Legendary Items: The Basics

baingristIn Update 2, Legendary Items are undergoing some rather large changes. While it would be easy to just start laying out the changes, I would rather just start at the beginning and explain fully what Legendary Items are, how they work and all that needs to be known about their functions in order to start getting into the system and making use of it.

First, in order to gain access to Legendary Items you need to complete Volume 2, Book 1 and I do mean all of it.  This will give you access to both your Legendary Weapon and your Class Item and you will be free to start leveling a myriad of weapons and items as long as you meet the minimum character level to equip the item.  (Meaning if a weapon/item requires you to be level 55 to use it and you are level 54, you cannot level the item until you can equip it.)

Identifying the Item

ForgeIDSo, let’s start with a brand new weapon that you find off of a mob, in a chest, bartered for, or that’s been given to you by someone in a generous mood.  The first thing you need to do is take it to a Forge-master and identify the item.  This will result in one of the first changes, which is now upon identifying an item you will receive 3 Major Legacies.  Pre-Update 2 you could get anywhere from 2 to 4 Legacies on an item.  And while there is some arguing over whether or not this change makes existing items that started off with 4 legacies more valuable or not, that argument is not the focus of this article.  Forge-masters can be found in various areas throughout the world including Thorin’s Gate, Rivendell, Mirkwood, Moria, Eregion, and so forth.

Equipping the Item

SlotItemAfter you have identified the item, you will need to equip it in order to level it.  Alternately you can open your Legendary Item panel (Shift + I) and slot it that way.  This will allow you to gain start allotting Item Experience to the item.  It is important to note that Item Experience is split between all items being leveled.  Note however that the amount of Item Experience (IXP) also increases the more Legendary Items you have actively leveling as well, so it is not a “straight” split. (Thank you Robamb2001 and Grimbran!)

# of LI’s Actively Leveling Amount IXP Granted to each LI Total IXP Gained
1 100% 100%
2 60% 120%
3 48% 144%
4 40% 160%
5 36% 180%
6 36% 216%
7 31% 216%
8 27% 216%

Should you wish to stop leveling an item you can do so by clicking on the appropriate item’s “Disable Leveling” button in the Legendary Item UI.

You will also note that we come upon another change in the UI here that is coming with Update 2, and that’s the addition of a 7th and 8th slot for Legendary Items that can be purchased in the store.  Each of these slots is 295 Turbine Points and they are “per character”, meaning that they have to be unlocked on each character that you wish to have access to these slots.

Also see Ketani’s post on Managing Your Legendary Item Inventory

Introducing Relics

Relics1Now, on the right hand side we see four slots for Relics.  There are currently four different “types” of relics titled: Settings, Gems, Runes, and Crafted.

The type of relic dictates which slot it goes into on the Legendary Item.  If you wish to put a new Relic into a slot that already has an existing relic, you can put the new one into the slot at the cost of destroying the existing relic.

Note, that we come upon another change in the system that comes with Update 2 and that is that previously when you leveled an item up to a high enough level that it could be re-forged (more on re-forging later) one of the settings in the re-forge process would allow you to un-slot all of the relics.  This is no longer a choice post Update 2.  Now if you wish to un-slot your relics you will need to purchase a “Scroll of Removal” from the LOTRO Store for 195 Turbine Points.  We will take a look at Relics more in-depth in a later article.

Introducing Legacies


On the left-hand side we have additional bonuses called Legacies.  All items will have an innate Default Legacy at the top of the list depending on the item.  For example melee classes will find that their weapons will have DPS, Rune-keepers will find that their rune-stones have Tactical Damage Rating, and so on.

The other legacies are granted first upon their identification and then every 10 levels up to level 30.  As stated before, the first three legacies are granted upon the initial identification.  Afterwards, at levels 10, 20 and 30 you will have the choice of adding another legacy.  Most of the time these legacies will be Minor Legacies (denoted by a red mark), but there is a slight chance that one or both will be a Major Legacy (denoted by a star).

