make most of their revenue via the store now, but I find it disturbing (this is my opinion mind you) that so many things are being shuffled off to the store – so many things that may not seem like much, but end up making people who don’t spend TP on them have a slightly lesser experience (opinion again).

    Why couldn’t they just change the universal CD of Map Home to 30 minutes… 5.00 for a bloody trait for it? Are we going to start seeing groups saying “Set a Map Home slot to Y location, make sure to have Well Traveled so we can keep moving at a good pace” [speculation and opinion].

    I think I am starting to get jaded. I know Turbine is out to make a profit… but lately I wonder how far they are willing to go.

    Oh well, it isn’t up to me to say how Turbine should be running things. I will just have to adjust and deal with it, no matter my reservations. Sadly, I see them making more inroads on “Everyday” stuff – much more so than DDO has done. LotRO is their cash cow, and they are going to milk it.


    • JJ Says:

      “Are we going to start seeing groups saying “Set a Map Home slot to Y location, make sure to have Well Traveled so we can keep moving at a good pace”

      Sorry, but that’s not just speculation, that’s you desperately trying to find a way, any way, that you can complain about this. This will never, ever happen.


  5. Gantoris Says:

    Meh, Granted the well traveled looks like something i might purchase on some of my characters it’s still not needed for anything. After unlocking swift travel routes i can pretty much get everywhere very quickly, so i see the extra bind slots and the trait as squarely in the “convince” court.


  6. Ealdoac Says:

    I think this is fine… providing they make it per server rather than per character.


  7. rauil Says:

    I like this update, the map no longer being a bag item is nice, and being a hunter I like the ability to port places, the problem is the some of the more remote places I.E. forochel MM, I cant port to, i have the rep forochel pport, but that doesnt help when I need to be in the camp on the far side of forochel, and I dont have the in game cash, or the time to buy or grind the rep needed for swift travel, i will likely get well traveled and 1 or 2 additional milestone bindings for ports to places where ports arent available yet, also where u port in a zone isnt choice, if you port to bree, even if you want to be at the gate by the AH, you always port to the gate at the opposite end, it wil be handy so I can get from one side of eregion to another without haveing to pay for swift travel, and my monthly tp covers it, so it doesnt cost much and it says in game money.


  8. rauil Says:

    also, as a side note, I would like more hunter ports, even if they are for less traveled places and store only, I want my port inventory to be complete, I dont want gaps just because I dont go to the region, a celondim port would be awesome, even though I havent been there for awhile, just to say I have it, also I would like there to be some desicion in where you port to, if I port to bree, I want to be able to choose “west gate” or “east gate” or in moria “21st hall” or “chaber of crossroads” not a lot of choices, just main areas that ppl travel to alot, this would also get rid of multiple ports to same zone instead of 2 angmar ports to diff area of angmar, 1 port that asks if I want to go to east or west angmar, just an idea I came up with while buying my 4 stacks of travel rations for the week.


    • Strunto Says:

      Hey, man, I know how you feel. My first character was a hunter, and I got really spoiled by it.

      But hunters have it SO good. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.


  9. Suzumebachi Says:

    The system they’ve come up with sounds really good.

    Unfortunately as a premium player, all the TP I can grind is reserved for quest packs. As long as there is no way of unlocking these extra milestones in-game it looks like I’ll have to pass.

    The move from an inventory item to a skill is a welcome change though, bag space is always tight.


  10. Celondur Says:

    I think paying something is fine.

    I understand why some people feel it should be free. But when I look at the great changes included in this release, I support Turbine’s efforts to pay for them in ways that don’t break the game.

    However, as it is currently priced, I will probably won’t buy these skills at all, certainly not for multiple characters. If it were server-wide, though, I would pay 50% to 75% more in a heartbeat.


  11. Tom Says:

    The only region which hunters do not have a port to is Lothlorien.


  12. Watson Says:

    I don’t mind paying … even per character, but I’ll be waiting for the sales. Don’t forget how much the game has taken off since it’s gone F2P.


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      I’m with Watson. I’ll pick up at least one when it appears on a sale. Until then, eh no real change in play except I’ll have an extra bag slot :)


      • Crell Says:

        Agreed. No reason not to wait for a sale. :) It’s not even something I’m particularly eager to buy immediately like the outfit slots are, and I can at least not feel too bad about paying list cost for an account-wide feature.


