New LOTRO Refer a Friend Program

March 15, 2011


This evening I received an interesting email from Turbine about a new Referral Program they are starting.


There was a referral program in the past but it granted free game time for friends that subscribed.

Now that we have the free to play model, I think this new program is appropriate. All players VIP and Free alike enjoy having extra Turbine Points to spend and getting 10% of your friend’s purchases is pretty nice. I wish I could have referred Merric the point spender that he is!

ReferOptionsThere are a couple different options for referring your friends.

  1. Share with the AddThis widget. Allows you to post to your twitter, facebook and numerous other services your specific referral link.
  2. New Facebook Application. Allows you to send messages to your friends. I personally do not enjoy being bothered by junk like this from my facebook friends but perhaps it’s an easy way to send a link to a friend who you know is interested.
  3. A direct referral link for you to link wherever you wish.

You have an unlimited number of referrals and Only players located in the North America (excluding Quebec), Australia and New Zealand are eligible for this Referral Program.

See the Referral Program Terms and Conditions for full details.

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7 Responses to “New LOTRO Refer a Friend Program”

  1. Fredelas Says:

    It’s probably a good thing Turbine is launching this feature. The number of new players who are discovering the game on their own has been decreasing slowly but steadily since the launch of F2P.

    You can see this illustrated clearly in the “recommended world” effect. For new client installations, the recommended world is always displayed at the top of the server list, and most new players will choose that world by default. Turbine had been cycling the recommended world weekly, but a few months ago switched to a monthly cycle.

    The peaks on the following graph represent new players trying out the game and logging in to the recommended world. Not only have the peaks gotten smaller over time, but the non-recommended worlds have seen their weekly logins slowly declining, as well.

    (Week 37 on this chart ended March 11, 2011.)

    It will be interesting to see the level at which these numbers eventually stabilize. This “affiliate marketing” approach may help bring in more of the kind of new players who stick around and spend money, rather than leave after a month.


    • Fredelas Says:

      The cumulative weekly logins graph also illustrates that players are logging in about half as often now as they were at the launch of F2P. It’s the graph labeled “Kumulierte Logins” on the following page:


      • Thendrar Says:

        this was to be expected however… a large portion of free players will eventually tire of having to do a bunch of deeds for turbine points for quest packs or lvling via skirmishing rather then the more open questing experience of the vip player and will then either decide to go vip or quit.
        I am slightly worried though that the drop has not lvled off a bit more…. meaning we have a ways to go till we reach equilibrium between free and vip players.


  2. Svenn Says:

    Are other people able to access their referral links? When I try to go to mine I get a “the connection was reset” message and the page doesn’t load. I’ve been trying to share this with my friends but I just can’t get it to work. :(



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