Photo Comparison: Gemstone Lights of Moria

The halls of Moria are cloaked in shadows. Without aid, it is difficult to find your way in the darkness. There is the occasional hall or tunnel in which there are cracks in the ceiling and light pours down, but those are few and far between.

The dwarves, with their mastery of the earth, created a series of lights among the halls using gemstones.


Not every light shines brightly. Some of these are dim; unlight in the depths of the mines.

Quartz (clear)

The Silvertine Lodes, Moria


Various halls and tunnels in Moria are festooned with lights crafted of gemstones. They glow softly, lighting the way for adventurers in oranges, blues, greens and more.

Quartz (clear, backlit with yellow)

Durins Way, Moria

Quartz (clear, backlit with blue)

Durins Way, Moria

The Gemstone Display

Moria is home many magnificent gemstone discoveries. In The Great Delving there is one such item on display. It is not quite a light, but still a magnificent discovery that softly casts purple light about.

Amethyst cluster (quartz)

The Great Delving, Moria

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4 Responses to “Photo Comparison: Gemstone Lights of Moria”

  1. Ranni Says:

    I’ve been curiously awaiting this post to see what you did with the gemstones you were searching for. Great job! I’d have never thought about putting the two together. :)


  2. Mordant Says:

    Very nice!

    Slightly off-topic:
    I don’t know why but the crystal in the Silvertine Lodes and Durin’s Way looks much better on my system. I don’t know if you are playing at max texture detail or why it looks so different.


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