  13. Aillas Says:

    I’m going to buy at least one extra milestone skill for my 7 chars. That way I can set one good general location (i.e. Caras Galadhon which has fast travel to 21st Hall, Rivendell, and Ost Galadh) and a current location such as where I am currently adventuring (questing in Enedwaith, wrapping up storyline somewhere else, etc.)

    Racial recalls will handle the Bree/MD/Thorin’s/Celondim which are all fast travel from each other anyway, and home/kinhome for another extra return to near-civilization.

    I think this is a great addition. Possibly pricey but I don’t mind a bit. I try to support this game at $10 to $15 a month anyway even though I’m a VIP from my former lifetime subscriptions. This change in no way takes away from what has been in place for ~4 years.


  14. Otti Says:

    I fail to understand the negativity. Turbine have taken an in game feature and made it better for free. We will all have one more bag slot now without spending any TP.

    Turbine has also given us the option of taking this improvement further with the additional expenditure of TP. So if you think it is “disturbing that so many things are being shuffled off to the store” or perhaps that Turbine is “leaving no stone unturned in their desire to milk add’l $ from lifers and subs alike” perhaps you can explain to me what about this change involves being worse off than you are now without spending points.


    • Adstan Says:

      I completely agree. There are no negatives to this, the system is better then it is now.

      Plus, if you dont like the new things in the store, dont buy them.


    • LuckyTiger Says:



    • JJ Says:

      I strongly second this. I don’t see what people are complaining about. If it weren’t for F2P you wouldn’t have this option. You do have this option now. If you don’t want to pay for it, don’t pay for it and you’re no worse off than you were. If you do want to pay for it you’re better of than you were AND turbine’s better off than it was. Win win. There is no lose here.


    • wondersmith Says:

      Agreed! Time and again, when Turbine puts nifty stuff in the cash shop, they also give something nice to their Free and Premium players. Turbine truly understands the spirit of F2P.


  15. rauil Says:

    I didnt say hunters dont have ports to these places, but I’m talking direct ports, as far as I know hunters cant port directly to misty mountains or lothlorien, but they should alter the skills so you choose what popular area you want to go to, if I want to go to celondim, I want to port to celondim, not thorins halls then swift travel, the 80c for the ride isnt much, but when you talk about paying for horses so you can ride to every location we dont have ports, it will add up after a while, we already have an amazing privelage that other classes dont get, but I just want a bit more custimazation with it. I would even be happy buying multiple ports to same region in the store,overall I just want it to be slightly more specialized. ports are kinda hunters special thing, and I mean, if my hunter wants to travel to bree, why cant he travel to the gate by the AH instead of the gate by the prancing pony, its not that much, just an extra boost to really make the system stand out.


  16. Cadd Says:

    Map turned into Skill: Great!
    Ability to bind to more places: Superb! I can be bound to Esteldín AND where I’m questing!
    The extra skills are store bought: Ah well, I guess I’ll buy them eventually, at least I’ve got swift travel…
    CD-reducer in store: Now THAT I find upsetting.

    That tells me they agree that 1 hour is a excessive on map cooldown, but instead of taking the sensible route and just cutting the cooldown, they capitalise on it. That is in my eyes bilking your customers. If they “HAVE” to keep it as a store bought trait, AT LEAST make it account wide!


    • Belegedan Says:

      I’m with Cadd here. I love the map turned into skill and the ability to bind to an additional place (I’ll just get one per character so I can get them to their crafting locale easily).


      If they are going to reduce the cooldown to 30 minutes they should make it a part of the game – I’m paying my subscription and I want such a basic change to be part of the game, and not have to pay to add it on.


      • Otti Says:

        “I’m paying my subscription and I want such a basic change to be part of the game, and not have to pay to add it on.”

        I could not agree more this is yet another thing that I would have expected to be free to VIP’s. That however is an issue with the VIP system and I view it as separate from the changes to the map home system.

        As it stands the more things they add like this the less value you get out of being VIP. All the things they add to the store dont bother me in the slightest, what irks me is that despite running a “tell us what you want improved for VIP’s” awhile back the have not done jack.


  17. JJ Says:

    the message from turbine is clear – if you don’t think the current rewards from VIP aren’t good enough then DON’T BE VIP! They don’t care. Not because they don’t like your monthly money, but because the cash shop overall gives them more money than trying to keep the subscription model alive does.

