Photo Comparison: Buildings across Bree-Land

Most adventurers would expect to find different types of buildings and homes across Middle-Earth. There are quite a few differences between the homes of dwarves and hobbits, for example. But many adventurers might not expect to find such variety in a land predominantly populated by Man.

Wattle and Daub

A lot of the buildings spread across Bree-Land are constructed in the traditional wattle and daub. The city of Bree is a prime example. Many of the buildings, including the Prancing Pony, are constructed either entirely or partly in this style.

Atelier du Loisir, Can, Qc (from Kia)

Bree, Bree-Land (morning)

Atelier du Loisir, Can, Qc (from Kia)

Bree, Bree-Land


Tents are a much less permanent alternative to most housing options, but they are found across Bree-Land. Most notably, shop keepers use these to set up temporary storefronts along the main city thoroughfare, hoping to attract patrons with brightly colored signs and tents. Tents can be crafted from all sorts of materials, though primarily fabrics such as canvas, cotton or felt.

GVSU Renaissance Festival, Allendale, MI (noon)

Bree, Bree-Land (morning)


Gazebos are primarily used as a gathering place for festivals or shelter from a sudden downpour of rain. They are not typically used as a residence, but the shelter a gazebo provides has been known to keep a sleeping hobbit or three dry from the rain after a particularly rousing night at the tavern.

Michigan Renaissance Festival, Holly, MI (afternoon)

Staddle, Bree-Land (afternoon)

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  1. sean Says:

    not really posting to these pics – although they’re fun – but to say hooray! this is the first of your posts i’ve been able to read since yr outage :)

    welcome back, thanks for putting in the work needed to get it back, and thanks for all the work you do with this site.


  2. Stormwaltz Says:

    Welcome back, CStM!

    Also, I cast Detect Evil on the gazebo.


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    Goldenstar Says:

    I believe that is the exact gazeebo Merric and I were married in. The one in Holly, MI not the one in game lol. Maybe we should have a ceremony in the LOTRO one as well and complete the circle.


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