Photo Comparison: Chetwood North

February 18, 2011

Middle-Earth in Michigan

This forest is one of the first places new players encounter when setting out in the land across Middle Earth. It’s a bright forest, full of vibrant greens and browns when the sun is shining but can quickly turn dark and dangerous one when straying off the path.


Chetwood is full of old trees, reaching high into the sky. Their large branches help block out rain on rainy days and their leaves throw delicate patterns of sunlight on sunny days.

PJ Hoffmaster State Park, Muskegon, MI (afternoon)

Chetwood North, Bree-land (noon)


One of the most surprising and unexpected encounters is that of an arachnid the size of a hobbit. Brigand in the forest are expected, but a swarm of large, web-spinning spiders advancing on a new adventurer is enough to make them flee in fear.

Pickerel Lake Park, Cannonsburg, MI (afternoon)

Chetwood North, Bree-land (morning)

PJ Hoffmaster State Park, Muskegon, MI (afternoon)

Chetwood North, Bree-land (noon)


Off course the problem with fleeing from the Chetwood spiders is running into a den of wolves.

Miami Metrozoo, Miami, FL (afternoon)

Chetwood North, Bree-land (noon)

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10 Responses to “Photo Comparison: Chetwood North”

  1. Centration Says:

    lol how did you get that picture of the wolf/fox? don’t they run away? :) really nice pictures! thanks for posting


  2. Avatar of Orchida
    Orchida Says:

    In-game? I spent a good 30 minutes at least trying to get a wolf in a good spot. Every time I or positioned the wolf would run off! Lol.

    And hooray for having a shot from the zoo. The fox shot I had from northern Michigan was too fuzzy. :/


  3. Cert Says:

    The “spiderweb” in the photo of a webbed up twig is actually a caterpillar hatching web. (Example: )


  4. Mcquiggin Says:

    Those pics are amazing! They did such an awesome job with the graphics in this game!

    Also, the pic comparing the wolves, looks more like a coyote. The bushy tail is a dead give-away. Just sayin. ;-)


    • Lulu Says:

      The wolf picture is from Miami metro zoo. Don’t you think the zoo would know what the animal is and labelled it correctly?

      Anyway, thanks for the comparison. I enjoy all the articles of photo comparisons a lot. :D


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