Photo Comparison: Changing Seasons

Spring has nearly arrived, and with it comes warmer weather and various activities of the Spring Festival. But changing from winter to spring isn’t as easy as flipping a switch. Instead there is the awkward transition from bright, fresh snow to watery browns while waiting for green buds to appear.

Snowy Remnants

Untouched by the sun or simply unfazed by warmer weather, some snow lingers on…

Wyoming, MI (afternoon)

Low Land, Ered Luin (morning)

Palmer Park, Wyoming, MI (afternoon)

Low Lands, Ered Luin (morning)

Ice No Longer

As the weather warms, frozen lakes and ponds melt, leaving chilly water behind.

Palmer Park, Wyoming, MI (afternoon)

Low Lands, Ered Luin (morning)

Waiting for Spring

And after the snow has melted and the weather turned warm it is time to wait for green of spring to take hold.

John Ball Park, Grand Rapids, MI (afternoon)

Low Lands, Ered Luin (morning)

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5 Responses to “Photo Comparison: Changing Seasons”

  1. Mordant Says:

    Very nice photos! I think this is also one of the best things about LOTRO, the gorgeous world that looks not only good, but authentic.


  2. Jan Says:

    I love your Photo comparisons. Really.

    I would like to make some on my own and maybe help you a little. If you have a motive you cant find let me know – maybe I can help you because I’m from Germany and we have a lot of original medieval stuff here. My Hometown is celebrating its 750th birthday this year and we still have buildings from the very foundation of my city.

    Looking forward to more of your stuff.


  3. Hadionlasmoth Says:

    Great photos. I think where the trees fall flat in LOTRO is when you pull back from them, because they seem to look mechanical and non-organic. Up close, the textures are nice, but far away, the structure of the trees (noticeable in the Trollshaws) don’t look that impressive (IMHO.)


  4. Alphaman Says:

    I guess this means I need to switch out of my winter wear and into something more seasonal… Great photos as always!


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