From level 40 on up, every 10 levels you will be given the choice of upgrading the Tier of the Legacy.  Also as you level your item you will be awarded Item Points that can be used to increase that Legacy’s rank.  The higher the rank of the Legacy, the greater the bonus it provides.  As with Relics, we will take a more in-depth look at Legacies in a later article.

Deconstructing Legendary Items

DeconstructingEventually you are going to have a Legendary Item that you no longer want.  Maybe you’re looking to replace it, perhaps you were leveling it just to get a specific item from deconstruction, or maybe you just need the room in your Legendary Item panel.  Regardless of the reason you are probably going to go through a number of Legendary Items throughout the lifetime of your character(s).  This is where deconstruction comes into play.

Once you decide that you longer want a certain item Legendary Items, you will need to go to a Relic-master (who are usually right next to a Forge-master) and select the “Deconstruct” tab.  You then select the item you want to deconstruct and then click the “Deconstruct” button.  You should then receive a mix of Relics (these are new relics, not the ones that are slotted; those are destroyed), Shards, an Item Experience Rune, and/or a Legacy Replacement Scroll depending on the level of the item that you chose to deconstruct.  (We recommend a minimum item level of 30 before deconstructing after Update 2.)

Remember, that any relics that are slotted in the item upon its deconstruction are destroyed and you will need to purchase the before mentioned “Scroll of Removal” if you wish to retain them.


This is a fairly brief look at Legendary Items.  In the next article we’ll be taking a look at the changes to Relics, Refining, and Melding.  I would like to remind everyone who is new to the system or that might be feeling overwhelmed rest assured that the system overview seems complicated, but once you’re used to it it’s fairly easy to use.  And, if you have any problems or questions just let us know and we will see what we can do to help you out!

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35 Responses to “Legendary Items: The Basics”

  1. JoePhi Says:

    That really is only a brief overview. I think you should add here the new methods for players to really work on theis LIs … means tell them what kind of steps are to be taken, so that they hold THEIR LI in the end:

    1.) obtain a weapon of choice
    2.)identify the legendaries you want to have
    3.) level the LIs until 30 (give info about the best and fastest ways to do this)
    5.) collect the scrolls to level the legendaries (info about best and fastest way)

    this guide is not bad … but to be honst: 100% of the info is included in Volume 2, Book 1 …

    and I hope that Turbine and CM (or … only Turbine from mid of this year onwards ;) ) are clever and bring discounts for those ‘scrolls of removal’ often. This is something nearly every player would buy if it is cheap enough. If they are greedy they will not really make much money out of this …


    • Avatar of Merric
      Merric Says:

      There are more articles coming. ;) However, things that are subjective such as what legacy or weapon is “good for you” or “the fastest” way to level up an item is probably not going to be covered.


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      At the risk of sounding a bit snotty… this post is titled “The Basics” and there are several points in the article where he said he plans on in depth articles later on. Not sure what you expected a basic LI post to be but I think this article nailed it’s focus.


    • Estendir Says:

      “and I hope that Turbine and CM (or … only Turbine from mid of this year onwards )”

      Any rumours I missed?


      • JoePhi Says:

        They cancelled the 12 month subs and the 6 months subs beginning of Nov 2010 … and just cancelled the 3 months subs beginning of March 2011. Means … End of May no multi-month-subs exist anymore in EU-LotRO … Turbine still has them.
        The question ‘will Turbine take over the EU operations in June 2011′ was not answered with ‘no’, but with ‘no comment’ on PAX.

        so … some people think that the contract will run out end of May … and Turbine takes over 1st June.

