Purchase History Now Available in Store

February 16, 2011


Turbine has announced the addition of Turbine Points Statements now available in the LOTRO Store. This means that you can now view your Turbine Points gains and purchases. This is in game now!

  1. Log into the game and open the Store.
  2. Click the My Account button in the upper right corner of the Store.
  3. Click on “View History” in the “Your Info” tab.

I looked at my record and it showed everything from little TP earnings from deed completions, my monthly subscriber points and purchases.It will show information from the past 30 days.

LOTRO Store History

Certainly something we’ve been calling for an a very happy addition to the store. Now I can keep track of Merric’s point spending!

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13 Responses to “Purchase History Now Available in Store”

  1. Kiarane Says:

    Finally! I’m a bit disappointed that it’s not more than 30 days though… I guess I’ll have to screenshot them to keep records over the months!


    • Crell Says:

      As i said on the forum thread, It’s not very detailed, and it even at times combines multiple deed awards into one entry… (nothing awards 45TP on its own, I assure you.)
      . Its just a start.


  2. Elahedor Says:

    Thank goodness…love it!


  3. Glompf Says:

    Aaah… nice. A good complement to my Excel spreadsheet.


  4. Strunto Says:

    Yes! A very good addition. When I didn’t receive my 500 points the first month after F2P started, I stated in my ticket that it would be very useful to have a record like this.

    I know my voice was just one among the throngs, but I’m definitely very happy to see it happen!


  5. Nerves Says:

    This is great. I’d love to see more than 30 days, but this is definitely a step in the right direction.


  6. Avatar of Goldenstar
    Goldenstar Says:

    It didn’t appear to combine mine any gains in mine like Crell said. In the screenshot above (that’s my personal list) it shows 3 gains on 2/13 and all on separate lines.

    I guess it’d be nice to know what specific deeds but honestly, I don’t really care. I guess I just don’t see an instance where I need to know when I killed 120 boars and got TP for it. Perhaps that’s just a VIP mentality though and would be very important for someone making sure they earned their TP as they are saving up for something.

    TP out concerns me more I think. The 48 spent was me buying Tickle emote which would be nice if it said something useful instead of a string of numbers, lol. I didn’t click the details button though so it may have provided more information. It may not be able to say “tickle emote” either because what if I bought a bunch of stuff in a single order?

    VIP 500 earning did have a description something to the effect of monthly subscription points (don’t recall the exact phrase) so that is helpful if you suspect you didn’t get your bonus. I personally don’t really keep tabs on my point balance since I don’t use the store often and had no clue if I got my 500 a month or not. Now I have an easy way to check.


    • Crell Says:

      The details button links to an order receipt from the purchase.

      I did have multiple other TP awards the same day both before and after the line I posted. My ’45 TP’ line probably has to do with ether being deeds completing in close proximity (such as when grinding for TP), or being a result of the 48hr retry window for backend issues.


  7. Celondur Says:

    I used something like this shortly after F2P. Is this something new? Or did they remove this functionality for a while? The record I looked at was detailed, and went back more than 30 days.


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      I have no idea where you saw this. There was no record what so ever before yesterday. It was one of the first things called for when the store arrived because we had no way to look at our activity.


    • Fredelas Says:

      The “History” page has always been there. However, until now, it only showed purchases of TP and what those TP were spent on. It didn’t include TP that were earned in-game or bonuses from subscription.

      I’ve never seen more than 30 days’ worth of information, though.


  8. Belegedan Says:

    Very happy to have the Bonus from Subscription – I’ve always kinda worried about whether it was coming through correctly but never wanted to take the time to track my TP.

    Thank you, Tubine! & thank you, CSTM for letting me know – I get all my LOTRO news from you.


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