    Premium is a perfectly valid way to play the game. Outside of PvMP (soon to be changing) there is basically nothing you can do as VIP that you can’t replicate as preimum with a store-bought bonus. Don’t get angry if you feel you’re not getting enough for your money – just stop spending it and keep playing anyway.


    • Crell Says:

      Well, two other big kickers are Permanent Swift Travel for coin (vs TP), (included in VIP->Premium), and ability to spend destiny points for buffs rather than TP, which can’t be bought.

      Premium is definately a valid way to play, even more so VIP->Premium.


      • JJ Says:

        Yeah as you note swift travel isn’t really an issue for people who are currently VIP because you keep it with the downgrade.

        Destiny point perks are VERY minor in the grand scheme of thing. The only ones i can think of that make any real difference are dispel dread (could use a hope token or the elgain consumable instead) and continuing hope for those very rare +10 dread locations. And if you keep an eye on your local AH, which I do, both of those tomes come up fairly regularly for sale for a pretty small (sub 500s is common) price.


        • Crell Says:

          DP i agree is minor, especially with the radiance removal coming, so its not like we need the destiny hope to make up for a lack of radiance gear.

          Swift travel though, is still a big deal to me, who’s ever felt like rolling up a new class? Who really wants to spend $15 to buy swift travel just because you decided to play a new class or reroll somewhere? The other one time perks can easily be paid for with tp you earn as you go (Trait slots + riding) with tp earned while playing the new character.

          Everything else major is sold as an account wide unlock.


  18. Ialva Says:

    Well it is good change, i don’t see why we should complain here.

    Turbine opened options for us to purchase. It’s not mandatory, you can choose not to make the purchase.

    And tbh, selling things you need is how they make money, if all the things you need are free and all you need to buy is fluff, how do they have the cash to do improvements and maintain the game?


  19. Sadorhael Says:

    This is a great change! I do wish that they would make the cooldowns separate, though. I still think a 30 mins cooldown is sufficient to make the hunters stand out from this.

    I play my hunter myself, so I’m not biased in this ;-)


  20. Mordant Says:

    I quite like this change, but I am not fine with the price and the implementation.

    1. It’s expensive and for one char only.
    2. The more char specific upgrades we get, it makes creating alts less and less attractive. Turbine might shoot themselves and their players in the foot with this.


    • JJ Says:

      don’t forget that every alt you play earns you more TPs as you unlock all those easily completable deeds. Earning TPs on level capped characters is much harder/slower than it is on alts.


  21. Jamz Says:

    I could see some use for this for if you are trying to get some daily quests done faster in dif areas, but most places you can get to fairly quickly by going to a major location and using your rep gained fast travels. I don’t see myself buying any unless they go on sale.
    As a lifetime member I see these options on the store as a way for Turbine to make money and that makes me happy because I’m here for the long ride. Turbine makes money, they use the money to hire peeps to keep the game going, add new content and attract others to join in the game I love.
    The only people who will regret anything here are the ones who go on mad spending sprees for things they realize they don’t really need if they just spend an afternoon doing some quests that allow them access to fast travels.


  22. Tirnel Says:

    Does anyone know if the PvMP rank 4 map is also affected by this change?


  23. Pointy Says:

    This is going to be incredibly expensive for someone who has many characters. Imagine if someone has all nine classes – they’re going to be buying this for eight of them! (not hunter)

    It’s a nice idea, but the price is just WAY too high if it’s not per account. I have all the lifetime points but I wouldn’t consider spending them on something so expensive that while convenient, isn’t really necessary considering the current system has worked for four years now.


  24. JoePhi Says:

    I like the changes.

    But to be sure I would change one simple thing that would stop peoples’ complains and would probably bring even more money in Turbine’s pockets:

    1.) the bindstones keep the way they are: 295TP each and character bound. Who wants to have multiple binding location should pay money

    2.) The ‘Hurried Traveller’ is bein sold in two versions in the store: 395TP per character or 895TP per account.

    I think that most people may by an extra milestone slot for the characters (or perhaps only the main character), but will not spend so much money for year alt on the ‘Hurried Traveller’.
    If it would be sold as account-wide nearly everybody will buy it.


    • Avatar of Merric
      Merric Says:

      I love the idea of account-wide options. I think that’s a pretty awesome idea. And yeah, it might take some money away from Turbine overall, but it would do some good in appeasing others.



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