        If this is true … no clue …


  2. Tar Estel Says:

    … actually, Joe, I think they’ll make plenty of dough from it, and honeslty from a business perspective, it was a smart move. It’s not overly expensice at 195 TP, and nearly all players will probably want to buy them once starting the LI process. And really, it’s not as if you are going to needing them too regularly. You realistically will only have relics on your 2 main LI’s, maybe 4 if you are changing rolls often (e.g.: off-tanking as a Champion). So unless you are consistently deconstructing the items you are actually using, you shouldn’t need to use them on a regular basis. I could see needing them for a few rounds of deconstruction early on as you attempt to put together LI’s with the legacies you want, but once you’ve get them established, I can’t see you needing them consistently. Personally, until I read this update, I was under the impression that you would just lose the relics out-right. So while from a gaming standpoint it might seem annoying to have to pay money for this function, I’m just glad that the option is at least there now. From a sheer monetary standpoint, it’s kind of a smart move by Turbine, cause it’s one of the few items that everyone WILL want at somepoint….


    • JoePhi Says:

      ah … 195 … I didn’t know the price. yep … for 195 it will be sold like crazy … and if the include is in some Tuesday sales … ;)


  3. Elahedor Says:

    Does the scroll of removal remove all 4 relics, or just one?


  4. robamb2002 Says:

    another great article with lots of basic info! I like when you guys boil down the dev diaries into logical articles with some of the implecations spelled out. I look forward to hearing more about the refining/melding and what that will look like in game :)

    as for the scrolls of removal; I dont see needing them too badly… maybe once in a great while… remember they are changing the relic system too so we wont be as miffed about loosing a tier 8 relic when our tier 9 becomes avalible…. with the new system, ya stick a tier 2-3 on until you make your tier 6 then just pop the new relic in an you only loose a little bit of invested time… no big deal


  5. Dreadhed Says:

    A question about reforges past 30, do you have to remove the legendary trait prior to deconning or is the option given while deconning?

    Also, can I take a trait from a 3rd age and place it on a second age?



    • Dreadhed Says:

      by trait I mean legacy…


      • Avatar of Merric
        Merric Says:

        No worries :)

        OK, so when you deconstruct an LI past 30 you are prompted to choose a legacy. Then when it is completed you get a scroll with that LI on it again with any other items produced by the deconstruction.

        And yes, you can take the trait from a 3rd age and put it on a second age. :)


        • Alphaman Says:

          As long as the levels of the LI’s match up, I think it’s LI’s 61+ need a leg replacement scroll from a LI that was also 61+, at least from what I’ve heard of BR reports.

          And to clarify Merric’s statement, you get the leg replacement *only* by deconning. Reforging allows you to reallocate points, rank up a legacy tier, and level the item 10 more levels (until max). Decon destroys the LI for other items.


        • Dreadhed Says:



  6. Steffen Says:

    I agree. I think Turbine did a good move, but won’t hinder too much those who don’t pay. These consumables are necessary to keep the buisness rolling, and I welcome that change. But I’ll really need even more guides of this Merric, since I can’t still grasp the system wholly. HWat ypu just told us is what I have been doing anyways, heh. Can’t wait for the next articles.


  7. Utho Says:

    Is there an assortment of Default Legacy’s for each class’s weapon? I don’t really like the legacies on my RK’s first set.


  8. grimbran Says:

    Great post Merric! In the “equipping the item” section, you stated “It is important to note that Item Experience is shared between all items that are currently being leveled.” — I would offer a clarification there, that the experience is not divided between items you have in your 6 LI slots. They all get the full amount that you get awarded with LI exp quest rewards and kills. Meaning that it is a good idea to keep your LI slots filled all the time, so you maximize your efforts in leveling them.

    I had that question myself when i first got my main to lvl 51 a couple weeks ago. (if i could “powerlevel” a specific LI by leaving the other slots empty on purpose. I ended up testing it manually but it gets the same exp either way) Maybe this can save some other people an unneeded experiment. :)


  9. Artphul Says:

    Are the relic removal scrolls boa?
    Or can I share them in the vault?


  10. Jayne Says:

    I’m confused now, yesterday while handing in quests I was getting 9k ixp and the three weapons I was levelling gained 3k ixp each. Same with mob kills, the ixp was distributed evenly over my 3 slots. I will check again soon to confirm.


