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April 13, 2011

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Ost DunhothWith all the changes we’ve seen since the Free to Play launch, we thought it was about time to update our Instance Join Reference Sheet.

This listing shows all the available instances in LOTRO and the following information:

  • the recommended level or scalability of the dungeon
  • what typical abbreviation is used in-game when looking for a group
  • fellowship size
  • which quest pack the dungeon is tied to

It’s designed to be a print out you pin up near your computer for quick reference to see when you’re eligible for a dungeon while leveling or if you simply do not remember all the abbreviations (like me).

Changes since the last version:

I’ve completely replaced the old PDF file with the new version since I saw no reason for the old list to remain on the site and potentially confuse folks.

LOTRO Instance Join Reference Sheet

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6 Responses to “Instance Join Reference Sheet Updated”

  1. Nethila Says:

    You say that the level is not a requirement, only a suggestion.

    Actually, the leader of the Fellowship must be at least the minimum level or the fellowship will not be able to enter the instance.

    Every other member of the fellowship can be whatever level they want though.


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      The actual line is “Those without ranges have the recommended level for the dungeon listed. This is not a requirement to enter the dungeon simply a suggested level to attempt the dungeon.”

      Meaning: Garth Agarwen is listed as level 32 on the listing. That is the recommended level for the dungeon. This is not a dungeon only for those level 32 (as in at 33 you can no longer do it).


  2. Nethila Says:

    Also, I don’t know since I bought all the content already, but there are some differences between your list and Mmorsel’s list (, mostly in the Moria Expension list (they say that some of them require the Lothlorien QuestPack…?)


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