Episode 82: Happy Birthday!

April 3, 2011

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209260_163499457037474_100001322628537_303901_5519434_oThis week we talk about the producer’s letter, patch 1, contests, store sales and more!

This week was also full of birthdays! Merric’s birthday was Wednesday and the day of recording this was Baby Hobbit’s second birthday!.We had a berry big party!

Goldenstar completed her first tier 2 skirmish ever this past week. She also finally spent her Annuminas Armor token and bought some fancy new armor pieces.

Merric took his champion to Forchel and quests have gotten a bit too hard. He’s just pushing through so he can get to Eregion at this point.

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Voicemail from Artful Dodger

Ialva of Brandywine

Hi guys!
Sorry for being not so active lately on CSTM! Been so busy in RL and I just got back to the game : D Just started playing with my mini after the patch and is loving it! The buffs are super awesome and pretty circle actually has a function apart from being pretty. AND my hands glow too. I am officially the coolest member of the party : D
I also started trying the new instances, most of them are quite fun. I can see the effort put into it and I also like the need to employ coordination and tactics in these instances. Already cleared Northcotton Farms and working on Glacier Fortress at the moment and I have to say I like polar bears much less now : ( We also 6-maned a 60 Helegrod Spider Wing for Helegrod marks and we had so much fun : D I checked the new armor sets and decided I just don’t care :P
Really thank everyone who was concerned about my safety in the earthquake and I m grateful to say I live very far from it (in Hong Kong). Let’s pray for the people in Japan! Our family is planning on donating more and I hope everyone could give a hand to the people there!
Ialva of Brandywine


Hey guys. Great show and I enjoyed listening about the Rune Keeper. I now just have to remember it all when I am next playing my Rune Keeper, Symetri. :)
Thanx for shattering my dreams Goldenstar :D I thought when the festival started, “Yay! Finally a safe haven from death. I won’t die during festival time.”
I was devastated to learn that you could die planting flowers. Geesh, and they aren’t even carnivorus flowers :D
Have a great week guys and I will look forward to hearing if any of you have anymore unusual deaths. Oh yeah, hope u don’t mind Goldenstar, but “death by planting flowers” has to make it onto the list of 101 Ways to die in LotRO and still have Fun!
Have fun all :)


I found your death-hole in the shrew stomping grounds. I was running around planting flowers and thought to myself, “Hmmmm, this is what Goldenstar was doing when she died. I should probably stop trying to jump through this stupid box and just go around it.” And then I died.
Just wanted to let you know you weren’t alone J


Hi to merric & goldenstar can’t remember if it was on your app that I saw this info but did you make a thread giving you views on what you thought the film characters would be in game, i.e there classes in game ? If so could you link it for me please
Cheers matt

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7 Responses to “Episode 82: Happy Birthday!”

  1. Galuhad Says:

    Today is my birthday :D


  2. Crell Says:

    Next week, birthday. This week. One pax east mount code.. Thank you CSTM and who ever at turbine gave you the swag to distribute!


  3. brainslug Says:

    Happy Birthday :)


  4. Isilwren Says:

    Hope you get to feeling better Goldenstar. Our whole family has been sick this last week so I empathize with you. Not a lot of fun. Get some rest.


  5. Orinhelm Says:

    Thanks again for the horse. I hope you are feeling better. :)


  6. Frandoc of Vilya Says:

    Happy Birthday to Merric and to Baby Hobbit; she is truly a lovely child.


  7. David J Porter Says:

    Sry to bump this post, but this episode gives a dread 404 error file not found…


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