  11. Jayne Says:

    Ok, even more confused now. On a mob kill gaining me 270 ixp, each one of my items gained 108 ixp. levelling 4 items, so thats a total of 432 ixp

    Handing in a quest gaining me 9277 ixp, actually got me 3711 per item. 3711 x 4=14844

    So it seems you dont get the full amount, e.g I didn’t get 270ixp on each item when i killed a mob. But its not evenly divided between items either.


    • robamb2002 Says:

      The game machanic gives:

      100% for 1 LI
      60% for 2 LIs
      48% for 3 LIs
      40% for 4 LIs
      36% for 5 and 6 LIs

      according to lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Legendary_Items

      I’m not sure how they changed this to accomidate 7 and 8 LIs, but it seems your situation confirms at least the 4 LI number


  12. Grimbran Says:

    Yeah, i double-checked it myself just now (finally finished all the spring festival deeds + quests and got kindred with inn league) and found out i was wrong on the item exp not being divided. As robamb2002 stated, it is divided, but you get a bonus that makes it still worthwhile to slot as many LI’s as you can. For example with the numbers robamb2002 quoted:

    100% for 1 LI, for a total of 100% ixp gained.
    36% for each of the 6 LIs, for a total of 216% ixp gained

    I happened to have bought the two extra LI slots already so i ran out and killed some stuff just now with 8 items slotted and the percentage per item with 8 slotted was 27%, for a total of 216% ixp gained. So you apparently don’t get any ixp bonuses for upping your equipped LI’s beyond 6. I assume this is a bug, or else the extra slots bought with TP are nothing but a total waste of time with no upside at all.

    So its most efficient for total ixp to slot as many as you can, up to 6, but it isn’t quite as good of a return as i originally stated. So the only reason to slot less than 6 is if you need nothing but one or two LI’s speed-leveled and throw away all the bonus ixp you would get from having more slotted.


    • Avatar of Merric
      Merric Says:

      OK, thanks for checking this out all. I will get this updated!


    • robamb2002 Says:

      Thanks for the info on LIs 7 and 8.for me the extra spots would be beneficial cause I usually have two LIs already at max xp and would be lvling the remainder so I would still get the overall max gains…so its not completely a waste of time.


      • Grimbran Says:

        That’s true, good point


        • Tarelros Says:


          Coming at you from Australia. I’m still fairly new to Lotro and find the whole Legendary system a little confusing. I’ve been searching for a basic guide and this is a great start. I still have lots of questions like what happens once my legendary items get to level 60? How do I upgrade them above level 60? How do I upgrade the legacies above level 60? Apart from buying a LI in the auction house or picking up a random drop how does one get a second age or first age legendary item?

          Love the podcast – keep it up.

          Level 64 Hunter


  13. KiFie Says:


    I listen to your podcast every week. I download it so I can listen on my way to work. Your guide has helped me sort out the basics of legacies and relics. However I cannot find how to replace a legacy I do not want with one I have removed from another weapon. Can you help, or point me in the correct direction?


    • Uthogor Says:

      1) Level a weapon to 31
      2) Find a forge master to deconstruct the weapon, removing the legacy you wish to remove
      3) Apply the scroll to the weapon you would like to add the legacy


      • Avatar of Merric
        Merric Says:

        Exactly. Just remember that the legacy scrolls are restricted a bit.

        An equip Level 51-59 Legendary item yields a Legacy scroll useable up to level 60
        An equip Level 60-64 Legendary item yields a Legacy scroll useable up to level 65
        An equip Level 65 Legendary item yields a Legacy scroll useable up to level 70

        Example. I had a level 52 equip level weapon. I decon it at level 31 and I get a legacy scroll. I can then use that scroll on another similar LI with an equip level of 51-60. However, if I have one that is 61+ then I’m out of luck unless I stick it a level 60 LI and level that one up and decon it to 30+.

        Also remember that you can replace Major legacies with Major or Minor legacies, but you can only replace Minor legacies with other Minors.

        It looks like I need to write up my Legacy article this weekend!



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