Photo Comparison: Roads of Middle-Earth

Often overlooked and taken for granted, roads are an integral part of life in Middle-Earth. They stretch across maps and through towns, making travel easier (and sometimes safer) for adventurers and merchants alike.

Stone Roads

The major roads spanning across Middle-Earth are constructed of stone. They can be bricks laid neatly together in a row, or stones clustered together in a seemingly uneven fashion. These stone roads provide more stability for merchant carts than unpaved or muddy paths do.

Downtown Grand Rapids, MI (afternoon)

Ered Luin (afternoon)

San Francisco, CA (afternoon)

The Delving Fields, The Shire (dusk)

Japanese Tea Garden, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA (afternoon)

Parth Aduial, Evendim (evening)

Gaslight Village, Grand Rapids, MI (afternoon)

Bree, Bree-Land (afternoon)

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6 Responses to “Photo Comparison: Roads of Middle-Earth”

  1. John Bubriski Says:

    I love these posts! I think it really showcases the abilities of the graphics team at Turbine, and I personally love the “realism” when it comes to the LOTRO environment.


  2. Aillas Says:

    Great post – you’ve got such a great eye for comparing in-game and real-life scenes. Amazing!


  3. Dragonwitch Says:

    Wow – just…wow!! :)


  4. Lydia Says:

    Very cool! I wonder whether there is a real-life version of the wonderful flower stones in the Falathorn homesteads. My dream house would have those for the walkways :)


  5. Nimrochill Says:

    This is amazing. I just love the comparisons you’ve found!


  6. Varun Says:

    Wow, a beautiful insight. Something so minute a detail for the developer to put in and for you guys to notice it.

    Thanks for the article


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